Ch. 45 Sentence 1
Beck The greatest perfection seems incomplete, but its utility is never impaired. The greatest fullness seems empty, but its use cannot be exhausted. What is most direct seems devious.
Blackney Most perfect, yet it seems Imperfect, incomplete: Its use is not impaired. Filled up, and yet it seems Poured out, an empty void: It never will run dry. The straightest, yet it seems To deviate, to bend;
Bynner A man's work, however finished it seem, Continue as long as he live; A man, however perfect he seem, Is needed as long as he live: As long as truth appears falsity, The seer a fool, The prophet a dumb lout,
Byrn The greatest accomplishments seem imperfect, yet their usefulness is not diminished. The greatest fullness seems empty, yet it will be inexhaustible. The greatest straightness seems crooked.
Chan What is most perfect seems to be incomplete; But its utility is unimpaired. What is most full seems to be empty; But its usefulness is inexhaustible. What is most straight seems to be crooked.
Cleary Great completeness seems incomplete; its use is never exhausted. Great fullness seems empty; its use is never ended. Great directness seems restrained,
Crowley Despise thy masterpieces; thus renew the vigour of thy creation. Deem your fulness emptiness; thus shall your fulness never be empty. Let the straight appear crooked to thee;
Hansen Great completion is like deficiency. Its use does not 'corrupt'. Great filling is like being poured. Its use does not exhaust. Great straightforwardness is like being bent.
LaFargue The greatest perfection will seem lacking in something but its usefulness never ends. The greatest solidity will seem Empty but its usefulness is inexhaustible. The greatest uprightness will seem compromised
Legge Who thinks his great achievements poor Shall find his vigour long endure. Of greatest fulness, deemed avoid, Exhaustion ne'er shall stem the tide. Do thou what's straight still crooked deem;
Lindauer Great perfection looks incomplete Used it lacks impairment Great fullness looks like it needs more Used it lacks exhaustion. Great straightness looks bent
LinYutan The highest perfection is like imperfection, And its use is never impaired. The greatest abundance seems meager, And its use will never fail. What s most straight appears devious,
Mabry True perfection seems flawed Yet its usefulness is never exhausted. True fulfillment seems empty Yet its usefulness is infinite. True straightness seems crooked.
McDonald What's most perfect [ambivalence] seems to be incomplete; [its] highest perfection is never impaired. The perfect seems to have something missing; [so have something missing]. Highest perfection is like imperfection, but its use is never impaired, nor its utility [at times]. What's most full [opening] seems empty; its use will never fail. The greatest abundance seems meagre indeed, but its use will never fail. What's most straight seems devious, maybe crooked.
Merel Great perfection seems incomplete, But does not decay; Great abundance seems empty, But does not fail. Great truth seems contradictory;
Mitchell True perfection seems imperfect, yet it is perfectly itself. True fullness seems empty, yet it is fully present. True straightness seems crooked. True wisdom seems foolish. True art seems artless.
Muller Great perfection seems flawed, yet functions without a hitch. Great fullness seems empty, yet functions without exhaustion. Great straightness seems crooked,
Red Pine The greatest thing seems incomplete yet it never wears out the fullest thing seems empty yet it never runs dry the straightest thing seems crooked
Ta-Kao The greatest perfection seems imperfect; Yet its use will last without decay. The greatest fullness seems empty; Yet its use cannot be exhausted. The greatest straightness seems crooked;
Walker The greatest perfection seems imperfect, yet its usefulness is endless. The greatest fullness seems empty, yet its usefulness is inexhaustible. Great straightness seems flexible.
Wieger Accomplished, beneath an imperfect exterior. Giving, (of himself) without becoming worn out. Filled up, without appearing to be so, And pouring out without being emptied. Very straight, beneath a bent air; most able, behind an awkward appearance; highly perspicacious, with an embarrassed exterior. This is the Sage.
World Great accomplishments seem incomplete yet their legacy is long lived. Great abundance seems insignificant but it is inexhaustible. A beam of light is just a wave.
Wu The greatest perfection seems imperfect, And yet its use is inexhaustible. The greatest fullness seems empty, And yet its use is endless. The great straightness looks like crookedness.

Ch. 45 Sentence 2
Beck The greatest skill seems awkward. The greatest eloquence seems like stuttering.
Blackney The highest skill and yet It looks like clumsiness. The utmost eloquence, It sounds like stammering.
Bynner -
Byrn The most valued skill seems like clumsiness. The greatest speech seems full of stammers.
Chan The greatest skill seems to be clumsy. The greatest eloquence seems to stutter.
Cleary great skill seems inept, great eloquence seems inarticulate.
Crowley the Craft clumsiness, your Musick discord.
Hansen Great skill is like clumsiness. Great distinction-debating is like shouting.
LaFargue the greatest ability will seem clumsy the greatest eloquence will seem tongue-tied.
Legge Thy greatest art still stupid seem, And eloquence a stammering scream.
Lindauer Great skill looks awkward Great eloquence looks like it stutters.
LinYutan The greatest skill appears clumsiness; The greatest eloquence seems like stuttering.
Mabry Great skill appears easy. Great eloquence sounds awkward.
McDonald The greatest skills seems to be [rustic,] clumsy. The greatest cleverness appears like stupidity, [Demon skill seems like clumsiness. Apt skill seems clumsy, true cleverness seems clumsy.] The greatest [harlequin] eloquence seems to stutter or seems like stuttering.
Merel Great cleverness seems stupid; Great eloquence seems awkward.
Mitchell -
Muller Great skill seems clumsy, Great eloquence seems stammering.
Red Pine the cleverest thing seems clumsy the richest thing seems poor
Ta-Kao The greatest dexterity seems awkward; The greatest eloquence seems stammering.
Walker Great skill looks clumsy. Great eloquence sounds awkward.
Wieger -
World Great skill seems easy. Great eloquence seems boring.
Wu The greatest skill appears clumsy. The greatest eloquence sounds like stammering.

Ch. 45 Sentence 3
Beck Movement overcomes cold. Stillness overcomes heat. The serene and calm are guides for all.
Blackney As movement overcomes The cold, and stillness, heat, The Wise Man, pure and still, Will rectify the world.
Bynner If you want to keep warm keep stirring about, Keep still if you want to keep cool, And in all the world one day no doubt Your way shall be the rule.
Byrn Movement overcomes the cold, and stillness overcomes the heat. That which is pure and still is the universal ideal.
Chan Hasty movement overcomes cold, (But) tranquility overcomes heat. By being greatly tranquil, One is qualified to be the ruler of the world.
Cleary Movement overcomes cold, stillness overcomes heat. Clear stillness is right for the world.
Hansen Exercise conquers a chill. Rest conquers a fever. 'Clear' and 'quiet' are deemed as correct for the social world.
LaFargue "Agitation overcomes cold Stillness overcomes heat. "Purity and Stillness are the Norm of the World.
Legge Constant action overcomes cold; being still overcomes heat. Purity and stillness give the correct law to all under heaven.
Lindauer Restlessness conquers the cold Stillness conquers the heated Clarity and stillness act on the world, ordering it.
LinYutan Movement overcomes cold, (But) keeping still overcomes heat. Who is calm and quiet becomes the guide for the universe.
Mabry Cold overcomes heat. Tranquility conquers agitation. Purity and stillness is the universal ideal.
McDonald Hasty movement overcomes cold. Keeping still can overcome heat. Tranquillity and staying still can overcome heat. By being greatly still you'll next be fit to rule the world. Who is calm and quiet becomes the universe deceit. By his limpid calm he all the time puts right everything [as universal deceit].
Merel As spring overcomes the cold, And autumn overcomes the heat, So calm and quiet overcome the world.
Mitchell The Master allows things to happen. She shapes events as they come. She steps out of the way and lets the Tao speak for itself.
Muller Excitement overcomes cold, stillness overcomes heat. Clarity and stillness set everything right.
Red Pine activity overcomes cold stillness overcomes heat who can be perfectly still is able to govern the world
Ta-Kao Activity overcomes cold; Quietness overcomes heat. Only through purity and quietude can the world be ruled.
Walker Movement triumphs over cold. Stillness triumphs over heat. Clarity and tranquility set the whole world in order.
Wieger Movement beats the cold (warms one up), rest overcomes heat (refreshes). The withdrawn life of the Sage rectifies all the empire (strikes at the root of its depravation.
World Motion generates heat. Stillness manifests the cold. Peace and harmony are the nature of Infinity
Wu Restlessness overcomes cold, But calm overcomes heat. The peaceful and serene Is the Norm of the World.