Ch. 18 Sentence 1
Beck When the great Way is forgotten, the doctrines of humanity and morality arise.
Blackney The mighty Way declined among the folk And then came kindness and morality.
Bynner When people lost sight of the way to live Came codes of love and honesty,
Byrn When the great Tao is abandoned, charity and righteousness appear.
Chan When the great Tao declined, The doctrine of humanity and righteousness arose.
Cleary When the Great Way is deserted, then there is humanitarian duty.
Crowley When men abandoned the Way of Dao, benevolence and justice became necessary.
Hansen When the great guide is cast aside you will have 'humanity' and 'morality.'
LaFargue When Great Tao vanished we got 'Goodness and Morality.'
Legge When the Great Tao (Way or Method) ceased to be observed, benevolence and righteousness came into vogue.
Lindauer Great tao discarded, a presence of humanity, morality
LinYutan On the decline of the great Tao, The doctrine of "humanity" and "justice" arose.
Mabry When the great Tao is abandoned, Ideas of "humanitarianism" and "righteousness" appear.
McDonald When the great dao declined, jen and I arose, humanity and righteousness."
Merel When the Way is forgotten Duty and justice appear;
Mitchell When the great Tao is forgotten goodness and piety appear.
Muller When the great Tao perishes There is jen and justice.
Red Pine When the Great Way disappears we meet kindness and justice
Ta-Kao When the great Tao is lost, spring forth benevolence and righteousness.
Walker When people lose sight of the Tao, codes of morality and justice are created.
Wieger When action conforming to the Principle dwindles, (when men cease to act with spontaneous goodness and fairness), artificial principles of goodness and fairness, prudence and wisdom (are invented).
World When the oneness of Infinity is forgotten, judgment appears and people are distinguished as good and righteous.
Wu When the Great Tao was abandoned, There appeared humanity and justice.

Ch. 18 Sentence 2
Beck When knowledge and cleverness appear, there emerges great hypocrisy.
Blackney When wisdom and intelligence appeared, They brought with them a great hypocrisy.
Bynner Learning came, charity came, Hypocrisy took charge;
Byrn When intellectualism arises, hypocrisy is close behind.
Chan When knowledge and wisdom appeared, There emerged great hypocrisy.
Cleary When intelligence comes forth, there is great fabrication.
Crowley Then also was need of wisdom and cunning, and all fell into illusion.
Hansen When intuitive wisdom emerges you will have great artifice.
LaFargue When 'Wisdom and Know-how' arose we got the Great Shams.
Legge (Then) appeared wisdom and shrewdness, and there ensued great hypocrisy.
Lindauer Wisdom and intelligence come out, a presence of great pretense
LinYutan When knowledge and cleverness appeared, Great hypocrisy followed in its wake.
Mabry When intellectualism arises It is accompanied by great hypocrisy.
McDonald Next, when brightness and know-how came in vogue, the great pretence fully started.
Merel Then knowledge and wisdom are born Along with hypocrisy.
Mitchell When the body's intelligence declines cleverness and knowledge step forth.
Muller When intelligence is manifest There is great deception.
Red Pine when reason appears we meet great deceit
Ta-Kao When wisdom and sagacity arise, there are great hypocrites.
Walker When cleverness and strategies are in use, hypocrites are everywhere.
Wieger These artificial principles soon degenerate into politics.
World When the illusion of knowledge and understanding appear, the physical reality has been confused with Infinity.
Wu When intelligence and wit arose, There appeared great hypocrites.

Ch. 18 Sentence 3
Beck When family relationships are not in harmony, filial piety and parental love are advocated.
Blackney The six relations were no more at peace, So codes were made to regulate our homes.
Bynner When differences weakened family ties Came benevolent fathers and dutiful sons;
Byrn When there is strife in the family unit, people talk about 'brotherly love'.
Chan When the six family relationships are not in harmony, There will be the advocacy of filial piety and deep love to children.
Cleary When relations are discordant, there is family love.
Crowley When harmony ceased to prevail in the six spheres it was needful to govern them by manifesting Sons.
Hansen When great kinship is not in harmony, you will have 'filiality' and 'affection.'
LaFargue When the six family relationships fell into disharmony we got 'Respect and Caring.'
Legge When harmony no longer prevailed throughout the six kinships, filial sons found their manifestation;
Lindauer Families lack harmony, a presence of filial devotion and mothering
LinYutan When the six relationships no longer lived at peace, There was (praise of) "kind parents" and" filial sons."
Mabry When there is strife within a family Ideas of "brotherly love" appear.
McDonald When the six family relationships are not in harmony There's open talk of kind parents" dutiful sons" and deep love to children.
Merel When harmonious relationships dissolve Then respect and devotion arise;
Mitchell When there is no peace in the family filial piety begins.
Muller When the six relationships are not in harmony There is filial piety and compassion.
Red Pine when the six relations fail we meet obedience and love
Ta-Kao When family relations are no longer harmonious, we have filial children and devoted parents.
Walker When families forego natural harmony, parents become pious and children become dutiful.
Wieger When parents no longer live in natural harmony, they try to make up for this deficit by inventing artificial principles of filial piety and paternal affection.
World When there is no peace and harmony within the family, a facade of devotion and obedience is perceived.
Wu When the six relations lost their harmony, There appeared filial piety and paternal kindness.

Ch. 18 Sentence 4
Beck When a country falls into chaos and disorder, there is praise of loyal patriots.
Blackney The fatherland grew dark, confused by strife: Official loyalty became the style.
Bynner And when lands were disrupted and misgoverned Came ministers commended as loyal.
Byrn When the country falls into chaos, politicians talk about 'patriotism'.
Chan When a country is in disorder, There will be the praise of loyal ministers.
Cleary When the national polity is benighted and confused, then there are loyal ministers.
Crowley When the kingdoms and races became confused, loyal ministers had to appear.
Hansen When states and great families sink and become deranged, you will have 'loyal ministers'.
LaFargue When the states and the great families became all benighted and disordered we got 'Loyal Subjects'.
Legge when the states and clans fell into disorder, loyal ministers appeared.
Lindauer The nation's emperor blinded, confused, a presence of loyal servants.
LinYutan When a country fell into chaos and misrule, There was (praise of) "loyal ministers."
Mabry When nation is plunged into chaos Politicians become "patriotic".
McDonald A confused country enmeshed in disorder praises ministers in chaos and misrule.
Merel When a nation falls to chaos Then loyalty and patriotism are born.
Mitchell When the country falls into chaos patriotism is born.
Muller When the country is in chaos Loyal ministers appear.
Red Pine when the country is in chaos we meet honest officials
Ta-Kao When a nation is in confusion and disorder, patriots are recognized. Where Tao is, equilibrium is. When Tao is lost, out come all the differences of things.
Walker When the nation is reigned by darkness, patriotic advisers abound.
Wieger When states had fallen into disarray, they invented the loyal minister stereotype.
World When a nation manifests great change, patriots step forward to attempt to resurrect the past.
Wu When darkness and disorder began to reign in a kingdom, There appeared loyal ministers.