Advanced Course in the Sacred Sensuality Lifestyle

Advanced training in flowing, passionately in the Divine Energies present among us. This is a pragmatic approach to everyday life—a lifestyle skill that ensures your joie de vivre and maximum soul growth on the Way. This involves the way we eat, who and what we eat, how we sleep and exercise, caring for our bodies, how we make love, how to control our minds and remain authentic beings, guarding against culturally conditioned thinking.

Attuning your energy centers to be the best possible receiver and conduit of Divine Presence.

The mysteries behind the so-called “goddess worship” and the true tantric tradition. Lectures and practical. Interacting with energy centers, souls, and spiritual beings.

Learn to sense the Essence of beings and creatures.

Learn to interact with, forge symbiotic relationships, heal, and gain nurture from these sources. Learn to be a source of energy, hope, love, joy, and inspiration to all beings.

Cost:: $350

Duration: One full day

Prerequisites: Workshops for first timers, Introduction to Wayist mystical teaching and meditation, Sacred Sensuality Workshop for beginners

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