Training Wayist Coaches

Course for Wayist coaches

Duration: Two full days

Prerequisites: Thorough knowledge of Wayist principles.

Certification: Wayist coaches learn by guided experience. Certified Wayist coaches conduct several workshops as assistant coaches and as principal coach before certification. The aim of this workshop is to prepare prospective coaches for their first assistant coach opportunity. Coaches in training get preferred rates for advanced training courses and workshops. Before certification, a trainee coach will have attended an introductory workshop as assistant coach (this workshop) and will have completed the required academic reading. You are never alone on the journey.


1) Outline of required Wayist reading for coaches.

2) The role of the coach; ethics, professional opportunities, specialty areas.

3) Reasoning about, and evaluating other philosophies of religion from a Wayist perspective. This helps you to help people from other traditions to understand what makes Wayism different.

4) Conduct at seminars and workshops.

5) The coach as counselor.

6) Organizing seminars and workshops.

7) The way forward as an assistant coach: Learning opportunities, participation at future seminars, internet participation, teaming up to organize local and national workshops.

8) Making your assistant coach status official—pledge to following the code of ethics and registration.

Cost: $800 per person.

Where: We do Ontario Canada, Cancun Mexico and Siem Reap, Cambodia. These workshops are immediately followed by other workshops at the same location, for those who want to make a week of it.

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