Scripture has been around humankind for ever.  This is not merely an interesting historical fact, that the oldest of human languages, art and writing was developed to speak of religion -- it is proof that God never leaves us without guides on how to attain happiness and perfection and conquer repeated incarnation.  But Scripture and religion is much abused by the deluded.  The normal way to approach Scripture has become one of selectively picking out that which makes up feel better about ourselves, and twisting those passages which urge us to change into nonsense.  This self-delusion which people so effortlessly do, in their homes and in their churches, is a mistake which they pay for dearly in terms of the type of future births they cause for themselves.  Scripture is not here for our theological amusement and for vainglory, Scripture is sent by God for us to follow.  Disregarding God’s instructions on how to live will result in millions of years of unhappiness.