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A lifestyle of learning and living with Universal Life Energy

People know that their bodies are dying, aging, and will soon be of no further use to them. This lifetime, like so many before will come to an end. Yet, most people pay more attention to taking care of their bodies than taking care of themselves. The soul may be a body built to last longer than a fleshy human body, but it needs more care. People see the need to wash the dirt of the day's activities from their bodies, lest they smell and get sick--but the soul body? 

Spiritual Health and Healing is of utmost importance.

International Association of Wayist Organizations (IAWO) run online and physical training centers to help people learn how to do due diligence care for soul bodies, how to heal themselves and others. School of Pneumatherapy has a campus is SE Asia, in Cambodia where students from all over the world attend courses in healing.

Prana Healing, Reiki, Meditation Instructor certification, Karman Meditation instructor certification, and several other courses are available.