Ch. 59 Sentence 1
Beck In leading people and serving heaven it is best to be frugal.
Blackney "For ruling men or serving God, There's nothing else like stores saved up."
Bynner To lead men and serve heaven, weigh the worth Of the one source:
Byrn There is nothing better than moderation for teaching people or serving Heaven.
Chan To rule people and to serve Heaven there is nothing better than to be frugal.
Cleary To govern the human and serve the divine, nothing compares to frugality.
Crowley To balance our earthly nature and cultivate our heavenly nature, tread the Middle Path.
Hansen In governing people and serving nature, nothing is better than conserving.
LaFargue "When it comes to governing the people and serving Heaven there's no one like a farmer."
Legge For regulating the human (in our constitution) and rendering the (proper) service to the heavenly, there is nothing like moderation.
Lindauer In governing people Noone compares efforts of the heavens to restraint.
LinYutan better rule than to be sparing.
Mabry In leading people and serving Heaven There is nothing better than moderation.
McDonald In managing human affairs, there's no better rule than to be sparing, which is to forestall. You can't rule men nor serve heaven unless you have laid up a store; Be [simply artistic] frugal, there's nothing better for serving heaven and ruling people.
Merel To govern men in accord with nature It is best to be restrained;
Mitchell For governing a country well there is nothing better than moderation.
Muller In governing the country and serving Heaven There is nothing like frugality.
Red Pine In governing people and caring for Heaven nothing surpasses economy
Ta-Kao In ruling men and in serving Heaven, the Sage uses only moderation.
Walker In governing people and serving heaven, there is nothing better than moderation.
Wieger The essential for co-operation with heaven in the government of men, is to moderate one's action.
World In leading people and manifesting Infinity, there is nothing as essential as indifference.
Wu In governing a people and in serving Heaven, There is nothing like frugality.

Ch. 59 Sentence 2
Beck Being frugal is to be prepared from the start. Being prepared from the start is to build up power. By building up power nothing is impossible. If nothing is impossible, then there are no limits. Those without limits are capable of leading a country.
Blackney By "stores saved up" is meant forehandedness, Accumulate Virtue, such that nothing Can resist it and its limit None can guess: such infinite resource Allows the jurisdiction of the king;
Bynner Use the single force Which doubles the strength of the strong By enabling man to go right, disabling him to go wrong, Be so charged with the nature of life that you give your people birth,
Byrn Those who use moderation are already on the path to the Tao. Those who follow the Tao early will have an abundance of virtue. When there is an abundance of virtue, there is nothing that can not be done. Where there is limitless ability, then the kingdom is within your grasp.
Chan Only by being frugal can one recover quickly. To recover quickly means to accumulate virtue heavily. By the heavy accumulation of virtue one can overcome everything. If one can overcome everything, then he will acquire a capacity the limit of which is beyond anyone's knowledge. When his capacity is beyond anyone's knowledge, he is fit to rule a state.
Cleary Only frugality brings early recovery; only recovery means buildup of power. Build up virtue, and you master all. When you master all, no one knows your limit. When no one knows your limit, you can maintain a nation.
Crowley This Middle Path alone leads to the Timely Return to the True Nature. This Timely Return results from the constant gathering of Magick Powers. With that Gathering comes Control. This Control we know to be without Limit,
Hansen In general, only conserving deserves to be called early readiness. Early readiness: call it emphasizing accumulating virtuosity. If one emphasizes accumulating virtuosity then there is nothing one cannot conquer. If there is nothing one cannot conquer, no one knows one's limit. Those of whom no one knows their limits may take states.
LaFargue Just being a farmer - this means getting dressed early. Getting dressed early means increasing one's store of Te increasing one's store of Te, then nothing is impossible nothing impossible, then no telling the limit no telling the limit, then one can possess the state.
Legge It is only by this moderation that there is effected an early return (to man's normal state). That early return is what I call the repeated accumulation of the attributes (of the Tao). With that repeated accumulation of those attributes, there comes the subjugation (of every obstacle to such return). Of this subjugation we know not what shall be the limit; and when one knows not what the limit shall be, he may be the ruler of a state.
Lindauer In the end only restraint is appropriately called quickly resolving What is called quickly resolving has heavy accumulation of ideal. Following heavy accumulation of ideal Comes absence of lacking conquering Following absence of lacking conquering Noone knows limits
LinYutan To be sparing is to forestall; To forestall is to be prepared and strengthened; To be prepared and strengthened is to be ever-victorious; To be ever-victorious is to have infinite capacity; He who has infinite capacity is fit to rule a country,
Mabry In moderation, one is already following the Tao. When one follows the Tao, great goodness is abundant. When great goodness is in abundance, There is nothing that cannot be overcome Then there are no limits. Having no limits, one can certainly govern a country.
McDonald To forestall is to be prepared and strengthened; and by being frugal in such ways one may recover quickly. To recover quickly means to accumulate [intense moral] rather much. This "laying up a store" means quickly absorbing, And "quickly absorbing" in the end means doubling one's garnered "power". Double your garnered power and it acquires a strength that nothing can overcome. By the heavy accumulation of virtue one can overcome everything. Be prepared and strengthened to be always victorious: to have infinite capacity; If there's nothing it can't overcome, it knows no bounds, then he will acquire a capacity with limits well beyond anyone's knowledge. One can next overcome nearly everything. And only what knows no bounds is huge enough to keep a whole kingdom in its grasp.
Merel Restraint makes agreement easy to attain, And easy agreement builds harmonious relationships; With sufficient harmony no resistance will arise; When no resistance arises, then you possess the heart of the nation,
Mitchell The mark of a moderate man is freedom from his own ideas. Tolerant like the sky, all-pervading like sunlight, firm like a mountain, supple like a tree in the wind, he has no destination in view and makes use of anything life happens to bring his way.
Muller Only by being frugal can you recover quickly. When you recover quickly you accumulate virtue. Having accumulated virtue, There is nothing you can't overcome. When there is nothing you can't overcome Who knows the limits of your capabilities? These limits being unfathomable You can possess the country.
Red Pine economy means planning ahead planning ahead means accumulating virtue accumulating virtue means overcoming all overcoming all means knowing no limit knowing no limit means guarding the realm
Ta-Kao By moderation alone he is able to have conformed early (to Tao). This early conformity is called intensive accumulation of virtue. With this intensive accumulation of virtue, there is nothing that he cannot overcome. Because there is nothing that he cannot overcome, no one will be able to know his supremacy. Because no one knows his supremacy he can take possession of a country.
Walker To be moderate is to follow Tao without straying. To follow Tao without straying is to become filled with good energy. To be filled with good energy is to overcome all things. To overcome all things is to know that all things are possible.
Wieger This moderation should be the prime care. It procures perfect efficacy, which succeeds in everything, even the governing of the empire.
World Refusing to distinguish the self is the crucial requirement of indifference. Indifference is the product of maintaining one's focus on the oneness of all things. If you are at one with Infinity and the potential of all things, then you have no limitations. If one has no limitations, she is qualified to rule the world.
Wu To be frugal is to return before straying. To return before straying is to have a double reserve of Virtue. To have a double reserve of Virtue is to overcome everything. To overcome everything is to reach an invisible height.

Ch. 59 Sentence 3
Beck Those with maternal leadership can long endure.
Blackney Whose kingdom then will long endure If it provides the Mother an abode.
Bynner That you mother your land, are the fit
Byrn When you know the Mother of the kingdom, then you will be long enduring.
Chan He who possesses the Mother (Tao) of the state will last long.
Cleary When you maintain the matrix of a nation, you can last long.
Crowley And he who knows the Limitless may rule the state. He who possesses the Dao continues long.
Hansen The mother of taking states is able to endure.
LaFargue One who possesses the Mother of the state can last a long time.
Legge He who possesses the mother of the state may continue long.
Lindauer When noone knows limits Presence of a nation can happen. In the presence of the mother of a nation Growth and longevity may happen.
LinYutan And the Mother (principle) of a ruling country can long endure.
Mabry If you know the country's Mother, you will long endure.
McDonald If his capacity is beyond anyone's knowledge, he is fit to rule a kingdom. Who has infinite capacity is fit to rule, but only he who having the kingdom goes to the mother, can keep it long. He who possesses he mother (dao) of the state will last long. The mother (principle) of a ruling country can long endure.
Merel And when you possess the nation's heart, your influence will long endure:
Mitchell Nothing is impossible for him.
Muller The Mother who possesses the country can be long-living.
Red Pine guarding the realm's mother means living long
Ta-Kao Because what he does is identified with the Mother in taking possession of a country, he can long endure.
Walker She who knows that all things are possible is fit to govern people.
Wieger He who possesses this mother of the empire (wise moderation), will last a long time.
World If she is at one with the world, and consequently indifferent, she will endure.
Wu Only he who has reached an invisible height can have a kingdom. Only he who has got the Mother of a kingdom can last long.

Ch. 59 Sentence 4
Beck This is to be deeply rooted in a firm foundation, the way of long life and eternal vision.
Blackney Indeed it is the deeply rooted base, The firm foundation of the Way To immortality of self and name.
Bynner And ever living root of it: The seeing root, whose eye is infinite.
Byrn This is spoken of as the deep root and the firm trunk, the Way to a long life and great spiritual vision.
Chan This means that the roots are deep and the stalks are firm, which is the way of long life and everlasting vision.
Cleary This is called making the root deep and the basis firm, the Way of long life and eternal vision.
Crowley He is like a plant with well-set roots and strong stems. Thus it secures long continuance of its life.
Hansen This is called the deep root and inherent base Of the guide to long-life and enduring vision.
LaFargue This means having deep roots and strong foundations, the Way of 'lasting life, good eyesight into old age'.
Legge His case is like that (of the plant) of which we say that its roots are deep and its flower stalks firm: - this is the way to secure that its enduring life shall long be seen.
Lindauer Appropriately called Deep roots, firm stalks, growth, life, longevity, looking at tao.
LinYutan This is to be firmly rooted, to have deep strength, The road to immortality and enduring vision.
Mabry I call this having deep roots and a firm stalk, This is the Way of long life and great insight.
McDonald This is called the art of making the roots strike deep by fencing the trunk, It signifies to be firmly rooted, to have deep strength, for the roots are deep and the stalks are firm, road to immortality and enduring vision, the way of long life and everlasting existence is won by making life long by fixed staring.
Merel Deeply rooted and firmly established. This is the method of far sight and long life.
Mitchell Because he has let go, he can care for the people's welfare as a mother cares for her child.
Muller This is called "planting the roots deeply and firmly." The way to long life and eternal vision.
Red Pine this means deep roots and a solid trunk the Way of long and lasting life
Ta-Kao This means that he is deep rooted and firmly based, and knows the way of longevity and immortality.
Walker Because she is one with the mother, her roots go deep, her foundation stands firm, her life lasts long, her vision endures.
Wieger It is called the pivoting root, the solid trunk. It is the principle of perpetuity.
World This is the manifestation of deep roots and a firm foundation, a oneness with Infinity, immortality and perfect vision.
Wu This is the way to be deep-rooted and firm-planted in the Tao, The secret of long life and lasting vision.