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wayist devotee praying with flower in hands

Dating back to at least 500 BCE, Wayism is an ancient, personal life philosophy. In its essence, it is the golden thread of core teaching that has inspired many spiritualities and religions.

It is that pure thread of Wayism, simply referred to as, “The Way”, that remains unadorned with the dogmas and enormous wealth that makes possible the business of religions.

Wayism is the level of understanding and wisdom to which the the more mature souls awaken. Almost every mystic, sage and saint of bygone ages spoke this language, held the same convictions. Therefore, we see Rumi, Kabir, Therese of Avilla, Meerabai, Ib'n Arabi, Lalleshwari, Hafiz, John of the Cross and others throughout the ages all speak the same wisdom language and know the same essence of spirituality notwithstanding they hail from different eras and widely differing religious backgrounds.

“Wisdom Transcends Religion”

- Wayist belief

There is not a spirituality out there that cannot be extrapolated upon by Wayist principles.

gautama buddha shrine 01

Shrine of a Buddhist devotee, featuring Gautama Buddha and the worshipper's teacher, probably the present Dalai Lama.

Home shrines are memorobilia and symbols that help us focus our attention and recall mystical experiences. 

The items in the shrine are holy in the true sense of the word, which means "dedicated to the divine". Those items and the shrine itself has no other purpose, it is dedicated to serving us to recall the many aspects of the spiritual life to come and the changes we must make in ourselves to get there.

Someone may put up a poster of a Carribbean beach, as a reminder to help him focus on his goal to save for that trip. He saves and looks at the poster dreamily, wishing he was there already. Because he is saving, he knows that the day will come and one day he will walk on that beach. Similarly, people bring a bit of heaven into their homes when they set up their shrines.

800 year old restoredAccording to the Buddha, there are millions of buddhas and many heavens and hells to where one's next birth can direct. The human plane of existence is one of the many possibilities, the other planes are of several levels of demonic and animalistic beings. The different schools of Buddhist thought are not in full agreement over the numbers and the names and styles of all the heavens and hells, but they all agree that there are many. The lower number is 30 heavens and hells.

With regards to miracles, Buddhism does not shy from these. Gautama Siddharta Buddha performed more miracles that Teacher Jesus, and grander ones at that. 

Some westerners would like to create a neo-buddhism that is only a philosophy with no deities, heavens, hells and miracles, and especially with no human soul and no future after human death. They want something that is not a religion. Buddhism is a very importantant religion that serves at least two billion worshippers who pray to the Buddha and get intercessory prayers and blessings from monks on a daily basis. It is preposterous to tell stories that Buddhism is not a religion, and has no deities.

Evolution of Souls

Wayist philosophy is rooted in the belief that humans are soul beings, and that our souls evolve and can become reborn as spiritual beings.

There are three important milestones in our evolution:

  1. Self realization, which is enlightenment in Manipura chakra.
  2. Spiritual re-birth, which is the start of life as a spiritually-minded person. This rebirth is triggered in Anahata chakra.
  3. Spiritual enlightenment, which is the final graduation from this school of life. This signals the end of samsara. After this, no more reincarnation. We continue our existence as spiritual beings in a different state, which is sanskrit is known as Sukhavati (Land of Pure Bliss).

Spiritual beings

We believe there are spiritual beings. We believe the human soul is a mind-held concept of the human identity, it changes constantly, is is mortal and relies on the brain. The human soul can discover the Spiritual Path and become a spiritual being.

We evolve as we learn about humility, simplicity and compassion in all different parts of our soul.  Wayism is the spiritual Path that combines sacred Knowledge, Spiritual Awareness, a Benevolent mind and a healing lifestyle.

Below is a graphic depiction of the higher-self and lower-self with respective chakra minds