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Apocalypse of the Apostle Thomas


The Apocalypse of Thomas divides its message into two special sections. The first section deals with typical apocalyptic material speaking of future socio-political scenarios. The second section deals with the individual person’s experiences on The Way.

The book is thoroughly rooted in the genre of apocalyptic literature of its time (2nd century). Few of the esoteric keys to unravel the obscurities of the text have survived history.

Who wrote the book?

Scholars seem to see certain late passages in the book, which date around the 4th century. The bulk of the book, however, may have been written in the 2nd century. The Church understands the book to be a product of a an ashram, perhaps near today’s Baghdad. The deeply esoteric message of the second part is information reserved for initiates of the inner circle. The book could therefore have only been produced and used in a religious community where an oral tradition knew the inner-secret parts.

The possibility that the book relates information that St. Thomas taught must not be overlooked. It is very possible that they compiled the book in its current form at a later date, but working from older sources.