Ch. 60 Sentence 1
Beck Leading a large country is like cooking a small fish.
Blackney Rule a large country As small fish are cooked.
Bynner Handle a large kingdom with as gentle a touch as if you were cooking a small fish.
Byrn Governing a large country is like frying small fish. Too much poking spoils the meat.
Chan Ruling a big country is like cooking a small fish.
Cleary Governing a large nation is like cooking a little fish.
Crowley The government of a kingdom is like the cooking of a fish.
Hansen Ruling a large state Is like grilling a small bit of fresh food.
LaFargue Governing a large state is like cooking a small fish.
Legge Governing a great state is like cooking small fish.
Lindauer Governing a great nation looks like cooking tiny fish.
LinYutan Rule a big country as you would fry small fish.
Mabry Govern a big country as you would fry a small fish.
McDonald Ruling a big kingdom is like frying a small fish.
Merel Manage a great nation as you would cook a delicate fish.
Mitchell Governing a large country is like frying a small fish. You spoil it with too much poking.
Muller Ruling a large country is like cooking a small fish.
Red Pine Ruling a great state is like cooking a small fish
Ta-Kao Govern a great state as you would cook a small fish (do it gently).
Walker Governing a large country is like cooking a small fish.
Wieger To govern a great state, one should act like someone cooking a very small fish (very delicately, otherwise they break up).
World Ruling a country is like cooking a small fish. If you forget your oneness with the fish, you become confused in what you are doing.
Wu Ruling a big kingdom is like cooking a small fish.

Ch. 60 Sentence 2
Beck When the world is led in accord with the Way, spirits lose their powers.
Blackney The evil spirits of the world Lose sanction as divinities When government proceeds According to the Way;
Bynner If you manage people by letting them alone, Ghosts of the dead shall not haunt you.
Byrn When the Tao is used to govern the world then evil will lose its power to harm the people.
Chan If Tao is employed to rule the empire, Spiritual beings will lode their supernatural power.
Cleary When the world is ruled by the Way, the ghosts are powerless.
Crowley If the kingdom be ruled according to the Dao, the spirits of our ancestors will not manifest their De.
Hansen Using a guide to manage the social world Its ghost does not energize.
LaFargue Rule the world by Tao then ghosts will not take to haunting.
Legge Let the kingdom be governed according to the Tao, and the manes of the departed will not manifest their spiritual energy.
Lindauer When it happens that tao is present in the world What is clever lacks spirit
LinYutan Who rules the world in accord with Tao Shall find that the spirits lose their power.
Mabry Approach the world with the Tao and evil will have no power. Not that evil has no power, but it will not harm people.
McDonald They who by dao ruled all that's under heaven did not let an evil spirit within them display its powers.
Merel When you use the Way to conquer the world, Your demons will lose their power to harm.
Mitchell Center your country in the Tao and evil will have no power.
Muller When you govern people with the Tao Demons will have no power.
Red Pine when you govern the world with the Tao spirits display no powers
Ta-Kao Let Tao reign over the world, and no spirits will show their ghostly powers.
Walker If it's done in accordance with Tao, nothing bad will happen. Guide the world with Tao, and evil won't be a problem.
Wieger When a state is governed according to the Principle, phantoms do not appear there to harm the people, because the Sage who governs does not harm the people.
World See the world as one with Infinity and evil will be impotent.
Wu When a man of Tao reigns over the world, demons have no spiritual powers.

Ch. 60 Sentence 3
Beck It is not that they lose their powers, but that their powers no longer harm people. Not only do the spirits not harm people, but the wise also do not harm people.
Blackney But even if they do not lose Their ghostly countenance and right, The people take no harm from them; And if the spirits cannot hurt the folk, The Wise Man surely does no hurt to them.
Bynner Not that there are no ghosts But that their influence become propitious
Byrn Not that evil will no longer exist, but only because it has lost its power.
Chan Not that they lose their spiritual power, But their spiritual power can no longer harm people. Not only will their supernatural power not harm people, But the sage also will not harm people.
Cleary It is not that the ghosts are powerless; their spirits do not harm the people. Not only do the spirits not harm the people; sages do not harm the people either.
Crowley These spirits have this De, but will not turn it against men. It is able to hurt men; so also is the Wise King; but he does not.
Hansen not that they display no powers their powers do people no harm not that their powers do people no harm the sage does people no harm
LaFargue It is not that the ghosts will not haunt their haunting will cause no hurt to humankind. (It's not only that their haunting will not hurt humankind, the Wise Person also does not cause hurt to them.
Lindauer What is not clever lacks spirit What has spirit is not wounding man What has no spirit is not wounding man. Sages also are not wounding man.
LinYutan It is not that the spirits lose their power, But that they cease to do people harm. It is not (only) that they cease to do people harm, The Sage (himself) also does no harm to the people.
Mabry Not that evil is not harmful, but the Sage is dedicated to not harming people - even evil people.
McDonald Such evil spirits did not display their supernatural powers; the spirits of wise men were hardly used to hurt other men. So when dao is employed to rule the kingdom, spiritual beings will lose their supernatural grip and cease to harm common people. And their supernatural power will far from harm people, and the wise man also will refrain from harming people.
Merel It is not that those manes have not that spiritual energy, but it will not be employed to hurt men. It is not that it could not hurt men, but neither does the ruling sage hurt them.
Mitchell It is not that they lose their power as such, But that they will not harm others; Because they will not harm others, You will not harm others:
Muller Not that it isn't there, but you'll be able to step out of its way.
Red Pine Not that they don't have power, But their power will not harm people.
Ta-Kao Not that demons have no spiritual powers, but the spirits themselves do no harm to men. Not that the spirits do no harm to men, but the Sage himself does no harm to his people.
Walker Not that it won't be around, but it won't find an opening, it can't harm anyone.
Wieger Not that the spirits have no more powers, But their powers will not harm men./ Neither will they harm men, Nor will the Sage harm the people.
World Not that evil does not exist, but because it is not distinguishedpeople harmonize with it. If all of humanity is in harmony with the oneness of Infinity, not only will evil not confuse the people, the sage himself will not confuse the people.
Wu If it is not that its ghost does not energize, Its energy does not harm humans. If it is not that its energy does not harm humanity, Sages also do not harm humans.

Ch. 60 Sentence 4
Beck Not harming each other, spiritual power grows.
Blackney Since then the Wise Man and the people Harm each other not at all, Their several virtues should converge.
Bynner In the sound existence of a living man: There is no difference between the quick and the dead, They are one channel of vitality.
Byrn Just as evil can lose its ability to harm, the Master shuns the use of violence. If you give evil nothing to oppose, then virtue will return by itself.
Chan When both do not harm each other, Virtue will be accumulated in both for the benefit (of the people).
Cleary Because the two do not harm each other, their virtues ultimately combine.
LaFargue These two do not hurt each other.) Yes, Te unifies and restores.
Legge When these two do not injuriously affect each other, their good influences converge in the virtue (of the Tao).
Lindauer In the end both are without wounding each other So ideal is reached, merges, comes within.
LinYutan When both do not do each other harm, The original character is restored.
Mabry When no one hurts another, all will eventually return to the good.
McDonald When both don't do each other harm, virtue (power) flows towards them. If the sage's good spirit is nowhere mobilised to harm other men, he himself can be saved from [deterioration] harm. And so, if evil spirits and supermen don't harm each other, each can be quite saved from harm. Furthermore, some of their "tall abilities" could converge. If so, virtue can be accumulated in both for ulterior benefit or towards some common [soap opera] end.
Merel When neither you nor your demons can do harm, You will be at peace with them.
Mitchell Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself.
Muller and neither harms the other for both rely on Virtue
Red Pine Inasmuch as none of them harms anybody, Therefore virtue belongs to them both.
Ta-Kao In general, when both of these do not mutually harm, Then virtuosity exchanges and returns in it.
Walker The sage doesn't harm anyone, either. When there's no harm on this side, no harm on that, goodness flows back and forth like water.
Wieger The merit of this double tranquility (on the part of the living and the dead) comes back, therefore, to the Sage.
World They will not confuse each other and the oneness in each will harmonize both.
Wu If only the ruler and his people would refrain from harming each other, all the benefits of life would accumulate in the kingdom.