Avalokiteshvara Sadhana: The Guardian of Souls


Homage to the Noble Avalokiteshvara – Noble Lord, Christ, World Saviour,
Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, Lord of the World, Prince of Sukhavati!

In meditative concentration, from the emptiness of soul-mind,
from the holy vibration of the OM appears a lotus-disc seat.
As the mist of this virtual world clears, our Lord manifests unto me,
the Noble Lord Avalokiteshvara, Saviour of Great Compassion.

In the heart of my soul, vibrates the ever most profound teaching

Radiant face, four arms, his complexion white and pure;
two hands joined, He guards the Jewel,
the of Wisdom of the Way at His heart

His right hand, a refuge for our fledgling spirits;
His left hand guards the lotus flower of vast significance.
At the crown of his head is the Father of Spirit-heaven.

Thus we visualize at His back,
the Margadarzaka mandala explains our universe and its laws.


Thus we visualize his being, emanating light on the Path,
And all that we perceive is the Lord appearing to us as any god, man,
woman, animal, divinity, helper, or messenger, angel, dakini or bodhisattva.
All body-mind activities are free from the extremes, free from of arising, dwelling and ceasing,
and remain in a state that transcends speech and conception.
All energies and movements channelled through the rivers of the soul,
to the seat of the spirit
Thus we extract from the glorious mantra unceasingly,
its meaning, its beauty, and its benefit for all sentient beings.


We practice The Way, frequently and unceasingly.
Learning to cherish our true selves, loving our neighbors as our-selves,
and to loving our God, the Father of the pure land of Spirit Heaven,
with our whole body-mind, our whole soul-mind, and our whole spirit-mind.
We dedicate our thoughts, our souls and spirits,
to the true purpose of life, living in loving-kindness and wholesomeness;
permeated by the presence of the Almighty One within, and throughout.
May the merits gained by this meditation purify my soul, for the benefit of all sentient beings.


End of the Wayist Avalokiteshvara Sadhana