About the Wayist Bible

The Wayist Bible is the name given to the collection of Wayist Scripture revered by disciples of The Way of Yesu, in the ancient Tradition of Wayism. The name refers to the Eastern side of the great symbol, the Yin side of religious thought in our times. The Yoga of the Wayist Bible is the Yoga of Jesus--the Yoga which He came to fulfill and to show The Way we should walk.  The Wayist Bible consists of five Yesu-Scriptures, the earliest of which, Mystical Sayings of Lord Yesu our Saviour, date to c. 55 CE.. Wayist scholars agree with Christian scholars that Mystical Sayings served as the foundation and source document for the Western Bible's Gospels. The Wayist Bible also contains five ancient Wayist Scriptures in whose Tradition Yesu taught. The oldest of these, the Tao Teh Ching, dates to around the 1st century BCE.

Change is inherent in Wayism's philosophical structure and the The Wayist Bible is no exception to it. Over the years it has been added to, and subtracted from - a dynamic process that continues to best serve the needs of devotees at the particular time. Remember - there were times - not too long ago - when hardly anyone read - yet we had a Wayist Bible way back then. We inherit from forebears who walked the ancient lands in the first century, proclaiming The Way. Wayism is rooted in these Scriptures and the cultural heritage of Yesu is reflected herein. Among those whom we honour as founders of the Tradition, we remember especially Melchizedek and Lao Tzu, Sri Krishna, Gautama the Buddha, Yesu our Lord and Saviour, St. Mary Magdalene the companion of the Lord, St. Thomas the Twin, St. Siphor, our Inspired Brother Xenophon of Taxila, and Salome of Nisibis.

This humble edition presently has about one thousand authorized footnotes and work is underway to add about another five hundred in 2009/10. This online vesrsion is Wayism's English language scholarly edition. It is served by the students and scholars of Wayist seminaries that contribute to it.