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4 principles about the human condition



The Way is the intent, the design, plan and process of creation.

The intent, plan and process for human souls and their spiritual tribe is unique, as are the purpose of life of other types of beings in the universe are unique to them.

To be at one with the Way is to flow along in the Plan and Purpose, to fulfill one's potential. 



Soul is a mind-held idea of self that dynamically changes as life goes on.

Mind is a collection of minds generated by brain, organs, external influences and chakras, which are the soul and spiritual minds.

Souls are as mortal as mind; they rely on a functioning brain. Soul energy can continue to live outside a human body for a lettle while, just enough to make it through to the next incarnation. Once we become spiritual beings, we are not subject to death and decay.

Many mind-held ideas can become manifest. A soul can evolve into a manifested immortal spiritual being--this is the only purpose of life for human beings.



We signed up for this school because we want to become spiritual beings in the Lotus Family.

We come here to learn the spiritual powers of humbleness, simplicity and compassion in every chakra mind level. It is an ardous course that takes many lifetimes.

To graduate from this school is to become a spiritual being, to become fully enlightened.

This is an existential path. We have desires and needs that drive us to overcome the lower-self (soul) and develop the higher-self (spirit).

Every experience holds potential for extracting wisdom—which is required to graduate.

Life must be lived fully and with joy. We are hyper-sensual beings incarnated to a hyper-sensual planet. It is through the senses and sensuality that we distill wisdom from experiences.



As we have junior school and senior school, there are two levels in Soul School Earth. The junior school path is that of the lower-self (soul) and the senior school path is for the higher-self (spirit).

We call it the Caterpillar Path and the Butterfly Path.

The CATERPILLAR PATH is the soul path; it is organic and unfolds by itself.

In this phase, change happens slowly by virtue of Karma, over many lifetimes. All younger or junior souls in the Way are on this path wich emphasis dominance, competition, ego, consciousness and mind, knowledge, and religion or atheism. Dogmatism, ignorance and arrogance mark this phase of infatuation with close-minded faith-based scientific knowledge and religious beliefs such as for example atheism. 

For people enmeshed in this path, spirituality is understood to be all about consciousness, mind and mental management. For many Buddhists and persons of western mindset, this is the highest spirituality where meditation, mind control and psychiatric medicines bring about happiness and fulfillment.

The highest level of attainment in this path is mastery of Manipura Chakra mind. In this state, it is said in Sankrit literature, "angels and demons are made". Some will choose to continue to senior school to become spiritual beings, and others choose to remain souls that enjoy power of influence and manipulation over other souls.

The BUTTERFLY PATH is the spiritual path; it is wilfully walked

In this phase of spiritual awareness, change happens quickly by virtue of the help of Lotus Family teachers and guides known in different cultural explanations as buddhas, gods, deva, devata or deities.

The Butterfly Path is unattractive to those who are happy with the Caterpillar Path.

written by: Teacher Yajn (Jean du Plessis), 2019


In the heights of the consciousness of soul minds (lower-self), in its deepest meditations and highest faculties, is where the Butterfly Path of Awareness begins.

Awareness is to the spirit, what Consciousness is to the soul.

Awareness of spiritual energy realities and its wisdoms is the senior school path to becoming finally enlightened.

All is energy, we are becoming beings of energy, therefore we learn to work with and appreciate the Energies which for us is the presence of the Divine in all things.

The three higher chakra minds, Vishudhi, Ajna and Sahasrara are the focus of development on the butterfly path. In this phase, the caterpillar is metamorphosed to a new being--a spiritual being.

There are three major elements to the Butterfly Path:


Aspirants on the Butterfly Path dynamically develop the Lotus Heart of kindness, usefulness, gentleness humbleness, simplicity and compassion at the appropriate times.

Developing Lotus Heart is a skill that can take a very long time because it involves empathy, experience and deep introspection. It brings about radical changes.

This skill is hard to master and can be done only by living life fully, by existentially experiencing all facets of life.

The keyword here is : chrestotes , an inticate spiritual concept that is developed for easy understanding in the little book, LOTUS HEART, by author Jean du Plessis (Yajn).


There comes a time in the life of an aspirant when they become Aware through the heart (Anahata chakra) that they are called to the higher purpose. This is a calling to become part of the holy Lotus Family of spiritual beings. Depending on culture, some people call these beings buddhas, angels, gods or deities.

People are called to the Lotus Family because they have developed a desire to be perfected and be a Light on the Path for others. Members of the Lotus Family develop the qualities of spiritual beings, emulating the most advanced and most powerful spiritual beings known to humankind, those of the Lotus Family.

The calling starts with desire and willingness to see another person’s suffering, to give and receive kindness, to be a light on the Path for others. To be content, to smile in gentleness no matter the cirumstance, hold beneficence in heart, and be loving to oneself and all creation for the purpose of helping others gain enlightenment.


To become one with the Way (that is the meaning of the Sanskrit yoga, to yoke oneself to something, to walk in unison, for the two to become one), is how every soul who ever became perfected have lived.

You have to surrender your mind-held ideas of who you are in this body and become The Way, become what perfection The Way planned for you from the foundation of modern humankind.

The lifestyle of Yoga of the Way starts and ends with sensing and becoming the presence of the Divine in all things.

This allows us to be constantly aware of the beauty, peace, contentment and awe, the joy and delights that fill our lives as we change.

This brings about healing and the desire to heal. We heal inside and we change. We become a healing presence to our environment.

Our relationships become simple, beautiful and peaceful as we step into relationship with higher-self, all of nature, our bodies, loved ones and the entire community of living things that surround us.

We seek experiences, because only through a full and existential life can we become. All who come into our proximity may benefit from having encountered us.

Being one with the Way is to be in step with the Way. It is the easiest Path of all because it offers no resistance, it is a flow.

The Wayist teachers Lord Jesus and Teacher Lao Tzi (writer of the Tao Te Ching) taught these truths from 500BCE onward.

written by: Teacher Yajn (Jean du Plessis), 2019


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