Ch. 46 Sentence 1
Beck When the world lives in accord with the Way, horses work on farms. When the world does not live in accord with the Way, the cavalry practices in the parks.
Blackney When the Way rules the world, Coach horses fertilize the fields; When the Way does not rule, War horses breed in the parks.
Bynner In a land where the way of life is understood Race-horses are led back to serve the field; In a land where the way of life is not understood War-horses are bred on the autumn yield.
Byrn When the world follows the Tao, horses run free to fertilize the fields. When the world does not follow the Tao, war horses are bread outside the cities.
Chan When Tao prevails in the world, galloping horses are turned back to fertilize (the fields with the dung). When Tao does not prevail in the world, war horses thrive in the suburbs.
Cleary When the world has the Way, running horses are retired to till the fields. When the world lacks the Way, war-horses are bred in the countryside.
Crowley When the Dao bears way on Earth, men put swift horses to night-carts. When it is neglected, they breed chargers in the border marshes.
Hansen When the social world has a guide We turn back fast horses in order to fertilize. When the social world lacks a guide War horses are produced in the suburbs.
LaFargue When the world has Tao, they have no use for saddle horses, using them to haul manure. When the world has no Tao, they raise war horses on sacred ground.
Legge When the Tao prevails in the world, they send back their swift horses to (draw) the dung-carts. When the Tao is disregarded in the world, the war-horses breed in the border lands.
Lindauer When the world is present with tao It happens that even galloping horses fertilize When the world is absent of tao War-horses exist in the suburbs.
LinYutan When the world lives in accord with Tao, Racing horses are turned back to haul refuse carts. When the world lives not in accord with Tao, Cavalry abounds in the countryside.
Mabry When the World keeps to the Tao Strong horses are best used to manufacture manure. When the World forgets the Tao War horses are bred outside the city.
McDonald When dao reigns in the kingdom, galloping horses are turned back to fertilise certain fields with their manure. If the world in accord with dao, racing horses are turned back to pull refuse carts. When the world hardly lives in accord with dao, dao doesn't prevail or win. Next war horses will be reared even on a sacred hill below the city walls, and blatant cavalry will frolic in the countryside, driving and riding pestering war horses in suburbs in between. Dao does hardly prevail if war is on in city suburbs.
Merel When a nation follows the Way, Horses bear manure through its fields; When a nation ignores the Way, Horses bear soldiers through its streets.
Mitchell When a country is in harmony with the Tao, the factories make trucks and tractors. When a country goes counter to the Tao, warheads are stockpiled outside the cities.
Muller When the Tao prevails in the land The horses leisurely graze and fertilize the ground. When the Tao is lacking in the land War horses are bred outside the city.
Red Pine When the Tao prevails courier horses manure fields instead of roads when the Tao fails war-horses are raised on the border
Ta-Kao When Tao reigns in the world Swift horses are curbed for hauling the dung carts (in the field). When Tao does not reign in the world, War horses are bred on the commons (outside the cities).
Walker When the world practices Tao, horses fertilize the fields. When the world ignores Tao, horses are bred for war.
Wieger When the Principle reigns (in perfect peace), war horses work in the fields. When the Principle is forgotten, (war horses are the order of the day) And they are raised even in the suburbs of the towns.
World When the world remembers its oneness, horses plow the fields. When the world focuses on the manifestations of Infinity, distinctions, judgment and war replace peace and harmony.
Wu When the world is in possession of the Tao, The galloping horses are led to fertilize the fields with their droppings. When the world has become Taoless, War horses breed themselves on the suburbs.

Ch. 46 Sentence 2
Beck The greatest temptation to crime is desire. The greatest curse is discontent. The greatest calamity is greed.
Blackney No sin can exceed Incitement to envy; No calamity's worse Than to be discontented, Nor is there an omen More dreadful than coveting.
Bynner Owning is the entanglement, Wanting is the bewilderment, Taking is the presentiment:
Byrn There is no greater transgression than condoning peoples selfish desires, no greater disaster than being discontent, and no greater retribution than for greed.
Chan There is no calamity greater than lavish desires. There is no greater guilt than discontentment. And there is no greater disaster than greed.
Cleary No crime is greater than discontent, no fault is greater than possessiveness.
Crowley There is no evil worse than ambition; no misery worse then discontent; no crime greater than greed.
Hansen Among bad omens, none is greater than not knowing to 'sufficient.' Among evils, none is greater than desiring 'getting.'
LaFargue Nothing is more crime producing than desirable things nothing is a worse misfortune than not being content nothing makes for more guilt than desire for gain.
Legge There is no guilt greater than to sanction ambition; no calamity greater than to be discontented with one's lot; no fault greater than the wish to be getting.
Lindauer No calamity is greater than relating to not knowing enough No fault is greater than relating to the desire to obtain.
LinYutan There is no greater curse than the lack of contentment. No greater sin than the desire for possession.
Mabry There is no greater cure than discontent. Nothing breeds trouble like greed.
McDonald No lure is greater than to possess what others want. There's no greater guilt than [sudden] discontent. There's (...) greater disaster than greed. [Eventually] there's hardly a greater sin than desire for possession. No disaster could be greater than [...] to be content with what one has [in dire need and disabling poverty]. No presage of [airy] evil is greater than men wanting to get more.
Merel There is no greater mistake than following desire; There is no greater disaster than forgetting contentment; There is no greater sickness than seeking attainment;
Mitchell There is no greater illusion than fear, no greater wrong than preparing to defend yourself, no greater misfortune than having an enemy.
Muller Natural disasters are not as bad as not knowing what is enough. Loss is not as bad as wanting more.
Red Pine no crime is worse than yielding to desire no wrong is greater than discontent no curse is crueller than getting what you want
Ta-Kao There is no greater crime than seeking what men desire; There is no greater misery than knowing no content; There is no greater calamity than indulging in greed.
Walker There is no greater calamity than desire, no greater curse than greed.
Wieger To give in to one's covetousness (And this includes the mania for waging war), is the worst of crimes. Not to know how to control oneself, is the worst of nasty things. The worst of faults is to want more, always.
World There is no greater confusion than desire; no greater burden than discontent. Nothing is as unfortunate as seeing one's self as separate from others. Peace and harmony come from the realization that what one has is enough.
Wu There is no calamity like not knowing what is enough. There is no evil like covetousness.

Ch. 46 Sentence 3
Beck Whoever is content with contentment is always content.
Blackney But once be contented, And truly you'll always be so.
Bynner Only he who contains content Remains content.
Byrn Whoever knows contentment will be at peace forever.
Chan He who is contented with contentment is always contented.
Cleary So the satisfaction of contentment is always enough.
Crowley Content of mind is peace and satisfaction eternal.
Hansen Hence, knowing to 'sufficient' is sufficient for constant sufficiency.
LaFargue Yes: Be content with enough, and there will always be enough.
Legge Therefore the sufficiency of contentment is an enduring and unchanging sufficiency.
Lindauer So know the enough of being enough There is entirely enough to go with each.
LinYutan Therefore he who is contented with contentment shall be always content.
Mabry Only one who is content with what is enough will be content always.
McDonald He who has once known the pure [orgasm] contentment that comes simply through being content [at its peak], gets rather content-centred a long time after.
Merel But one who is content to satisfy his needs Finds that contentment endures.
Mitchell Whoever can see through all fear will always be safe.
Muller Therefore the sufficiency that comes from knowing what is enough is an eternal sufficiency.
Red Pine the contentment of being content is true contentment indeed
Ta-Kao Therefore the contentment of knowing content will ever be contented.
Walker Know that enough is enough, and you'll always have enough.
Wieger Those who know how to say 'enough is enough', are always content.
World Because you are at one with Infinity
Wu Only he who knows what is enough will always have enough.