Spirituality Workshops for First Timers

To understand and fully appreciate Wayism, its lifestyle, and worldview one must understand the proper definitions of terms such as God, soul, spirit, different minds, karma, dharma, maya and reincarnation and the heavens. This is the only way to understand that Wayism is the only system out there that makes sense from beginning to end, that there is a truly Benevolent Divine, and that the Way is trustworthy, benign, and that life is supposed to be joyous, passionate and sensuous. This introductory set of lectures and workshops makes sure that you take away with you a full and complete appreciation of the entire system, and that you have internalized the worldview and lifestyle. Of course, you will not know everything but the foundation upon which you will build your future soul growth, and worldview will be solid and future growth will be accelerated.

Lectures are formatted to encourage discussion in question and answer sessions. Apart from the first day’s afternoon session which is an intensive lecture, the format of this informative event is interactive and in workshop style. Coaches field questions and solicit discussion on topic. We explore the intricacies of karma and reincarnation, in practical ways to internalize the teaching and discover how awareness of the Way improves the quality of our lives. Devotees take away with them an internalized understanding of the lifestyle and they will have an entirely new worldview that brings peace and beauty to their lives. Your life will change for the better, with more joy and more soul-prosperity, more understanding, and a good set of filters that will help you see through the masses of BS out these.

Day 1. During the morning session, we do an overview of Wayist principles. For the rest of the day, we work through the Primary Text, chapter by chapter, and elucidate where possible within the time frame. The day may seem a bit academic, and it probably is, but it does lay a solid foundation of understanding upon which future learning will be based. Armed with this knowledge, new wisdom will come to the soul and major new areas of soul development become available.

Day 2. During the morning session, we take a look at the Wayist lifestyle and worldview, how it influences our day-to-day lives—and especially how it adds value, healing, and prosperity to our lives. During the afternoon session, we discuss the devotional side of the Wayist lifestyle. We consider important aspects of the devotional options open to Wayists such as matters regarding prayer, worship, meditation, spiritual awareness, sacred sensuality, and esoteric teaching.

Costs: $300

Venues: Ontario, Canada, Cancun, Mexico and Siem Riep, Cambodia

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