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Book of Thomas


St Thomas of India

Copies of Book of Thomas were among the finds at Nag Hammadi. Some of these finds were used in Christian communities and were styled / entitled as "gospels". In the West, therefore, Book of Thomas is known as Gospel of Thomas.

Book of Thomas is generally known among Wayists to be the book of the fire of the passions. Throughout the book Yesu styles desires and passions as devouring fire (with a small f), and contrasts it with the higher Passion and holy Desire styled as Fire which burns away karma and fills the being with Light.

Book of Thomas is thematic, whereas Mystical Sayings of Yesu is not. But this difference aside, the two works have much in common. Both works speak in the same style although a common author cannot be postulated. The Church understands the two works to reflect holy teaching of Yesu our Lord.

Book of Thomas is central to Wayist Sacred Sensuality school of thought. The fire of the passions (desires) is both that which is needed to animate us on the Way to immortality and that which leads us to destruction if the mind is undisciplined. The passions should not be stamped out or killed, but transformed and made innocent, serving as vehicles on the Way.