Ch. 21 Sentence 1
Beck All-embracing power proceeds only through the Way.
Blackney The omnipresent Virtue will take shape According only to the Way.
Bynner The surest test if a man be sane Is if he accepts life whole, as it is,
Byrn The greatest virtue you can have comes from following only the Tao;
Chan The all-embracing quality of the great virtue follows alone from the Tao.
Cleary For the countenance of great virtue, only the Way is to be followed.
Crowley The sole source of energy is the Dao.
Hansen The content of permeating virtuosity is merely following a guide.
LaFargue The impression made by magnificent Te comes only from Tao.
Legge The grandest forms of active force From Tao come, their only source.
Lindauer An aperture is the appearance of the ideal Only tao is appropriately followed.
LinYutan The marks of great Character Follow alone from the Tao.
Mabry The only virtue worth having is that of following the Tao,
McDonald The marks of great virtue follow alone from the (one) dao. What's called one dao seems impalpable and vague, not to be measured at all.
Merel Harmony is only in following the Way.
Mitchell The Master keeps her mind always at one with the Tao; that is what gives her her radiance.
Muller The form of great virtue is something that only the Tao can follow.
Red Pine The expression of empty virtue comes from the Tao alone
Ta-Kao The great virtue as manifested is but following Tao.
Walker The greatest virtue is to follow Tao, and only Tao.
Wieger All of the beings which play a role, in the great manifestation of the cosmic theater, have come from the Principle, through its virtue (its unwinding).
World To attain peace and harmony, stay focused on the oneness of Infinit
Wu It lies in the nature of Grand Virtue To follow the Tao and the Tao alone.

Ch. 21 Sentence 2
Beck What is called the Way is elusive and intangible. Intangible and elusive, yet within it are thought-images. Elusive and intangible, yet within it are objects. Deep and obscure, yet within it is the life-force. The life-force is very real, and within it is certainty.
Blackney The Way itself is like some thing Seen in a dream, elusive, evading one. In it are images, elusive, evading one. In it are things like shadows in twilight. In it are essences, subtle but real, Embedded in truth.
Bynner Without needing by measure or touch to understand The measureless untouchable source Of its images, The measureless untouchable source Of its substances, The source which, while it appears dark emptiness, Brims with a quick force Farthest away And yet nearest at hand
Byrn which takes a form that is intangible and evasive. Even though the Tao is intangible and evasive, we are able to know it exists. Intangible and evasive, yet it has a manifestation. Secluded and dark, yet there is a vitality within it. Its vitality is very genuine. Within it we can find order.
Chan The thing that is called Tao is eluding and vague. Vague and eluding, there is in it the form. Eluding and vague, in it are things. Deep and obscure, in it is the essence. The essence is very real; in it are evidences.
Cleary As a thing, the Way is abstract and elusive; elusive and abstract, there are images in it; abstract and elusive, there is something there. Recondite, hidden, it has vitality therein: that vitality is very real; it has truth therein.
Crowley Who may declare its nature? It is beyond Sense, yet all form is hidden within it. It is beyond Sense, yet all Perceptibles are hidden within it. This Being excites Perception, and the Word thereof.
Hansen To deem guides as a natural kind: Indeed confused! Indeed indistinct! Indistinct! Confused! Within them there are signs. Confused! Indistinct! Within them there are natural kinds. Yawning! Murky! Within them there is generative energy. Their energy is optimally authentic. Within it there is reliability.
LaFargue Tao is a something but elusive, but evasive. Evasive, elusive, inside it lies the mind's true form. Elusive, evasive, inside it lies something substantial. Shadowy, dim. Inside it lies vital energy. This energy is very strong inside it lies true genuineness.
Legge Who can of Tao the nature tell? Our sight it flies, our touch as well. Eluding sight, eluding touch, The forms of things all in it crouch; Eluding touch, eluding sight, There are their semblances, all right. Profound it is, dark and obscure; Things' essences all there endure. Those essences the truth enfold Of what, when seen, shall then be told.
Lindauer The action of tao on things, Only elusive, only ungraspable. So ungraspable, so elusive At its center, the presence of form So elusive, so ungraspable At its center, the presence of things So secluded, so hard to see At its center, the presence of belief.
LinYutan The thing that is called Tao Is elusive, evasive. Evasive, elusive, Yet latent in it are forms. Elusive, evasive, Yet latent in it are objects. Dark and dim, Yet latent in it is the life-force. The life-force being very true, Latent in it are evidences.
Mabry and the only thing you can say about the Tao, is that it is elusive and evasive. It is elusive and evasive, yet it can be observed. It is evasive and elusive, yet it does manifest itself. It is dim and dark, yet its essence can be grasped. Its essence is unquestionably genuine. You can put your faith in it.
McDonald Dao is an elusive, virtually incommensurable form, but eluding, elusive it contains sub-forms.
Merel The Way is without form or quality, But expresses all forms and qualities; The Way is hidden and implicate, But expresses all of nature; The Way is unchanging, But expresses all motion.
Mitchell The Tao is ungraspable. How can her mind be at one with it? Because she doesn't cling to ideas. The Tao is dark and unfathomable. How can it make her radiant? Because she lets it.
Muller The Tao as a "thing" is only vague and obscure. How obscure! How vague! In it there is form. How vague! How obscure! In it are things. How deep! How dark! In it there is an essence. The essence is so real--therein is belief.
Red Pine the Tao as a thing waxes and wanes it waxes and wanes but inside is an image it waxes and wanes but inside is a creature it's distant and dark but inside is an essence an essence fundamentally real and inside is a heart
Ta-Kao Tao is a thing that is both invisible and intangible. Intangible and invisible, yet there are forms in it; Invisible and intangible, yet there is substance in it; Subtle and obscure, there is essence in it; This essence being invariably true, there is faith in it.
Walker You might say, "But Tao is illusive! Evasive! Mysterious! Dark! How can one follow that?" By following this: Out of silent subtle mystery emerge images. These images coalesce into forms. Within each form is contained the seed and essence of life. Thus do all things emerge and expand out of darkness and emptiness.
Wieger The Principle is indistinct and indeterminate, mysterious and obscure. In its indistinction and indetermination there are types, a multitude of beings. In its mystery and obscurity there is an essence which is reality.
World Infinity is the intangible potential of all things; intangible yet manifesting all images, intangible yet manifesting all substance. Within the Infinite void resides the Infinite potential of all things. All tangible things are a manifestation of the Infinite essenc
Wu Now what is the Tao? It is Something elusive and evasive. Evasive and elusive! And yet It contains within Itself a Form. Elusive and evasive! And yet It contains within Itself a Substance. Shadowy and dim! And yet It contains within Itself a Core of Vitality. The Core of Vitality is very real, It contains within Itself an unfailing Sincerity.

Ch. 21 Sentence 3
Beck From the ancient times till now its manifestations have never ceased, by which we may see the beginning of all things.
Blackney From of old until now, Under names without end, The First, the Beginning is seen.
Bynner From oldest time unto this day, Changing its images with origin:
Byrn Since the beginning of time, the Tao has always existed. It is beyond existing and not existing.
Chan From the time of old until now, its name (manifestations) ever remains. By which we may see the beginning of all things.
Cleary From ancient times to now, its name is the undeparting; thereby are seen all beauties.
Crowley As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, its Name operates continuously, causing all to flow in the cycle of Change, which is Love and Beauty.
Hansen From the past to the present it's name remains. And elucidates the crowd's honoured father.
LaFargue From ancient times until today Its name has not been forgotten allowing us to see the beginnings of everything.
Legge Now it is so; 'twas so of old. Its name--what passes not away; So, in their beautiful array, Things form and never know decay.
Lindauer From ancient times reaching into the present its name does not depart Experience of the collective beginning happens.
LinYutan From the days of old till now Its Named (manifested forms) have never ceased, By which we may view the Father of All Things.
Mabry From the beginning of time until the present, its Name has remained. In it one can see all of Creation.
McDonald Within it lie idea-images of coming things, within it are some shadowy entities or some dormant, vibrant life force of the firstborn, dim essence - even of objects, somehow, but much rarefied - latent in the essence is the life-force. The life-force is real and to be trusted. It's true, and can be set to operate. and latent in it are evidences. From the days of old till now its chunks haven't departed or ceased, By its chunks we can view some origin of all descended units.
Merel Beneath sensation and memory The Way is the source of all the world.
Mitchell Since before time and space were, the Tao is. It is beyond is and is not.
Muller From the present to antiquity, its name has never left it, so we can examine all origins.
Red Pine throughout the ages its name has never changed so we might follow our fathers
Ta-Kao From of old till now, it has never lost its (nameless) name, Through which the origin of all things has passed.
Walker Because its essence is real and evident in the origins of all things, the name of the Tao has survived since the beginning of time.
Wieger From ancient times until the present, its name (its being) has stayed the same, all beings have come from it.
World From the present, forever into the past, forever into the future, Infinity is the homogenous essence. The potential of all things forever manifest and forever disintegrate within the Infinit
Wu Throughout the ages Its Name has been preserved In order to recall the Beginning of all things.

Ch. 21 Sentence 4
Beck How do I know that the beginnings of all things are so? Through this certainty.
Blackney How do I know the beginning of all, What its nature may be? By these!
Bynner What more need I know of the origin Than this?
Byrn How do I know where creation comes from? I look inside myself and see it.
Chan How do I know that the beginning of all things are so? Through this (Tao).
Cleary How do I know all beauties are thus? By this.
Crowley How do I know this? By my comprehension of the Dao.
Hansen How do I know the shape of the crowd's honoured father? With this.
LaFargue How do I recognize the form of the beginnings of everything? By this low in the cycle of Change, which is Love and Beauty. How do I know this? By my comprehension of the Dao.
Legge How know I that it is so with all the beauties of existing things? By this (nature of the Tao).
Lindauer Why do I happen to know the shape of the collective beginning is this way? It just happens.
LinYutan How do I know the shape of the Father of All Things? Through these (manifested forms)!
Mabry How do I know where all of Creation comes from? I know the Tao!
McDonald Do I know a father of a thing? How to know how some origin of a manifestation is formed? By much developed intuition, possibly.
Merel How can I understand the source of the world? By accepting.
Mitchell How do I know this is true? I look inside myself and see.
Muller How do I know the form of all origins? By this.
Red Pine how do we know what our fathers were like through this
Ta-Kao How do I know that it is so with the origin of all things? By this (Tao).
Walker How can I know the circumstances of the origins of all things? Exactly by this phenomenon.
Wieger How do I know that it was the origin of all beings? ... (By objective observation of the universe, which reveals that contingencies must have come from the absolute).
World How can I know the manifestations of Infinity? Because I am at one with Infinit
Wu How do I know the ways of all things at the Beginning? By what is within me.