Ceremonial Wayism


ceremony2While religiosity is usually a stumblic block to authentic spirituality, ceremony is an important aspect that is often neglected because of it being associated with religious dogma.
It is the ritual significance that is important. To light a candle to brighten up a room has no ritual or spiritual significance but to light a candle at an altar does have ceremonial and ritual significance--if you make it so.

Devotees coming in from Protestant Christian traditions typically shun ritual and ceremony. Many have hard times with mysticism, symbolism and spiritual rituals that conditions body-mind. Many feel that they don't need ritual and ceremony to be spiritually attuned--but then hard;ly do they attune. Some are so culturally conditioned in this regard that they live in spiritual deserts. They tend to be critical of mysticism and spirituality. Many thirst, they really want what we have but cannot get themselves to drink of this fount.

Now, not to create the wrong impression here--Wayism has less ritual and ceremony than most spiritual traditions--much less than Roman Catholicism, less than Buddhism and far less than Daoist religion.

We need ritual and ceremony

Ritual is spiritual discipline for body-mind. Body-mind needs discipline, routine and conditioning, that is how it is programmed to serve. Big Money knows this and therefore spend billions in advertising, marketing and other ways to condition our minds to serve them. We must own our own minds and therefore we condition our body-mind the way we want it to work.

Ritual and ceremony is the way to condition and program your body-mind to be receptive to the presence, leadership and teaching of spiritual beings.

Wayist Tools

Wayism provides ritual and ceremonial tools, guidance and training. Devotees come from all over the world; they select the spiritual devices that work for them and make their own regimes and rituals. Organized religion is easier in this instance because they tell us what to do, when, hom much, where to pay and how often. Wayism is more difficult because we find our own way in the stream, flowing along with others of the same conviction and beliefs. However, once you get to attend a seminar or training session it is easy to learn how others do it--gives you a good starting place.


We advise newcomers to spirituality to test drive some of the mantras, dharani and prayers. Speak to a Teacher and ask some guidance. Soon, you will find your niche, but be prepared for changes as you grow. We all have that, what works amazingly well for a few months or years may fall by the wayside at a later time as the soul needs new material.