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Wayist Philosophy for Juniors

Where do you come from?

You are a soul being, who now lives on earth in a human body. Earth and the human life is school for souls. So, if you are human and you are here on earth ~ then you are at school. This is the school of life.

When a soul's human body dies, the soul cannot attend school anymore. A soul without a working human body is automatically transported back to soul heaven for a while. After a while in soul heaven, you will come back to school again. That means, soul heaven is like school break ~ you are on holiday for a while.

Where is soul heaven? Soul heaven is just here. It is not a place as much as it is a state of being. Soul heaven is the only true virtual world we know of. Like the virtual worlds of video games, that we know are not real ~ soul heaven is such a place but it is real. Souls rest there to get ready for the next semester at school on earth.

That is where you come from, you come from heaven, you come back to school when the holidays are over.