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1.1 Words and names are not the way. They can't define the absolute.
1.2 It's better that you look within. Hold your tongue and just be mute. Look within and look out too
1.3 You will not find a separation. Out there you see appearance. Within you see origination
1.4 Look within with wonder at emptiness and bliss for wonder names totality where nothing is amiss
1.5 The space within is always there if you can moderate desire A place of utter emptiness and possibility entire

2.1 Where beautiful and ugly. Do not stand in opposition
2.2 Where life and death or YES and NO do not make a contradiction.
2.3 Can you see the vacant place where good and bad and sad and merry disappear forevermore?
2.4 Where nothing ever is contrary.
2.5 So stay within the emptiness Unless you rise you never fall
2.6 Accepting that which comes your way
2.7 You are forever all in all.

3.1 If you love accumulation Gain and increase every day. Thieves and robbers will be waiting just to take it all away.
3.2 Best to be so empty-headed that it seems you've lost it all
3.3 You will know you're on the way
3.4 Though others say you're at a stall.

4.1 This nothingness is like a well always giving, never taking
4.2 And all claims to origin Neither wanting or forsaking
4.3 You know it's ever present. You find it where you have no face
4.4 It is a wondrous blessing. Original amazing grace

5.1 This emptiness is truly void and infinitely capacious
5.2 It holds whatever comes its way. Eternally tenacious
5.3 Can you take whatever comes?
5.4 Though judgment calls it bad and good
Seeing is acceptance and nothing to be understood

6.1 Complete and full awareness. It's like an open valley of endless generation that doesn't reach finale
6.2 It is a simple presence. It's a nothing you can see
6.3 You'll find it right at center wherever you may be. You are Tao

7.1 This presence is unlimited. Because it wasn't ever born and it will not be perishing
7.2 Will never give you cause to mourn
7.3 It truly wants for nothing. It has no wishes of its own. It is the one and only Eternally alone
7.4 It holds itself in vacancy with no desire to advance
Remaining in simplicity
It merely witnesses the dance
7.5 The seer will remain behind and never yearns for leaving home. Just living in the here and now. Prefers to stay unknown

8.1 The seer flows like water. Lying low along the way nourishing whatever comes
8.2 To be held on display the seer keeps to simple ways. And therefore is content when joy or sorrow manifests
To give complete assent if you can clearly be yourself
8.3 And never rise to interfere. Everyone will cherish you and always hold you dear

9.1 Don't fill a bowl till it's more than full. Or sharpen a blade till it must go dull.
9.2 Don't pile up treasure that comes at great cost.
9.3 Approval and riches are easily lost
9.4 Can you only do what's really needed then stop and withdraw when your task is completed?

10.1 Can you see as a child sees and keep the simple vision?
10.2 See the inner oneness with absolute precision. Hold all things in your embrace
10.3 The entire world is in your care. Let things be just as they are
10.4 Extend acceptance everywhere. Let go all need to comprehend
10.5 The truth is here where all behold their infinite capacity to welcome and enfold

11.1 The empty hub at center allows a wheel to roll
11.2 The vacancy within defines the function of a bowl
11.3 The openness within a house provides location to reside
11.4 The open space that is my heart is where ten thousand things abide

12.1 Too much sound can make you deaf
12.2 Too many colors leave you blind
12.3 Can you let desire die down and not leave emptiness behind?
12.4 Wanting things can drive you mad and acquisition makes you poor
12.5 See that you are everything and leave off wanting more

13.1 Fame and shame are equal and so are gain and loss
13.2 It isn't very difficult to get this point across
13.3 Having fame you know that you are terrified to lose it. Making gain you always fear that others will abuse it.
13.4 Can you see that you're not like your image or reflection? Just see you are totality by looking in your own direction
13.5 The one who is not limited accepts whatever comes or goes. And cares for everything around on opening and close

14.1 When you look, it isn't there
14.2 Listen and you cannot hear it
14.3 It seems to be beyond your reach because you are so near it
14.4 This single source of everything appears to be an empty image
14.5 Though it cannot be understood. You can see its naked visage
14.6 Follow it to nothingness. Approach it where you have no face. From nowhere to infinity
14.7 This vacant image leaves no trace. From never to eternity. This naked face is what you are
14.8 An empty, vacant, open door. Forevermore ajar

15.1 Those of old who knew the way to origin and source within have seen the place where wholeness and infinity begin.
15.2 Alert as one on a frozen stream or one who watches for the foe.
15.3 Deferential as a guest and generous as melting snow.
15.4 Plain as an uncarved block of wood. Expansive as a vale
15.5 Transparent just like water whose clarity will never fail.
15.6 Can you keep yourself so still that muddy water clears? And wait until right action spontaneously appears?

16.1 See that you are emptiness. Always quiet and at peace
16.2 You're in the place where all begins.
16.3 The space where all things cease all things arise and have their day.
16.4 And then go back to the single source. Returning to serenity with no regret and no remorse
16.5 When you see the source within you only give assent. You see you're everlasting and eternally omnificent

17.1 It's best if you are barely known. The lesser state is being praised. Worse is being hated.
17.2 Just stay empty and amazed. Only do what must be done. And see you are the one alone.
17.3 When you finish all will say: "We did this on our own".

18.1 Goodness and compliance came when people lost the way.
18.2 Spontaneity declined
18.3 Hypocrisy was here to stay.

19.1 Banish learned discourse and everyone will be content.
19.2 Eliminate propriety.
19.3 Increase astonishment
19.4 Stay away from fraud and swindle.
19.5 Everyone is bound to gain.
19.6 You really have it all you know
19.7 There is no basis to complain
19.8 Can you see your empty core?
19.9 It isn't missing, gone or hidden. Just let go of neediness. And it will come unbidden

20.1 You need not give a yes or no. Such distinctions matter little
20.2 Keep your vision open and be at center noncommittal
20.3 See that it's ridiculous
20.4 To seek success and fear to fail
20.5 To ever want what others want
20.6 To think you always must prevail
20.7 Other people look so bright
20.8 I am dark and void and null
20.9 Others are so very sharp while I alone am dull.
20.10 Others are so purposeful
20.11 Only I don't understand
20.12 Aimless, drifting, weak and dumb
20.13 Uninteresting and bland
20.14 I see I'm different from the rest
20.15 For I take in what's plainly shown and I take my sustenance only from the great unknown