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1.1 A tao that one can tao Is not the entire tao A name that one can name Is not the entire name.
1.2 In the absence of names Lies the origin of heavens and earth The presence of names Is mother to the 10000 things.
1.3 So viewing entireness without desire One may see subtleties Viewing entireness with desire One may see boundaries.
1.4 That which is these both Goes about as itself yet there are different names.
1.5 Categorizing them together there is insight Very deep insight The gateway to collective subtleties.

2.1 In the world each knows how beauty acts Where there is beauty ugliness begins
2.2 Each knows how to value Where there is value lack of value begins.
2.3 In this manner Presence and absence give birth to each other Difficult and easy complete each other Long and short contrast each other
2.4 High and low attract each other Tone and voice harmonize each other Front and back follow each other.
2.5 Appropriately it happens that sages Dwell absent of acting with effort Do things without explaining in words
2.6 Make the 10000 things blend yet without trying to describe them Give birth yet without possessing
2.7 Act yet without relying on results Are of outstanding service yet aren't willing to reside therein.In the end, only be unwilling to reside therein Appropriately, a lack of detachment happens.

3.1 Being without esteem for principles Results in people who do not contend
3.2 Being without treasuring goods difficult to obtain Results in people who do not act as thieves
3.3 Being without seeing what one can desire Results in the minds of people not being confused.
3.4 Appropriately the governing of sages happens. Baring the mind Solidifying the center Lessening the will Strengthening self-nature
3.5 These entirely result in people Who are absent of knowing and absent of desire
3.6 In the end they also result in the wise not venturing to act. Acting absent of acting An absence of being without governing follows.

4.1 Tao, like an empty bowl Being used somehow lacks fullness.
4.2 Such breadth! It seems to be a model for the 10000 things.
4.3 Blunting what is sharp Untying what is tangled Harmonizing what is bright Being together with the dusty earth.
4.4 Such depth! It seems to somehow exist.
4.5 I have no knowledge whose child it is It appears to precede the emperors.

5.1 Heavens and earth are without humanizing It happens that the 10000 things act as straw dogs
5.2 Sages are without humanizing It happens that one hundred families act as straw dogs.
5.3 The space bounding heavens and earth is just like the equal of a bellows Empty yet not subdued Stirring yet more goes out.
5.4 Much talk counts for little It can't compare to obeying the center.

6.1 The valley spirit has no death It is appropriately called the all-embracing female
6.2 The gateway of The all-embracing female Is appropriately called the root of heavens and earth.
6.3 Continuous, soft, it looks like it exists - It is infrequently used.

7.1 Heavens, growth, earth, longevity.
7.2 In heavens and earth's place That which is able to grow and further be long-lasting happens And something lacking existence of a self happens So it is able to grow and give birth.
7.3 Appropriately it happens that sages Put their bodies behind yet their bodies are ahead
7.4 Put their bodies outside yet their bodies are kept in.
7.5 Does it not happen they are absent of anomalous self-interest? So they are able to perfect self-interest.

8.1 Better value looks like water The value if water profits the 10000 things yet without contending It dwells in places the collective mind dislikes - So it is severed, relating to tao.
8.2 The value of a home is in location The value of a mind is in breadth The value of a relationship is in humanity The value of a word is in belief
8.3 The value of a government is in governing The value of an effort is in ability The value of a movement is in time.
8.4 In the end only be without contending So be absent from reproach.

9.1 Holding yet being full Lacks compare to not yet being so
9.2 A sword blade being oversharpened Cannot long remain so
9.3 A living room full of gold and jade There is no one able to guard it
9.4 Abundant treasures yet arrogance Self-condemnation, self-punishment.
9.5 Outstanding service performed The body withdrawing The tao of the heavens.

10.1 In containing life-force and embracing oneness Is the ability to be absent from departing equal?
10.2 In gently extending animus alone Is the ability to be as a newborn child equal?
10.3 In cleansing and clearing insightful discernment Is the ability to be absent of flaws equal?
10.4 In fondness for people, governing a nation Is the ability to be absent of action equal?
10.5 In opening and closing the gate of heavens Is the ability to be absent of femaleness equal?
10.6 In seeing clearly all four reaches Is the ability to be absent from knowledge equal?
10.7 Be giving birth, be nourishing.Giving birth yet without possessing Acting yet without sustaining Growing yet without directing Is appropriately called insightful ideal.

11.1 Thirty spokes converge at one hub The use of a chariot is in the presence of what is absent
11.2 Shaping clay, it happens to act as a vessel The use of a vessel is in the presence of what is absent
11.3 Cutting doors and windows to have it act as a room The use of a room is in the presence of what is absent.
11.4 So Where there is presence beneficial actions happen Where there is absence useful actions happen.

12.1 Five colors blind the eye of man Five tones deafen the ear of man Five flavors chafe the mouth of man
12.2 Racing and hunting inspire the mind of man to express craziness Goods difficult to obtain hamper the path of man.
12.3 Appropriately it happens That sages act from the center without acting from the eyes. So detach from that, grab this.

13.1 Favor and disgrace look alarming. The treasure of great danger looks like the body.
13.2 Why say favor and disgrace look alarming? Favor acts superior Disgrace acts inferior Being obtained it looks alarming Being lost it looks alarming Appropriately say favor and disgrace look alarming.
13.3 Why say the treasure of great danger looks like the body? I place the occurrence of things of great danger As action of I in the presence of a body. I reach the absence of a body I am present with what danger? Appropriately say the treasure of great danger looks like the body.
13.4 So treasuring it when the body acts in the world It looks like one can be committed to the world. Being fond of it when the body acts in the world It looks like one can be entrusted to the world.

14.1 Being observed, lacking sight Say the name smooth Being listened to, lacking hearing Say the name rare Being pounced on, lacking obtainment Say the name small.
14.2 That which these three describes cannot be resolved So they mingle yet act as one.
14.3 What is high lacks brightness What is low lacks darkness Restrictions and restraints cannot be named Return, merge with, relate to the absence of things.
14.4 It is an appropriate action to call it The absence of being shape's shape The absence of being thing's form. It is appropriately called ungraspable, elusive Moving toward it there is no seeing a head Following it there is no seeing a tail.
14.5 Holding the tao of the ancients Warding off presence of the now happens The ability to know the ancient beginnings Is appropriately called a bond to tao.

15.1 Those ancients who valued action in the tao Were insightful, versatile, far-reaching, coherent.
15.2 Penetrating, one cannot understand In the end it is only that one cannot understand So there is more than appears to their actions. So resigned, like fording a river in winter Just so, like respecting all four neighbors So reserved, like making an appearance
15.3 So melting, like ice halfway released So genuine, like their true nature So spacious, like a valley So well mixed, like muddy water.
15.4 Who is able to gently calm muddy water, clearing it? Who is able to endure gently stirring tranquillity so it gives birth?
15.5 Those who maintain this tao have no desire for fullness In the end only lack fullness So be able to be shabby yet perfect the new.

16.1 Taking emptiness to the limit Observing stillness genuinely
16.2 Regarding the 10000 things as side-by-side It happens that I view the return. In the end things grow and flourish Each returns, merging with its root.
16.3 Merging with the root, say still Appropriately it is called returning to giving birth. Returning to giving birth, say entireness
16.4 Knowing entireness say illuminated Without knowing entireness presumptuously do the faminous. Knowing entireness is tolerance Tolerance leads to impartiality Impartiality leads to kingliness Kingliness leads to the heavens The heavens lead to tao
16.5 Tao leads to what is long-lasting. Be without a body, lack danger.

17.1 The very highest, little knowledge is present of it That next is attached to yet praised That next is respected That next is despised.
17.2 Where there is belief without enough within A lack of believing what is within is present.
17.3 So remote, those treasure words Outstanding service performed, efforts successful the one hundred families say We did it naturally.

18.1 Great tao discarded, a presence of humanity, morality
18.2 Wisdom and intelligence come out, a presence of great pretense
18.3 Families lack harmony, a presence of filial devotion and mothering
18.4 The nation's emperor blinded, confused, a presence of loyal servants.

19.1 Break away from sageliness, toss out wisdom People benefit one hundred times over
19.2 Break away from humanity, toss out morality People return to filial devotion and mothering
19.3 Break away from valuing, toss out profit Thieves and robbers are not in existence.
19.4 These three used as a basis for action are ornament, insufficient. So make present what principles?
19.5 See plainness Embrace true nature Reduce self-interest Limit desires.

20.1 Break off from studying, there is an absence of grief. Being individual or pandering to each other How do these differ? Valuing or hating each other What is the difference?
20.2 It looks like one cannot lack respect for what others put respect in Such reckless desertion! It is not yet centered, this way.
20.3 Collective mind is bright and sunny, gay and prosperous Like enjoying a sacrificial ox Like ascending a tower in springtime. The self alone, so moored! is not yet divined on the tortoise-shell Like being a baby-child before it smiles.Unattached, so unattached The self looks absent of a place to merge.
20.4 In the collective mind each is present of a surplus Yet the self alone appears to offer as a gift. The self is foolish, men's minds are also this way Unclear, so unclear.
20.5 Customs of men are clear, obvious The self alone is dark, indistinct Customs of men are curious, scrutinizing The self alone is tightly closed, shut off. So indifferent, it looks like the ocean Such a gusty wind, it looks ceaseless.
20.6 In the collective mind each possesses a cause Yet the self alone seems stubborn and rustic The self alone differs from relating to men Yet treasures nourishment in relating to the mother.