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Wayism, the Beautiful Spirituality

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Wayism is ancient, yet it is the new spirituality that fills the void as it satisfies post-Christian western minds, and the new generation in the East.


WAYISM LITERATURE: Books about Wayist philosophy, lifestyle and mysticism

Wayist Philosophy

Philosophy, Ontology and Worldview

Devotion to the Philosophical Path exclusively is totally valid.

From ancient times the path of union with the Divine through studying Wisdom was called Gnani Yoga, also Jnana Yoga.

Wayist philosophy is clear, simple and inclusive of all beings. The ontology of Wayism (why we are here, where we come from, where we go, what is the purpose of life) is easy to understand with none of the circular reasoning that typically makes religious talk so frustrating.

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Philosophy, Ontology and Worldview

Makes Logical Sense

Photo of Confucius, Gautama Buddha and LaoTzi tasting vinegar. Each has his own interpretation. In this instance, Wayism is in accord with what LaoTzi had to say.

Wayist Mysticism

Mysticism and Devotional Spirituality

Devotion to the Mystical Path exclusively is totally valid.

From ancient times the path of union with the Divine through Devotion or Mystical union was called Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Love for the senior spiritual beings who take care of all souls.

The devotional path of worship and association with spiritual beings is most rewarding. Most ancient Scriptures that compare Paths tell us that this is the higher path--the path of mystical experiences, love, poetry and deep relationships with spiritual beings.

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Mysticism and Devotional Spirituality

Devotional Spirituality

To be in communion with, and under guidance of one's angels, the devata and bodhisattva on the Path is something so tender, so special, mystics find no words to describe.

Wayist Lifestyle

Wayist Lifestyle

Devotion to the Wayist Lifestyle Path exclusively is totally valid.

From ancient times, the path of union with the Divine through living the dedicated Lifestyle was called Karma Yoga. That is, right attitude and right actions.

Wayist Lifestyle is focused on Owning Your Own Mind, on Breaking With Culturally Conditioned Thinking and on living a true, full and authentic life of loving-kindness. The spirituality of happiness is unique and central to Wayism, as is constant awareness of the presence of the Divine energies in all things and beings.

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Wayist Lifestyle

Live an Authentic Life

Authentic lifestyle rooted in passion, compassion, discovery, happiness and a perpetual sense of beauty in all.


Ancient Wisdom