Nectar Dharani

The “nectar dharani” cultivates mindfulness of our Father in Heaven, as possessor and disperser of amrita the nectar of wisdom which brings about rebirth in Sukhavati Heaven and everlasting life. Nectar Dharani is known in other traditions by various names. The name Sukhavati Vyuha Dharani is often used. It is often referred to as Mantra To Rebirth In The Land of Pure Bliss.

Amrita had become for millions of shortcut-seekers a holy grail, a material drink (for the body) that bestows immortality and/or enlightenment. Wayists know that amrita is the medicine that heals the soul of its shortcomings and completes the process of enlightenment. This amrita is a nectar, concentrated, pure compassion. The soul with ever-increasing compassion is ever-increasing in wisdom. Compassion is love, it is not selfish, not proud, but selfless and humble. That is how true wisdom is learned.

Nectar Dharani asks the Lord for more amrita, for the gift of more selflessness, more simplicity, more humility and therefore an easing of the process of enlightenment. The partaker looks forward to soon join the Lord our Father in heaven.

Wayist dharani are the epitome of our devotional lives, our bhakti yoga. Regular practice leads devotees into the mystical realms where spiritual growth and sharing take place.

What Wayists call Nectar Dharani is also known by other names in other traditions.

In Mahayana it is often called "Pure Land Dharani", in Chinese Buddhism - "Amitabha Dharani" and in Daoism - "Jingtu" or "Sukhavati Dharani".

On a personal note, speaking as a Wayist Teacher with more than 20 years experience; this dharani is in my opinion the most moving meditation that I can do, and transfer to my students. Fills me sometimes with almost unbearable compassion...and the gates of heaven open and close...