Satan and Demons


Evidence from Scripture, Iesous' teaching and conduct, and observation of the world suggest that Satan or the Devil is a being, and not simply a concept.

We do not pay much attention to this. We regard this matter as one would with a story of a few school dropouts who hang around town squatting in other people's spaces, tagging, living by petty theft and thriving on negative attention. Life goes on as it will with or without these youngsters.

130743 004 98B6BD2EIt seems as if an individual spiritual being, a highly advanced being once worked in a team on earth along with colleagues named Michael, Gabriel and other. As all spiritual beings do, they serve the cause of humankind's quest for spirituality but this Satan found human ungratefulness and narcissism too much to handle. He refused to serve them and the heavenly Father forced him to do his work. He wanted to make his point clear to the father, he wanted to "show the father" (as if Amitabha did not know, just how greedy and ungrateful humans can be. Satan (or whatever his name was/is) went ahead and tempted some humans with ego-gratifying things in exchange for their potential to gain everlasting life; they exchanged their humility, simplicity and compassion for wealth and power.

Amitabha reacted by telling Satan that he will not return to Sukhavati until those souls have gained rebirth and full enlightenment. Satan is still here, still disembodied and quite at a loss without support from Sukhavati. He is serving his penitence here on earth.

Satan fears Avalokiteshvara, he even feared Iesous when he was vulnerable, considerably weakened because of His incarnation into a human body. On several occasions did Iesous and His disciples drive an "evil spirit" out of someone, that is from co-habitating or squatting in a victim's body, taking control of the victim's body-mind. The squatters are bad caretakers of bodies. People become malnourished, wek and outcast from societies. After death of the body, the squatter will move on, seeking another victim. Many of these so-called demons fled simply when they heard that a pure spiritual being of Iesous' stature had arrived. Strong spiritual beings can inflict severe punishments on these spirits, and can ruin their plans. On one occasion Iesous drove some squatters from a person's body, wrapped them up in the bodies of wild boars and when the boars died, the spirits had to go into bardo again where they had to face the wrath of the laws of nature for a while. 

Satan has been keeping himself alive by feeding off the adoration he gets from devotees and demons who (in vampire fashion) allow Satan to suck up their soul energies in exchange for material wealth and power over others. In other traditions these negative beings, who will probably be of the last ones whom Avalokiteshvara will liberate from this world, are called fighting spirits and asura/asuri.

Satan has been called Lucifer, the shiny one. From here, the theory of the Illuminati, a world power of near-void souled beings who own and manipulate the world's economies.

5046252190 2fd8339630These negative beings go around recruiting good but gullible souls. One would wonder why the father does not put a stop to one trying to "steal" souls from heaven. Truth is, those who fall "victim" are the one's who would have found another outlet if demons did not recruit them. We have Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims and Hare Krishna (ISCON) knocking on our doors to try and convert us, but we say no thank you. We have free choice. Furthermore, souls can turn back from their ways at any time. As mirrored in real life there are people on standby, waiting for the "lost" to reach out a hand and ask, please bring me back in.

Father God respects our choices. We have freedom of choice, and that is the Way.

In summary:

We do not pay much attention to demons. We do however try to not engage them in business, and to not fall prey to their massive onslaught of consumerist ideology. They own the means to manipulate people's minds and hearts, enslave them and milk them dry.

Our advice:

Simply go about the business of Humility, Simplicity and Compassion. Keep on the Bodhisattva way and enjoy an authentic life--and you will hardly know the naughty school dropouts exist.

Wayist Ordained Teachers are trained to work with pestering demons. Call on us if you need professional help.