Although Wayism teaches of karma, reincarnation, dharma and maya it is worth noting that there are differences between this ontology and the understanding of the same concepts in popular Hinduism, Buddhism, and Yogi Philosophy. Wayism has a positive outlook on life. According to this system, there is no bad karma because karma has the function to help the student of life to learn the wisdom of life in the human condition. Karma is described as one’s “self-induced curriculum in the school of life.” The teaching has a body-positive and sex-positive outlook since sensuousness is the essential “input” through which human souls experience life and gain wisdom. Wayist ethics and moral teaching are not dictated but followers of the lifestyle are provided with guidance for each to reflect on his or her own wisdom and level of development to determine the right conduct for him or herself.

Wayist understanding of these laws of nature compared to other traditions



Karma is never negative. Karma is not seen as punishment. Karma is always opportunity to advance in soul growth. Karma is but the lesson plan for a particular soul's development in the school of life. As in school or university, students don't always welcome new lessons and are often irked when they have to repeat lessons. The saying, "what you sow, so shall you reap" is an apt manner to describe how the law of karma operates because what we 'sow' is our actions, conduct and thinking; which are the tests for our soul development. These tests are conducted always, perpetually, and once recorded it triggers a karmic response to bring on my path another karmic lesson opportunity that may be to advance to a higher level, or it may be to repeat the lesson in the hope (The Way hopes that we make advances, grow) that we grow.

Junior souls may delight in the knowledge that someone who transgressed against others will reap heavy karmic lessons that may be extremely unpleasant to manage, because they choose to understand that karma as punishment. That is not unlike saying that if someone failed exams at school then they will have to go back a few steps and redo the course.

The western saying, "this place has bad karma" is absolutely incorrect and speaks of a foreign concept or signifies misunderstanding of the Divine law of nature.


Souls incarnate to learn the wisdom of all things human. Some incarnations last hours (because the baby body dies at birth) and some may last several years. Because of the nature of biological life on earth, a lifetime is not very long. Even advanced souls are subject to learning from a particular incarnation through a baby phase, a child phase, young adult and the mature adult phase. It takes many lives, in different scenarios and different cultures to learn the wisdom of the human condition. Junior souls tend to have less control over their body-minds and are therefore more prone to the physical body's animal nature. The more advanced a soul, the more control the soul-mind has over body-mind's animal nature - that is what exercising wisdom is about. Once sufficient wisdom is accumulated, the spirit "germinates" so to speak and the process of the soul's metamorphosis into a spirit begins.
Wayists believe religions that teach that we humans have only one birth and thereafter a judgement, are much deluded and are imposing a personality on the Godhead that is not congruent with reality, common sense, experience, ethics and the nature of the Benevolent Divine.


Dharma is soul duty. Dharma is directly related to wisdom. Once you have the wisdom, you automatically have the duty to always follow that conduct. Transgressions trigger karmic responses, lessons to help you relearn the wisdom and correct future behaviour. Therefore, a junior soul who does not have the wisdom to, for example, discipline children in a non-violent manner is judged (karmically) different from a soul who has the wisdom and therefore the duty but goes against that.


Maya is often explained in the simplified way as the law of illusion. Not unlike studying laws of science, it takes quite a bit of academic indulgence to know the extent of the metaphysical laws. One should be careful to not generalize and deduce things based on a little information. That said, to stick with the simplified explanation, we continue. Lack of knowledge veils the truth of things and hides their true form from us. Similarly, lack of wisdom veils the true nature of metaphysical things from our soul-minds' cognitive abilities. Often, we compensate for not knowing by adopting superstition, or false beliefs. Devotees wont go wrong to understand that these many many levels of veils of delusion may be called maya.

Maya has other, deeper elements to it, one being that the soul-minds of incarnated souls have no memory, only wisdom. Memory serves no purpose and can be a major hamper. The wisdom learned from past lives is exactly what the purpose of life is all about. Body-minds have memory but no wisdom. Wisdom is a faculty of soul. Knowledge is to body-mind what wisdom is to soul-mind. Therefore, lack of knowledge veils truth and lack of wisdom veils reality.

One other aspect of maya that may be mentioned on a brief overview such as this, is that maya is not merely a logical conclusion of, if you lack knowledge then you don't know and you don't know that you don't know. Maya is also a condition imposed upon beings that enter this sphere. Spiritual beings with highly developed wisdom enter this sphere and remain wise but they have to face the challenges of limitations on body-mind. That is why highly advanced souls/spirits such as Jesus or Gotama have to go to school to learn language, writing, social graces, etc. Wisdom is not knowledge. There is obviously more to understand about these amazing laws, suffice it to say that what we deposited here is the basics, the foundation of understanding. More can be learned from Wayism's primary texts, if required.


Heaven, as humankind calls it, is that place we call home. Souls have soul-heaven which is a metaphysical domain within the soul's home planet's sphere. All inhabited planets have such a soul-heaven. Souls 'reside' in soul-heaven between incarnations.

Spirit-heavens are not as numerous. Some galaxies have several, some have one. Spirits evolve from souls and move on to their long term spiritual abode, heaven. Since the foundation of humankind on this planet we have been told by our spiritual teachers that our heaven is located in the sphere of Sirius.
Much more about these fascinating (but relatively unimportant) aspects of our purpose of life can be found in the main literary works cited below.