wayist devotee praying with flower in hands

Dating back to at least 500 BCE, Wayism is an ancient, personal life philosophy. In its essence, it is the golden thread of core teaching that has inspired many spiritualities and religions.

It is that pure thread of Wayism, simply referred to as, “The Way”, that remains unadorned with the dogmas and enormous wealth that makes possible the business of religions.

Wayism is the level of understanding and wisdom to which the the more mature souls awaken. Almost every mystic, sage and saint of bygone ages spoke this language, held the same convictions. Therefore, we see Rumi, Kabir, Therese of Avilla, Meerabai, Ib'n Arabi, Lalleshwari, Hafiz, John of the Cross and others throughout the ages all speak the same wisdom language and know the same essence of spirituality notwithstanding they hail from different eras and widely differing religious backgrounds.

“Wisdom Transcends Religion”

- Wayist belief

There is not a spirituality out there that cannot be extrapolated upon by Wayist principles.


At its core, Wayism has basic principles that are unique to it, even though readers will note very traces of Buddhism, Daoism, the Gita tradition of Hinduism and the work of Teacher Jesus and Bodhidharma for example. That does not mean either were influenced by, or influenced what we have today, because we also see correlations from every animist tradition, ancient as the mountains. Wayism is simple and essential, it is the core of all spirituality, it is the glasses through which one sees all traditions to be but one.

Therefore, we have Wayist Buddhists, Wayist Hindus and Wayist followers of the Teacher Jesus, Wayist Daoists, and of course Wayists who feel comfortable engaging with any tradition or many ancient Teachers.

While we dont subscribe to a holy book or a set of Scripture, serious students of Wayism philosophy read the Upanishads, some Buddhist Sutras, The Eastern Bible, Tau Te Ching, Bhagavad Gita, some of the Tantric texts, the New Testament and Apocrypha, among others. Wayists know how to filter the truth from anything...be it nature, scripture, science, religion, whatever.

Wayism understands the MIND, SOUL and the SPIRIT, where most traditions cannot tell the difference between soul and spirit.

Wayism is a coherent philosophy and lifestyle that includes a well-developed spiritual energy healing modality. Wholeness is at the core of Wayism and that includes healing, wellness, and mental health.

The world makes more sense when viewed through a Wayist lens. What also makes more sense through the Wayist lens is Mind, Soul, Spirit, Karma, Dharma, the Purpose of Life, the Path, Relationships, Chakras, Spiritual Energy, Buddhas and other spiritual entities. Every other religion, from animistic Shamanism to Buddhism, and the Wayist teachings of Jesus makes more sense.

The unique value of Wayism is in the efficacy, helpfulness and palatability of the lifestyle and spirituality to improve one's quality of life, one's contentment and worldview.

Wayists have no need or incentive to convert or evangelize anyone, rather, we tend to help people make more sense of their own religions, or non-beliefs, when they are stuck or conflicted. This does not mean that we are not welcoming—on the contrary. A number of English-language speakers, volunteer to bring more Wayist teaching to light, some form online and Wayist centers for healing and sharing.

And so, we welcome you to Wayism and a new inclusiveness. You are invited to follow the Butterfly Path to a new and personal understanding of spirituality.

To explain the charateristics of Wayism in a list:

Let us begin.

  • Wayism is a worldview. Wayists make sense of their universe, their place in it, and the purpose of their lives according to the teachings of Wayism

  • Wayism is a lifestyle. The Wayist worldview leads to a lifestyle that may be particular. Wayists see the games people play for what they are. Wayists are aware that each lifetime is another play, and that the world's the stage.

  • Wayism is spirituality. Wayist spirituality is rooted in sacred sensuality and the sacrament of the moment, sensing the Divine Presence in all things. By doing this, we nurture our souls and pave the way for birth of the spirit. Our future as spiritual beings is the aim and purpose of all lifetimes on earth.

  • Yoga of the Way. The Sanskrit word yoga means to yoke, to walk in unison, and oneness. To become one with the Way is to sync to the flow of energies of the Way, the OM. This is a lifestyle of energy awareness that makes us mindful of how we eat, what we eat, who we hang with, all our many relationships, and our relationship with body, gut, mind, soul and spirit. Our relationships with spiritual beings some call buddhas, gods or angels deities is of primary importance because they are our guides and teachers in the high school of life.

  • Wayism is jnana yoga. Jnana is knowledge. Yoga is the practice of being yoked (at one) with the Divine Energies. Gnani yoga can be studied academically from ancient Scriptures such as the Upanishads, Sri Gita, Gnostic teachings, Jesus' eastern teachings, some 1st century Buddhist teaching, and Wayism's primary texts.

  • Wayism is hatha yoga. Hatha (the science of healthy living and oneness with all life energy) is the practice and study of living a life in oneness with our bodies' true nature.

  • Wayism is bhakti yoga. Bhakti is training brain-mind to immerse itself in mysticism and allow soul-mind to take charge of our path, conduct and growth.

  • Wayism is a complete ontology, an understanding of where we come from, why are we here, what are we doing here, where are we going to, what lies beyond, why is their evil in the world, why do innocent people suffer, and why organized religion is not satisfactory.

  • Wayism is not organized religion. Wayism is an existential experience, a lifestyle and worldview, a personal spirituality. Yet, Wayists, like all humans, need community and we need to be active in the world. There are Wayist centres all over the world where people of like mind sometimes get together for varied purposes.

    International Association of Wayist Organizations is a worldwide volunteer organization guided by astute students, academics and well trained individuals for the sole purpose of disseminating true Wayist teaching. IAWO is not an organizing body and is not in charge of any of the many Wayist movements around the world. IAWO presents a number of training courses aimed at preparing Wayist coaches and serious devotees. Orthodoxy is decided by senior members of IAWO. These members are qualified academics with theological and philosophical training, and devotees with many years experience in ancient Wayist teaching.

    There will always be unorthodox interpretations of scripture and tradition. IAWO does not police or assume that it can enforce orthodoxy but is available for public inquiries and opinions.