The Almighty One

About the Almighty One

Iesous taught that the Almighty One, the origin of all things known and unknown (the energy behind the so-called Big Bang) is by great measures too immense for us to ever comprehend, describe or know.

Although we cannot know, name or discuss the One, we can recognize the process of the universe, called the Way, that comes from the One.

We cannot speak of the One but to call it THAT; therefore we do not enter into discussions or attempt to name or define THAT because human words will place limits on THAT.

Nevertheless, taught Iesous and the sages of the Upanishads, THAT entity is closer to us than our hand. We can, and must, sense the immediate and perpetual presence of the Divine in all things. That energy is the essence of the sub-atomic elements, the animator in the sub-atomic structure. It runs through all to order and keep it. It holds and manages molecules that construct all things. It runs through our soul bodies, it is the essence of mind energies, it is the substance of our spiritual bodies. From It comes the material that spiritual beings and spiritual bodies are made of.

THAT is present in the blade of grass and the frog, in light, in mud, in water and all things seen and unseen, known and unknown in all universes. It is in essence the body and mind, and which animates and empowers spiritual beings that help us, love us and care for us.

Wayist believe that one should limit any kind of talk about the One because any human words ascribed to the One will be insufficient, wanting and limiting. Some traditions use words to act as symbols like the Chinese Daoists, their symbol is the dao. The symbol of the OM in Sanskrit has the same function and so too the shivalinga of Hinduism. Some people prefer to use terms like Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient but even those terms are restricting, limiting and very incomplete.

We do not make images of the One because the human mind cannot conceive of anything that may describe the One.

We do, however have symbols that speak to the energies that flow from the One.

We learn in the Primary Scripture that from the One proceeds a single stream of pure spiritual energy (symbolized by the Sanskrit letter OM). That stream of energy, called the Divine Sound (sabda in Sanskrit; logos in Greek) for lack of better words, contains both a Yin and a Yang force, therefore a Divine Male and Divine Female force (symbolized by the YinYang symbol) which underlies all things in creation.

This article relies on insights from the book WAYISM: The Primary Text

The Divine Presence of the Almighty is in All

Is the ONE the Creator God?

All talk of the One leads to problems. If we should say yes, the One is the Creator, it automatically creates another question, "who is the destroyer?", because creation is ongoing and is always followed by destruction.

Is there one Creator God, who creates hurricanes, babies, lambs, volcanoes, snakes and germs, and then there is another Destroyer God who destroys with winter and heatwaves, genocide, poverty, fire, atrocity or food poisoning, cancer and germs? This ancient argument has a name, theodicy; a favourite of students of philosophy and theoloy for several thousand years already. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Vedantic schools all had their theories, and so do the Abramic religions have theirs.

Inevitably, once the answer is Yes, there is a creator God, then we end up inventing also a destoyer God, or a satan or something to that effect.

The very moment that another powerful being comes into the universe, then the One is not any more the ONE, but one of two (or more) godly powers. The Almighty then ceases to be All Mighty because might (power) is now shared with another God. When an evil force is present, the Almighty ceases to be Omnipotent, and ceases to be Omniscient, cannot be said to be Omnibenevolent, etc....

The most satisfactory answer to this metaphysical and philosophical problem rests in Wayism. Very few philosophies and religions can deal with the major ontological issues as well as Wayism does. This is one of the big reasons why Wayism is growing rapidly in the West--more and more people are starting to think for themselves. Learn more about Wayism and you will know how simple and beatiful things really are.

Is the ONE a God?

Wayism says the Almighty is nothing but the Almighty ONE, the Source.

We refuse to call the Soure by any title that is also used to address human beings, as in the titles Lord, Your Honor, Your Worship, etc.

Spiritual beings that are referred to as gods and deities all are creatures. Some are highly advanced divine spiritual beings, like our Father in Heaven, yet they remain divine godly creatures like the myraid buddhas, angels and gods in our tribe's heaven and elsewhere..

"Agnostic" - Someone who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of a particular God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in such a God.

We are not Agnostic

Wayists are by no means agnostic about the Source, the Almighty One.

Our souls sense the Divine Presence of the Almighty in other souls, in nature, in animals, food, and in the air and rain, mud and sunshine, the glow of the moon... We know It is there, it is here, in and among us.

But we cannot speak of It, we do not have the language or mind to fathom It, describe It, or even approach It an any meaningful way. Therefore we don't speak, we experience whatever comes our way.

Selective Mutism

Human body minds are organic organisms with exceptionally limited life span and narrow experience of very particular aspects of one of the billions of planets in the universe. Human language is insufficient to express even the little it knows about its own existential experience.

For an animal thus limited it will be like blasphemy to try and say anything about the Source, the Almighty One. The human animal simply does not have what it takes to speak of the Almighty--therefore we do not.

The human soul, however, can sense the presence of the Divine Energy is all things. The human soul mind (heart chakra) can process that sensual awareness and derive great benefit from it.

Therefore, we do not speak of the Almighty, we indulge and bask in the Divine Presence.


Panentheism is a form of monistic monotheism which holds that the being of the Almighty includes and penetrates all the Universes but the universes are not identical with the Almighty One.

Panentheism (from Greek πᾶν (pân) "all"; ἐν (en) "in"; and θεός (theós) "God"; "all-in-God") is a belief system which posits that the divine (be it a monotheistic God, polytheistic gods, or an eternal cosmic animating force), interpenetrates every part of nature, but is not one with nature.

In panentheism, there are two types of substance, "pan" the universe and the Almighty. The universe and the divine are not ontologically equivalent. The Almighty is viewed as the eternal animating force within the universe.

Of the main western-minded classifications (boxes, names, labels and defintions) of things, philosophical panentheism comes very close to classifying Wayism.

"Anthropomorphism" - The attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.

● "God was angered"

● "The Lord your God is a jealous God"

  • "God loves you"

Is the Almighty ONE the Dao of Daoism?

No. Dao/Tao means Way. It is a process. The Tao is the Way, the process, system or mechanism within which all things flow.

The Way is the Divine Process, the flow of the omnibenevolent divine plan of the Almighty. We ultimately trust the Way, and we endeavour to go with its flow so all things will be expedient.

Can we speak of THAT which emits the Way / Tao?
No, because THAT is the Almighty One; we remain reverently mute in this regard.

Is The Almighty, "Our Father in Heaven"?

If this question asks whether we are created by the Almighty then the answer is yes, we are created by energies, systems and powers that proceed from the Almighty, the Source.

If this question asks whether the Almighty is the one that Teacher Iesous taught about, the King of the place where spiritual beings reside, the King of the place called Land of Bliss, the one he calls "Bright Light (Abha) Father", whom he introduced to us as also our Father in Heaven--then the answer is no. The King of Sukhavati is God our Father, the Father of our spirits, when we become reborn as spiritual beings.

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