Wayist Philosophy for Juniors

Do we have family in heaven?

Life on earth is school for soul beings.

Because most people learn at the same speed, it often happens that children from the same class see one another again after school break and after the holidays. In the same way, souls also move in groups from one class to another. Therefore, many of your family and friends are in the same class that you are in, you incarnated to the same place at the same time and that means you have to learn similar lessons. Chances are good that you have been together before, and will be together again.

It is not uncommon to hear Wayists say to one another, "If I dont see you around, I'll see you in heaven." They are of course talking about soul-heaven. They are talking about the fact that most of us here, today, will lay down our bodies and go to soul-heaven approximately at the same time--within 30 or 60 years. That means chances are good that we will see one another in soul-heaven and if not, then we might see one another again in the next life.