Spiritual Cambodia

Wayist Center Siem Reap

Most Wayist training is available in Siem Reap. It is the perfect location for training, tours, excursions and seminars on spirituality.

wayist center siem reap

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Accommodation in Cambodia

Accommodation and food is very affordable. Guesthouses range from $4 to $30 per night. Nice hotels start at $30 and from there the sky is the limit with grand spas going up to $400 per day.

If you eat the way we do, an average meal costs less than $3 in a restaurant and that includes a beer.

Angkor Temple City

Siem Reap receives more than 7,000 foreign visitors every day. Most come here to spend a few days touring the ancient temples, and move on.

What eludes most tourists is that which gave rise to the largest City of Temples in the world--the spirituality of the people.

We have local Wayist-trained tour guides and staff who accompany visitors on excusions to lesser known temples, obscure spiritual places in the countryside, to places of the Forest Spirits and homestays in villages. Spend evenings in villages making music on traditional instruments, and socialize with Khmer people the way they live their every day lives.

Angkor Wat W Seite

The ancient Temple City of Angkor is 5km from or center and most of the villages where we work are in the protected national park area. Villages are NOT commercial and do not cater to tourists. Very few tourists ever see the inside of a real village where their waiters, cooks, tuk-tuk drivers and bus drivers live--but you will be there to share in their home and social life.

Angkor Temple City hosts more ancient temple structures than what one can visit in two weeks, it is massive. Several scholars have spend their entire careers researching the ancient Angkor City. Our tour guides know where to take you to see the best sunrise over the city, where to get the best sunset view, how to evade the crowds and get the most from your experience. Most of all, you will learn about ancient Wayist understandings of the universe and how it was/is all portrayed in the temples.

Visit local, modern pagodas and temples build on ancient hallowed ground around ancient ruins.

Khmer Spirituality

Partake in, and live for a while a bit of Khmer Spirituality. Make peace with departed ancestors, forest spirits, and learn about hungry ghosts and fearful ghosts in need of help. Learn Khmer cooking and sleep under the stars. Nature meditation the local way, and living in harmony with animals, plants and nature in general while constantly aware of the presence of the Divine in all.

Lokeshvara is integral in our spirituality.

Learn about Theravada Buddhism in Cambodia. A relative newcomer to the area, now the Government ordained and funded state religion, Theravada is forced to absord some indiginous Khmer lifestyle and spirituality.