Ch. 10 Sentence 1
Beck Can you embrace the One with your soul, and never depart from the Way?
Blackney Can you govern your animal soul, hold to the One and never depart from it?
Bynner Can you hold the door of your tent Wide to the firmament?
Byrn Nurture the darkness of your soul until you become whole. Can you do this and not fail?
Chan Can you keep the spirit and embrace the One without departing from them?
Cleary Carrying vitality and consciousness, embracing them as one, can you keep from parting?
Crowley When soul and body are in the bond of love, they can be kept together.
Hansen In general: In mustering your vitalities, embracing in one, can you fail to distinguish?
LaFargue When 'carrying your soul,' embracing the One Thing, can you be undivided?
Legge When the intelligent and animal souls are held together in one embrace, they can be kept from separating.
Lindauer In containing life-force and embracing oneness Is the ability to be absent from departing equal?
LinYutan In embracing the One with your soul, Can you never forsake the Tao?
Mabry Being both body and spirit, can you embrace unity and not be fragmented?
McDonald Can you keep the unquiet physical-soul from straying, hold fast to the unity and middle, and never quit it?
Merel Embracing the Way, you become embraced;
Mitchell Can you coax your mind from its wandering and keep to the original oneness?
Muller Pacifying the agitated material soul and holding to oneness: Are you able to avoid separation?
Red Pine Can you hold fast your crescent soul and not let it wander
Ta-Kao Can you keep the soul always concentrated from straying?
Walker Can you marry your spirit and body to the oneness and never depart from it?
Wayism In harmonizing your male and female27 to embrace the One, can you coax your mind from its wandering and keep to the Way.
Wieger Keep your body and spermatic soul closely united, and ensure that they do not become separated.
World Manifesting body, mind and spirit, can you stay centered in the oneness of Infinity?
Wu In keeping the spirit and the vital soul together, Are you able to maintain their perfect harmony?

Ch. 10 Sentence 2
Beck Can you concentrate your vital force to achieve the gentleness of a new-born baby?
Blackney Can you throttle your breath, down to the softness of breath in a child?
Bynner Can you, with the simple stature Of a child, breathing nature, Become, notwithstanding, A man?
Byrn Can you focus your life-breath until you become supple as a newborn child?
Chan Can you concentrate your vital force and achieve the highest degree of weakness like an infant?
Cleary Concentrating energy, making it supple, can you be like an infant?
Crowley By concentration on the breath, it is brought to perfect elasticity, and one becomes as a babe.
Hansen In specializing in breath and consummating weakness, can you be a child?
LaFargue When 'concentrating ch'i', bringing about Softness, can you be like an infant?
Legge When one gives undivided attention to the (vital) breath, and brings it to the utmost degree of pliancy, he can become as a (tender) babe.
Lindauer In gently extending animus alone Is the ability to be as a newborn child equal?
LinYutan In controlling your vital force to achieve gentleness, Can you become like the new-born child?
Mabry Being spiritually focused, can you become soft, like a newborn baby?
McDonald Can you, when concentrating your breath, make it soft like that of an infant?
Merel Breathing gently, you become newborn;
Mitchell Can you let your body become supple as a newborn child's?
Muller Focusing your energy on the release of tension: Can you be like an infant?
Red Pine can you make your breath as soft as a baby's
Ta-Kao Can you regulate the breath and become soft and pliant like an infant?
Walker Can you ride your breath until your entire being is as supple as the body of an infant?
Wayism In tenderly tuning your breath, can you become supple as a newborn babe?28
Wieger Apply yourself such that the air you breath in, converted into the aerial soul, animates this composite, and keeps it intact as in a new-born baby.
World Fully manifesting and remaining flexible, can you experience all manifestations as a newborn baby?
Wu In gathering your vital energy to attain suppleness, Have you reached the state of a new-born babe?

Ch. 10 Sentence 3
Beck Can you cleanse and purify your mystic vision until it is clear?
Blackney Can you purify your mystic vision and wash it until it is spotless?
Byrn While you cleanse your inner vision will you be found without fault?
Chan Can you clean and purify your profound insight so it will be spotless?
Cleary Purifying hidden perception, can you make it flawless?
Crowley By purifying oneself from Samadhi one becomes whole.
Hansen In cleansing and voiding your profound mirror, can you be without flaw?
LaFargue When 'cleansing and purifying the mysterious mirror,' can you be without blemish?
Legge When he has cleansed away the most mysterious sights (of his imagination), he can become without a flaw.
Lindauer In cleansing and clearing insightful discernment Is the ability to be absent of flaws equal?
LinYutan In cleansing and purifying your Mystic vision, Can you strive after perfection?
Mabry Being clear in mind and vision, can you eliminate your flaws?
McDonald Strive after less tainted perfection, let it be aided by penetrating insight. So wipe and cleanse your vision of the mystery till all is without blur.
Merel Clearing your mind, you become clear;
Mitchell Can you cleanse your inner vision until you see nothing but the light?
Muller In purifying your insight: Can you un-obstruct it?
Red Pine can you wipe your Dark Mirror free of dust
Ta-Kao Can you clear and get rid of the unforeseen and be free from fault?
Walker Can you cleanse your inner vision until you see heaven in every direction?
Wayism In polishing your mystic mirror, can you purify it to see nothing but the light? 29
Wieger Withhold yourself from considerations which are too profound, in order not to wear yourself out.
World Can you maintain the Infinite vision of oneness by ignoring distinctions.
Wu In washing and cleaning your inner vision, Have you cured it of all dross?

Ch. 10 Sentence 4
Beck Can you love the people and govern the state without interfering?
Blackney Can you love all your people, rule over the land without being known?
Bynner Can you continue befriending With no prejudice, no ban?
Byrn Can you love people and lead them without forcing your will on them?
Chan Can you love the people and govern the state without knowledge (cunning)?
Cleary Loving the people, governing the nation, can you be uncontrived?
Crowley In his dealing with individuals and with society, let him move without lust of result.
Hansen In loving the people and ordering the state, can you fail to know?
LaFargue When 'loving the people and caring for the kingdom,' can you be without knowledge?
Legge In loving the people and ruling the state, cannot he proceed without any (purpose of) action?
Lindauer In fondness for people, governing a nation Is the ability to be absent of action equal?
LinYutan In loving the people and governing the kingdom, Can you rule without interference?
Mabry Loving all people and leading them well, can you do this without imposing your will?
McDonald Can you love the people and rule the land, yet remain unknown?
Merel Nurturing your children, you become impartial;
Mitchell Can you love people and lead them without imposing your will?
Muller Loving the people and ruling the state: Can you avoid over-manipulation?
Red Pine can you love people and lead them without imposing your will? can you serve and govern without effort
Ta-Kao Can you love the people and govern the state by non-action?
Walker Can you love the people and govern them without conniving and manipulating?
Wayism In loving and leading the people, can you do it without imposing your will?30 Can you deal with the most vital matters by letting events take their course?
Wieger As for love of the people and anxiety for the state, limit yourself to non-action.
World Remaining centered in oneness and leading others, can you avoid manifesting arrogance?
Wu In loving your people and governing your state, Are you able to dispense with cleverness?

Ch. 10 Sentence 5
Beck Can you play the role of the female in opening and closing the doors of heaven?
Blackney Can you be like a female, and passively open and shut heaven's gates?
Bynner Can you, mating with heaven, Serve as the female part?
Byrn When Heaven gives and takes away can you be content with the outcome?
Chan Can you play the role of the female in the opening and closing of the gates of Heaven?
Cleary As the gate of heaven opens and closes, can you be impassive?
Crowley In the management of his breath, let him be like the mother-bird.
Hansen In opening and closing the heavenly channel, can you fail to be female?
LaFargue When 'the Doors of Heaven open and shut,' can you remain Feminine?
Legge In the opening and shutting of his gates of heaven, cannot he do so as a female bird?
Lindauer In opening and closing the gate of heavens Is the ability to be absent of femaleness equal?
LinYutan In opening and shutting the Gate of Heaven, Can you play the part of the Female?
Mabry When Heaven gives and takes away, can you be content to just let things come or go?
McDonald Can you in opening and shutting the heavenly gates, ever play the feminine part?
Merel Opening your heart, you become accepted;
Mitchell Can you deal with the most vital matters by letting events take their course?
Muller In opening and closing the gate of Heaven: Can you be the female?
Red Pine can you be the female at Heaven's Gate
Ta-Kao Can you open and shut the gates of nature like a female?
Walker Can you bear heaven's children in all that you do and are?
Wayism -
Wieger Let the gates of heaven open and close, without wishing to do something, without interfering.
World Entering and exiting the gates of manifestations, can you harmonize with Infinity?
Wu In the opening and shutting of heaven's gate, Are you able to play the feminine part?

Ch. 10 Sentence 6
Beck Can you understand all and penetrate all without using the mind?
Blackney Can you keep clear in your mind the four quarters of earth and not interfere?
Bynner Can your learned head take leaven From the wisdom in your heart?
Byrn When you understand all things can you step back from your own understanding?
Chan Can you understand all and penetrate all without taking any action?
Cleary As understanding reaches everywhere, can you be innocent?
Crowley Let his intelligence comprehend every quarter; but let his knowledge cease.
Hansen In discerning all within the four directions, can you fail to deem-act?
LaFargue When 'Clarity and bareness penetrate everywhere,' can you remain not doing?
Legge While his intelligence reaches in every direction, cannot he (appear to) be without knowledge?
Lindauer In seeing clearly all four reaches Is the ability to be absent from knowledge equal?
LinYutan In comprehending all knowledge, Can you renounce the mind?
Mabry And even when you understand all things, can you simply allow yourself to be?
McDonald Can your mind penetrate every corner of the land, but you yourself never interfere? Can you renounce the grosser mind for comprehending all inside knowledge?
Merel Accepting the world, you embrace the Way.
Mitchell Can you step back from you own mind and thus understand all things?
Muller In illuminating the whole universe: Can you be free of rationality?
Red Pine can you light up the world without knowledge
Ta-Kao Can you become enlightened and penetrate everywhere without knowledge?
Walker Can you give the wisdom of your heart precedence over the learning of your head?
Wayism Can you step back from knowledge into the realms of Wisdom and thus understand all things?
Wieger Know all, be informed on everything, and for all that remain indifferent, as if you knew nothing.
World Realizing your oneness with Infinity, can you flow in harmony with It by indifferently allowing things to come and go?
Wu Enlightened and seeing far into all directions, Can you at the same time remain detached and non-active?

Ch. 10 Sentence 7
Beck To give birth and to nourish, to give birth without taking possession, to act without obligation, to lead without dominating - this is mystical power.
Blackney Quicken them, feed them; Quicken but do not possess them. Act and be independent; Be the chief but never the lord: This describes the mystic virtue.
Bynner If you can bear issue and nourish its growing. If you can guide without claim or strife, If you can stay in the lead of men without their knowing, You are at the core of life.
Byrn Giving birth and nourishing, making without possessing, expecting nothing in return. To grow, yet not to control: This is the mysterious virtue.
Chan To produce things and to rear them, To produce, but not to take possession of them, To act, but not to rely on one's own ability, To lead them, but not to master them - This is called profound and secret virtue.
Cleary Producing and developing, producing without possessing, growing without domineering: this is called mysterious power.
Crowley Here is the Mystery of Virtue. It creates all and nourishes all; yet it does not adhere to them; it operates all, but knows not of it, nor proclaims it; it directs all, but without conscious control.
Hansen Generate it, nourish it: Generate it and not 'exist' it. Deem:act and not rely on anything. Become 'elder' and not rule. These are called 'profound virtuosities.'
LaFargue Produce and nourish. Produce but don't possess work but don't rely on this preside but don't rule. This is mysterious Te.
Legge (The Tao) produces (all things) and nourishes them; it produces them and does not claim them as its own; it does all, and yet does not boast of it; it presides over all, and yet does not control them. This is what is called 'The mysterious Quality' (of the Tao).
Lindauer Be giving birth, be nourishing.Giving birth yet without possessing Acting yet without sustaining Growing yet without directing Is appropriately called insightful ideal.
LinYutan -
Mabry To give birth and nourish, To make and not own, To act but not expect something in return, To grow, yet not demand this of others, This is the virtue of Mystery.
McDonald Produce things and rear well, but never lay claims to such things - control them, never lean upon them. Rely on some innate ability to act well. Be a sort of master among others, just refrain from mismanaging. Here is found the essence of dao might, its deep, mystic virtue.
Merel Bearing and nurturing, Creating but not owning, Giving without demanding, This is harmony.
Mitchell Giving birth and nourishing, having without possessing, acting with no expectations, leading and not trying to control: this is the supreme virtue.
Muller Give birth to it and nourish it. Produce it but don't possess it. Act without expectation. Excel, but don't take charge. This is called Mysterious Virtue.
Red Pine beget things and keep them but beget without possessing keep without controlling this is Dark Virtue
Walker Giving birth, nourishing life, shaping things without possessing them, serving without expectation of reward, leading without dominating: These are the profound virtues of nature, and of nature's best things.
Wayism When your light shines forth, can you ignore it with equanimity? Can you practice non-interference? When the Gate of Heaven opens and closes, can you play the part of the Female?
Wieger Produce, breed, without taking any credit for what has been produced, without exacting a return for your actions, without imposing yourself on those you govern. There you have the formula for transcendent action.
World Can you create and sustain things, and yet remain unattached to them? Can you work in harmony with all things, without desiring acknowledgment for your deeds? Exemplifying oneness, flowing in peace and harmony, not distinguishing, not judging, is the nature of Infinity.
Wu Rear your people! Feed your people! Rear them without claiming them for your own! Do your work without setting any store by it! Be a leader, not a butcher! This is called hidden Virtue.