In our spiritual journey we make progress not by concentrating on our weakness’ and suffering. But by focusing on divine ideas which can elevate our consciousness, this is the mystic's life.

The purpose of our devotional lives is to prepare ourselves for mystical experiences in which our souls become fully aware of spiritual beings interacting with us.

We seek mystical experiences because of the immense soul-growth that happens every time that it occurs. The absolute beauty and peace that marks those experiences change our lives forever. Strange, to think of concepts such as "unbearable love" but that is where we are at. In the beginning years of the mystic's journey the awarenes of the presence of the Divine in our innermost soul is rather unbearable--it is too much to bear. We pull away, close the door, to protect ourselves. To this effect mystics all write about the "opening and closing of the gates", the "coming and goin" and the sadness that follows because we shut out the love of our lives.

Mystics have forever written erotic love poems about their mystical experiences. In the human experience, and limitations of mind and language, it is only in terms of eroticism and deep love that we can express our mystical moments. One of many examples of this is the book in the Bible, Song of Songs. It is one long poem about the quest of the lover to enjoy more of her beloved's nurturing presence.

Active Meditation

Active Meditation is a unique way to prepare the soul, and maintain soul, mind and body to lead the mystic lifestyle. The menu links on this site for Active Meditation opens a new browser window on another Wayist web site

Active meditation is very popular. More trainers are certified evey month who lead classes in their own communities across the world.

Wayist Active Meditation is a body workout, it is a meditation on all different aspects of the Wayist lifestyle (body-mind conditioning), and it prepares the soul for visits from our angels.

Most Active Meditation videos in use on our web sites are submissions from distant learners applying for certification. These are beginners videos contributed for our benefit.

Wayist Active Meditation

video 1

Soundtract: Namo Amitabaya Nectar Dharani by Imee Ooi, Wind Music, Taiwan

video 2

Mantras, Prayers & Dharani

This web site lists the most popular mantras, prayers and dharani.

When you study Wayist mysticism through a Teacher, s/he will proscribe a certain set of spiritual tools to use that would best suit your needs. However, most wayists around the world have never had any formal training. They find their own way, trying out different prayers and meditations to see what moves the soul and when. The biggest caution we always tell newcomers is to not mix your genre and to not adapt things. Wayism is an ancient spiritual training system that benefits from ages of refinement. It has the experience to know the stages of soul development, it knows mysticism intimately. As a newcomer and novice you cannot look at a text, mantra, dharani or prayer now and know how the soul will grow into it, and what meaning it will have in the future. Trust the system, it works.