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Wayist Philosophy for Juniors

Why don't we remember our previous lives - or do we?

When souls take human births, they get brand new bodies, with new minds. These are called body-minds.

Body-minds have no memory of past lives because they did not have past lives.

Soul-mind, on the other hand, had many past lives and can remember a lot about that.

However, life on earth for the soul is a school in wisdom. Soul-minds remember the wisdom that they gathered. But, wisdom is a little bit like play dough. If you add a piece of yellow dough (the memories of one life) to the clump of dough and mix it in, later it becomes impossible to know where that particular piece of yellow dough went, or where that wisdom came from. Or, maybe wisdom is like water. Each life adds more wisdom to your bucket of soul wisdom and it is later difficult to know where each glass of water came from.

Then of course, there is the bothersome thing about memories. Most of the memories one could ever have are absolutely of no value. Nothing good can come from remembering your phone number or house address when you lived in London, UK, last time around, in 1843. Even to remember that Mr. Jacob Schafenfogelfruend still owes you 45 cents for that job you did for him when you stepped into his water well and drowned in 1731, I mean that wont do any good to your soul growth at all. For the same reason, in today's life it add nothing to your knowledge and understanding of 4th year Physiology at university to remember the name of the kid who sat next to you in grade school, or even the address of the school. We come here to learn wisdom, not to reminisce about the location of the previous classroom.

But, soul-mind is about love as well. Soul-mind remembers people whom we loved and sometimes even recalls specially happy moments from a past life.