Introduction to Mysticism

Introduction to Mystical Teaching and Meditation

Workshops for First Timers is a prerequisite for attending this training. The purpose of the day is to introduce the devotional life and the ancient mystical teaching. Where the Workshops for First Timers takes more of a rational approach to the teaching to satisfy the needs of body-mind, this course takes a soul-mind and spiritual-mind approach. This means that we do not use your time to “justify,” rationalize and reason about the teaching as we did in the introductory phase. We start and end the workshop on a spiritual and mystical note.

Wayist spirituality and mysticism have several levels, each appropriate to another level of development. During this workshop, we touch upon most of the levels. This affords devotees opportunities to discover their own level and pinpoint the area that they are most interesting in—the aspect that resonates with their soul needs at the time. Guidance is provided on how to proceed to develop and indulge in your particular area of interest.

Learn about the various ways to meditate. Learn to listen to guidance from your spiritual guides (angels, if you will). Learn to communicate with the spiritual workforce that cares about our progress along the Way. Learn about Wayist Tantra, about mantras, yantras, and finding devotional guidance in nature. Learn to align your soul with the energies of nature to gain nurture and regeneration from that in a give and take symbiotic relationship. Understand the roles that soul chakras and spirit chakras play in your daily life and in your devotional life. Learn how to sense souls, auras, and chakras. Learn more about how to love without expectation and being loved without reserve. Learn about the lifestyle steeped in Sacred Sensuousness. Take away with you a unique, personalized spiritual lifestyle that will lead you along the Way to fulfilling your purpose in life.

Dress code: Loose fitting clothes, bare-feet ready.

Cost: $300

Venues: Ontario, Canada and Siem Reap, Cambodia

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