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Wayist Mysticism

The Lifestyle of Heightened Consciousness and Awareness of the Presence of the Source Energies in all.

An existential spirituality where body, soul, mind and spirit dwell in simplicity and beauty

Wayism is that state of being where loving-kindness is the wisdom and purpose of life; where the solutions to life's problems melt away in insignificance

Rumi mysticism of love and intuitive wayist spirituality

Wayism is where spirituality is ever joyful and happiness becomes our natural state

yin and yang of relationships and gender is modelled on the confluence of male / female Energies flowing from the Divine

Humility, Simplicity and Compassion

Filled with the wisdom of love from above, we rise above the challenges of life

Wayism is where relationship is grounded in awareness of the presence of the Divine Energies is all things. Namaste becomes how we view our world. Ahimsa, or 'do no harm' is our natural walk. Our love deepens, respect and kindness in each step. Yoked together in the Love that fills all voids and burns away all doubts, we become, spiritually content as we walk each other home.

wayist relationships with the divine energies extend to our relationships with our environment and our loved ones
wayist prayer for peace

Wayist devotional life has two main objectives:

Amitabha Buddha the Lotus Family God our Father in Heaven

1)  To immerse oneself in the happiness, joy and awe of sustained mystical awareness of the presence of the Divine in all things. 
2)  To attune spiritual-mind and soul-mind to a meditative state of mind in which dialogue with spiritual helper beings, the Lord, Bodhisattvas and angels (apsara, dakini, etc) is our natural state.

god the father with amida and angels in heaven
THE PURPOSE of this website is to present IAWO (International Association of Wayist Organizations) approved liturgies, meditations, devotional music, wedding and funeral services, Scriptures, teacher training, and more.