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Wayist Philosophy for Juniors

Why are you here on Earth?

Soul beings come to live on earth in human bodies every now and again to learn. The purpose of life for a soul is to learn wisdom. It takes many lifetimes to learn complete wisdom and the path of Wayism helps people to learn better.

You are a soul being, and you are here for a purpose. That purpose is to learn as much as you can from all different parts of life.

You came to earth, this time, to be a child in your human family's life. Your parents and family were picked for you in a very, very special way. They were picked for you because they are probably the only people on earth at this time who can help you learn what you need to learn at during this lifetime.

Your family, and your community is the place where you will start to learn your soul lessons. From here, where you are now, you will grow in wisdom and you will go out into the world to learn more and more beautiful things about life.

You are here to experience as much about life as you can. Any soul that just sits around at home, or spends all their time playing games on devices, is wasting precious time in the school of life. Soon, you will experience some very happy lessons, and even some lessons that make your body-mind unhappy. However, all lessons are good for the soul and body-mind is just a temporary thing. In fact, a bog part of what you need to learn to do in this school of life is to have control over your body-mind.

Souls must learn those things to get the wisdom needed to become spiritual beings. When a soul has learned enough wisdom, then it starts to change into a spiritual being and eventually it will be reborn into spirit-heaven to live there forever. Spiritual beings do not have to live as human beings any more. Human life is only for soul beings.

The purpose of your life is to learn wisdom and one day become a spiritual being.