Presence of the Divine

Wayists truly believe in the Omnipresence of the Divine. Throughout Wayist literature one encounters phases that speak to this essential concept. It permeates all of Wayism.

On this web site there are several articles about "living" in this conciousness, "the sacrament of the moment" and discussions about the yet undiscovered science that knows all things are held together and manipulated by the Divine Energies, which we call the Way.

This video is set to music of the Wayist Green Tara mantra in the Tibetan pronunciation (on dalieh du dalieh dulieh souha) rather than the usual Sanskrit pronunciation (om tare tu tare ture svaha).

This Green Tara mantra is most often used by Wayists attune to the Divine presence in all things ~ therefore, our green spirituality helps us appreciate our role as neighbours and siblings of all in creation.


Get a copy of this soundtrack from the record label Wind Music, from their CD Mantra of Joy It can be purchased from their website, soon hopefully from our online store in North America