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Wayist Philosophy for Junior

How to live like a Wayist?

  • Be inquisitive
  • Be energetic
  • Go out there and have a full life
  • Explore society and life in all its different ways
  • Become aware of how other people and animals live elsewhere in the world
  • Guard against culturally conditioned thinking, own your own mind. Don't let friends, TV, Internet and other things take control of your mind. You are not their slave unless you allow it. Be your real self and seek growth experiences wherever you go.
  • Become aware of the Divine Presence in all things
  • Say Namaste in your heart to squirrels, ants, loved ones, poor people, rich people, flowers and plants, water and wind--the Divine Way is in all things.
  • Be a good neighbor to all living beings
  • Know that the Lord is always close to you. Learn to meditate and pray. Have a little home shrine in your room, or a small reminder of your spirituality somewhere. Learn to say the beautiful mantras "Om Mani Padme Hum" and the mantras of the two Taras.