Acts of Yesu


The book's full name is The Acts of Yesu our Lord and Saviour.

Acts of Yesu purports to have been written by the particular captain called Siphor, who headed up King Misdeas' military. His story is found in Acts of the Apostle Thomas.

Apart from the fact that the book was widely used as catechism in eastern communities, not much more is known about the history of this book. It is supposed that most of it was originally written in Kharoshti, the script also used for other works of the time. There is evidence of at most four editors at work, two of which seem to effect a major change in style. This is probably due to later attempts to recompile the book, translating from fragments of different origin. There may have been a very early Aramaic and even Greek Acts of Yesu which was treasured among the Syriac and Egyptian Nazoreans.

The current work is the result of many translations and reparations made to it. This book, along with Magdalene Scriptures, Saint’s works and church rubrics was subject to much persecution in the past, starting in the 3rd century in Iran, the Han period from the 5th century onward, continuing during the Islamic period from the 8th century onward and in the 17th century western Christianity again destroyed libraries of Nazorean Scriptures of Church of the East.

English language versions of Acts of Yesu were inspected in India by our committee in 1994. These are still found in archives of monasteries in northern India. The copies that we worked from for this publication seemed to have been printed on alkaline buffered paper between 1955 and 1965, most probably in India. Copies were said to have been circulated by Kashmiri Church of the East in the 1950s. The booklets inspected by us, originated from a community in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. At the time, one copy was donated to St. Siphor Ashram in South Africa by the Indian teacher Mar Yusa.

A story circulating on the Internet since 1998 tells of a copy of Acts of Yesu (among other books) that was removed from an archive at the Vatican by a priest, Fr. Corzeni. The priest later died under mysterious circumstances in a back-street apartment in Rome, where several unknown or exceptionally rare ancient manuscripts were found by his landlord. The priest seemed to have copied books and leaflets for distribution.

Acts of Yesu, especially in its current form, is held in highest regard by devotees of the Church. Its imperfections remind us to never forget the human ability to lower itself to the level where even Scripture and writings of Saints that are holy to some, can be destroyed by the religious zeal of others.


Acts of Yesu: Chapters 1 - 23

(1) These are the acts of Yesu the Saviour which Siphor soldier to Truth recorded, as the Lord showed him the visions thereof when he entreated Him in India. That night, the day after the slaying of our holy brother and divine guide Baba Thoma, the one called by the Greek Dydimus Yuda Brother of Yesu, I received this and recorded it by my own hand.

The acts of Yesu cannot be recorded in one book and cannot be known by one man because Yesu lived between different men at different times and the Saviour travelled throughout the nations and spoke the tongues of many and the acts of Yesu continues forever amongst all people.

Nothing in all the universes can contain all the acts of Yesu but these are what my insufficient soul was able to record from what God the Mother gave me when Yesu visited us in India.

The Announcement

(2) During the Feast of Light, when the moon darkened behind the mountains at the mid-hour the great announcement was made to the leaders of the men of the White Brothers in the valley of the district of Kashmiri. The announcement of the incarnation of the Light Bearer who will be called Saviour. When the leaders of the White Brothers became understanding of the message they sent for those in Partia and India to come and find, in holy meditation, the time and place of the Great Incarnation. Important it was for to find the child to be taken to safety and to school because the Evil powers oppose, out of fear, the deities and energies of the great souled ones, therefore concentrated on preventing the messengers from God reaching their (goals) destinations. For more than nine months the wise ones were meeting in places to determine the place and time - and the whole time the Evil powers held their councils and were fortifying their ranks to launch their wars on the child from God.

The search for The Great Incarnation

(3) By the following year at the Feast of Light the wise saints were meeting to ask for guidance and the angel of Light gave the holy ones directions to take them to the child. Fifteen holy ones were purified in ceremonies and sent following the angel through the valleys and plains to find and care for the Great Incarnation.

(4) Eight months they travelled West into the lands of the Partians, the Romans and Syrians. At all the holy places they stopped for provisions and the brothers and sisters of the ashrama laboured hard in keeping evil away from the travellers and they formed a (protective) cloud of holiness around the convoy and all the food rations were blessed and holy clean water was provided.

[ Missing fragment 1]

And the angels led the party by night into the valley called Jordan in the land of the Samaritans where ashrama of White Brothers waited on God in firm meditation.


(5) The holy ones in caravan were not received with great joy because the community was in mourning. When they were asked by Aghad, the caravan leader of the holy ones, what the trouble was they answered that God had left them in despair because of their sinfulness. They told how one devotee of many years fell into lust and dishonoured a maiden in training for the priesthood. As they had fallen from grace they were sent to be married and live outside the ashrama in a nearby village. Ever since that day when the child and the devotee left to be married the ashrama had fallen into gloom and many had left to live in Egypt. Then the news came of the birth of the child of the devotees even greater troubles started. The devotees were falling in doubt and were neglecting their watchfulness. Distrust was breaking the ashrama.

The dream

(6) Upon hearing these things the holy ones asked to be left alone in meditation. They were so tired from the trip and the hour was late and they all fell asleep from weariness. That night the angel brought the same dream to three of the holy ones; the dream about the boy child who was running naked through the valleys and hills of many lands, in merriment, but the priests and the boy's mother were in despair and the mother was wailing and the priests were pulling out their beards. The mother was resigned to crying all the time and the priests were angry and quarrelled among themselves.

(7) When morning came, the three told their dream to the other and the message was clear to them that they were not headed toward Egypt in their search but that the Incarnation was close by. Upon sharing the revelation with the priest of the ashrama, God the Spirit of Wisdom drew near the congregation and She placed knowledge of the secret in their hearts and immediately the whole gathering knew that the child who had given birth to a boy child in the spring was the boy child from God; and they sent one devotee of that area with one holy one from Partia to secretly search after the man Yusaf and his young betrothed Mari who has a boy child. It came to pass that Yusaf and his wife and child was renting a space to sleep in the carved out stable of the Inn in the village called Bread House.

(8) When the holy ones heard this news they were more convinced and they praised God as the Scriptures were fulfilled. These things they also heard, that Yusaf was working as a carpenter for daily wages and the child Mari working as a servant in the Inn, because no longer were they welcome in the ashrama.

(9) The two men reported their findings to the holy ones from Partia, India and Kashmiri and Arabia and these made plans to visit Yusaf the following day.

The three tests

First they visited and Gasparadan the elder from India placed three golden coins in the child's hand and the child gave it to his father Yusaf. The next day they visited and Melchar gave the baby child a measure of Persian incense to hold and the child gave it to his mother. Next they visited, being troubled by the signs, and Baltzar the Arabian presented the child with a measure of myrrh but immediately the child proceeded to pour it on himself and rub it on his head, and he placed the bitter in his mouth. When his mother tried to take it from him to prevent him from being hurt by the strong herbs the boy child refused her. She was very much angered because the teacher in disguise gave her child such dangerous substance and wanted to chase the men from their room.


(7) Yusaf, who had sensed the holiness flowing from the visitors dressed as workers, for they were in disguise, prevented his wife from throwing the men out and required of them an explanation of what it was that they were after. But Mari was saying that the child needed help to be cleansed from the strong myrrh which would surely burn the child, then the elder asked them to witness how content and very peaceful the child looked, and that it did not seem troubled by the presence of the myrrh but rather seemed the more happy for its presence. And Mari and Yusaf looked and they saw the countenance of the child had changed and a peace was upon their child and the peace was filling the room. And Yusaf, Mari and the child were taken to residence in the ashrama by the sea and they were told about all that had happened since three years passed when the divine message of the Great Incarnation first became known in the East among the holy ones.

Instruction to hide

(8) Then it came to pass that the Angel of Light came to pay homage to the child and told the leaders to abandon that residence and move the child to the Egyptian schools of the healers of the White Brothers and for all of the residents of that ashrama to be sent out to the different parts of the world to tell other holy communities about the Great Incarnation and to warn them to prepare for his tuition and his teaching.

(9) All the priests and masters started preparing their Scriptures, and young children (initiates) made ready for the Light which was to be received by the world. And all the devotees were divided into small groups and all left together in different directions on one day and no one ever returned to that ashrama. This was the cover of secrecy which the elders used, that many small groups moved in many directions at once, to conceal the destination of the holy child.

Education in exile

(10) In Egypt the child, Yesu received education of reading and writing and he was reading and singing Holy Scripture in running laughter (galloping joy, jubilation) when he was five years of age. When the seventh year of Yesu came to pass, he was moved with his mother to the Greek schools in Alexandria to learn the tradition. When the 11th year of Yesu came to pass, he was moved with his mother to the Hebrew schools of Siphora in Galilee to learn the tradition. Yusaf the father of Yesu then finished his work of repentance rebuilding the house of Asclepias in Syria and he returned to Galilee. And Yusaf went ahead of Mari to prepare for them a place in the city of Ekbata where Yesu was taken. All the time when the child was not in school he played by the side of the roads and spoke to people in the markets, and all who travelled through these cities knew the child.

(11) All the time devotees from Kashmiri and Partia and India prepared for the education and keep of the family of Yesu.

Desert teaching

When Yesu was a young man and his year was fourteen he took the caravan up to the plains of Dash’t and he continued his schooling and his ministry began. God ordained it that the ministry of Light and healing began among the people who suffered the most darkness, those being the priests and masters of the ashrama and religious schools.

(12) And Yesu mastered their teaching, and improved their doctrine, and gained in excellence and dispelled much corruption and evil from the midst of their mysteries And he was not loved and those in darkness hated him and planned to have him killed. But the young ones (initiates) and his close followers helped him against those lying waiting upon him. And Yesu exhorted the priests and masters to live their self-crafted doctrines of corruption and he was well received by the holy ones, but a menace to them abusing their powers.

Suicide of the priests

(13) In the Sistia it came to pass that Yesu mastered the art of affinity when the high priest of the temple planned to poison the Saviour. The priests crafted to tell Yesu the drinking of the poison was the test for mastery of the tradition; that Yesu may not leave before the test. This they said because they knew that no man can stand alive after taking one drop of that poison between his lips and so they planned to do away with Yesu; also, to disgrace his reputation.

(14) And Yesu, led by the Spirit of the Mother, agreed to take the test on his final day before departing to India. And the students of Yesu came to know about the evil craft and they warned him to leave by the night. And Yesu retreated in meditation and enquired of the Father and Mother what his duty was.

(15) It thus came to pass how Yesu was led to mastery over the energies of nature to serve the religion of the Persians to purification. And he prepared himself to drink the poison; the night and the rest of the following day Yesu prepared in meditation and training and when the hour came when the temple was filled for the great initiation, and the people of the villages and the city came rejoicing and happy; it came that Yesu entered with other young ones in the tradition but he was wearing the white robe of the master.

(16) And silence fell upon the crowds and the priests came to him and scolded him for dishonouring the white robe, and Yesu turned and said, ‘Mothers and Brothers of this city, students of this holy school, you study the art of self-mastery through affinity, proud you are, most resolute devotees of this ancient tradition. And the God our Father and Mother above in Heaven bless you with gifts. And you show your praise by the good lives you have, and keeping this by giving food and money.

(17) Many know how it is said that corruption tear traditions of old apart; and how fresh holy nectar swell to break out of the constrains of its old shell; you know that if a person is purified by the fire from within, then no evil can withstand that fire, and that evil is burned to come to nothing. As some priests are planning to kill a son of God for speaking the truth; a pure one will withstand their fire but an evil one will come to nothing; and they would drink the poison they had prepared for me without being touched by harm.’

(18) And they wanted to silence Yesu and take him to the street for a flogging but he let them not and they were calmed at his gaze. And Yesu said, ‘This unholy cup prepared for me will show the resolution of those who are your masters.’

And many people who believed in Yesu came forward and many students and some priests came forward. And Yesu ordered the high priest and those with them to bring more poison but they refused, saying it was finished. And they spoke among one another and decided that if Yesu was to lead many to their death on this day that it would be that he brought a disgraceful end to himself all by his own, and they were satisfied by the way.


(19) And Yesu asked them to drink with them but they refused saying, ‘What the Lord measures out is sufficient for us.’ And Yesu took the cup and he blessed it and he raised it and all the people prayed with him and he said, ‘Father of all clean spirits Mother of all good knowledge let this cup be unto those who are impure and who are vexing evil toward the sons of Light, a test unto their affinity. Through their hatred toward us they are in affinity to us, through our love toward them we are in affinity to You.’

(20) And He drank the whole of the cup; and those priests and teachers who were vexed in evil toward the Saviour and his pupils and followers fell to the ground and died a horrible death for all to see their deceit.

To Kashmiri

(21) The Saviour left that town by the East road, alone as he came into it. Many sick people met him on the way as the word of his travels were going around and he preached of the one Spirit in all and taught and healed many on his way.

(22) On the way to Kashmiri our Saviour entered by the valley road and at the pass the man asked him for his name because the news of Yesu had not yet reached those areas. Yesu said to the gatekeeper, ‘Nada, my older brother, I am returning home after many years. I desire to visit my family and to meet my younger sister which I know not.’ And the gatekeeper knew not how Yesu knew his name and Yesu entered the Kashmir without announcement.


(23) Here the Saviour worshipped at the temple and followed those priests into the mountains for the moonlight harvest, and they all thought of him as one already initiated into the secrets of the priesthood because he spoke with authority and he brought new ways of knowing old things. For two weeks Yesu stayed with the priests preparing the Soma and leaven for the devotees of the low countries.

[A large portion is missing here]

Acts of Yesu: Chapters 34 - 58

Jammu or Tibet

(34) Yesu took to the schools of the northern areas when he was twenty four years; and mastered the art of self-control 2 taught by those as the Way; and Yesu loved the Scriptures and meditated on the healings it wrought.

(35) The high priest of the ashrama of that area called on Yesu to be their teacher for their school could not teach him anything he could not master immediately; but Yesu asked not; but to be tested along with the other according to the will of God. Upon this the high priest called Niho’s agreed and prayed to Yesu not to bring harm or destruction to the people of that town because they do not recognise him as bodhisattva. Yesu blessed the priest saying, ‘Brother and father, you are doing the will of the heavenly Father and you are guided by our Mother as you serve our family. You are doing what I am learning to do, and not one of us is greater than the other because only One is great and that is God.’


(36) When the time came for the monks to be tested Yesu performed with them all the feats of the yoga which they were taught about the fire and ice in the belly.


(37) At that time prostitutes were brought in to the ashrama to sleep in the beds of the monks as the tradition was. For many months the monks disrobe and sleep naked by them without any issue before gaining success in self-control. The child brought in for Yesu was called Magdalene, from an important family in the province where the Buddha was born in India.


(38) When brought in to Yesu she was pleading with him saying, ‘Holy Teacher, please send me away from you I entreat in the name of the Deities. I am filled with corrupting lust and all good I touch burn to nought by it. Demons wrought evil unto the good people of this city by my soul; therefore sir I beg you do not allow me close to you. My affliction of lust entices even holy men to fall. I beg sir, the holy superiors of this city know my evil ways and the power by which demons bewitch through me, and this they know for they have knowledge of it.

(39) Of certain they have knowledge that my scarred body beckons no man, even less a holy teacher, but by the consort of the Deity my lust which even now is burning inside is un-quenching fire too much for any to withstand. Good teacher, do not allow this sin to be accounted to me, do not let the gods account to me the fall of one more holy man. I fear where I may end lest you save me in this way. If you will not, sir, I beg you to take the life from me and let me die without this stain which will be unbearable.’

(40) The child told Yesu how she fell in lust with a girl from her town and how they were discovered in sexual embrace, and they were hauled before the town elders. Her parents were disgraced and sold her to a brothel owner and told him to send her far away from there but the other girl, from a poor house, was sent to work in the gold mines where she will surely die. That was how she came to be a prostitute in that city and she has served with diligence the lust which burns in her soul.

Yesu teaches Mari

(41) Yesu took pity on the young girl; and following the rules of the initiation, told her to undress and sit on his bed. And Yesu taught her the secret art of sacred sensuality; of using the body and the senses to engender holy energy to the purpose of purification and control over the senses and the bodily impulses. Three months the test endured and every night Yesu was teaching Magdalene all the secrets about healing and about mystical union with the Energies of God.

(42) Magdalene advanced quickly because she was a lover of God and she controlled her intelligence and she became an expert yogi for her love and sensitivity. She conquered the lust which ran wild within her and tamed it and gained control over her soul; and, Yesu cleansed her and banished the demons from her, seven in number, and the Saviour taught Magdalene the Greek reading and the Aramaic, and she read.


(43) Magdalene learned by night, but for according to monk’s rule the prostitute was naked throughout, sharing the mat. In the mornings the master teacher came to see if any issue from the monk was there but he only found Yesu and Magdalene in holy meditation.

Exhortation to leave

(44) Before the time was due the master teacher and the high priest came and made plea with Yesu to abandon their school and to go away in peace, but the Saviour said, ‘Teachers of this school, whatever you teach to the children of God you also deem fit to serve to God as a meal – do not change your doctrines when you fear an angel to be in your midst because, I tell you a truth, every child you minister to is a child of God and is valued even higher than angels.’ And Yesu continued to fulfil the provisions for initiation, making all the teachers nervous and searching if the tradition was in good favour with the All Knowing One.

Mari presented for initiation

(45) When the time was fulfilled Yesu presented Mari to the elders and asked for her to be tested along with the men. These words caused much dissension for never has a woman been to school for holy initiation.

And the priests came to Yesu and said, ‘Teacher from the West. We have heard about you and the wrath you spew; how you disrupt every school; and even rumours of how you slew fourteen priests in Partia. Now we see that you are set on destroying us. We treated you well and we gave you our finest, therefore we beg. What wrong have we committed against you? That we may correct our ways and find favour with you, tell us. But this plan you wrought with the woman will bring this holiness to tragedy and the people of these towns will have a temple no more. Be merciful; allow opportunity to make amends where we wronged you.’

(46) But Yesu said, ‘Truly I tell you. Our Mother in Heaven knows and our Father in Heaven watches us here today - there will be no rest in Paradise unless we meet this thing in face. I come to do only what I am sent to do, I have no plans for all plans are of my Father, I wrought no wisdom of my own for I have no such, all Wisdom is by my Mother. I serve with dispassion and know not the purpose of my Father in heaven. My task easy for I am told what to do at every time. Let us not run from the face of God, come with me and walk through the purifying fire.’

(47) The priests were worried and talked among one another. The elder came to speak and said, ‘Teacher, we are human and it is in our nature to protect that which we think holy. We are obliged to withstand you because we do not see how your destruction can be of a benefit to us.’

(48) Yesu reached out and held the priest to his bosom and said, ‘Only an inexperienced tree thinks of pruning as a destruction. Only a foolish tree resists the farmer’s attempts to prune, nourish and culture. The farmer has one desire for his tree – that is to yield fruit to the tree’s potential.’

(49) Yesu stood up and addressed the congregation gathering at the time saying, ‘Sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, children of God - you are weary to allow this female child into the priesthood which in your culture means to be walking in heaven by the hand of God – yet you allow this child to be used by the demons of your city to bring you pleasure in depravity. How are you to invite this child of God into the hell you make but you are weary to invite her into the heaven you make. All the feats of magic which you taught these devotees to do, she can do. All the exercises of control over natural energies she can do. Mari, a child of this city is now in possession of all the secrets of monks of your tradition. Surely it is better for a prostitute to advance to Heaven and be saved through her than for more monks and citizens to descend to hell in her?

(50) Why are you wary, because you men and women made her a prostitute when you bought her for your lust, or because God made her a woman? Is it because the test in front of all the city here today has (the requirement of) the monk to be naked? You know Mari, child of this city, she is a female? Surely most of this town has seen the child not only naked but worse. Are you wary because her nakedness may corrupt you, surely you are corrupted already, if not then because you are in control over your self already? I urge you before God, allow this woman whom I trained to be a monk to be honoured by initiation — or God, who made her a monk, will make her into a male for your sake.’

(51) At this the women and the elders of the city stood up and urged the priests to allow Mari to be tested. A great riot resulted in the temple and those who think of women as less than men left to take the riot to the street. Other men marched to the brothels and paid the price of many slaves to be freed. Yesu took Mari and they left that city to be purified by its own fire.

(52) Yesu walked with Mari but stopped by a river to rest on the way down the valley where women were washing. Mari went down to the women and spoke with them, and told them everything that happened; and how Yesu taught her to read the Scriptures; and the women became exited and Mari recited verses from the Scriptures and told them what they meant. Mari brought the women up to speak with Yesu and they asked him many questions about birth and marriage and transmigration and love and children and duty.

(53) When they had finished Yesu was leaving to wander and told Mari to stay with the women two more days and meet again with him in Sringa on the fourth day and Mari remained with the women.

The order of Melchizedek

(54) Yesu spent the night alone with God in the sanctuary of the priests of the holy mountain. He told the priests that he was wandering South and then West through Partia and the priests gave him three horns full of holy leaven and prepared Soma to minister to the people of those lands; because they knew Yesu was a priest of the Melchizedek and he was along the route of Abraham of old.

Mari gets lost

(55) When the time came Mari was looking for Yesu in the city but it was the time of the Feast of Shiva and she could not see him anywhere. By the afternoon she became tired and rested by the water fountain when a child came to her saying that the one who she seeks is in the temple of Kali. Mari rushed over there to find Yesu but she could not for the place was full with pilgrims and she went from one room to the other asking anyone if they had not seen the young bearded teacher from Partia. Then, in the rush of the crowd she asked a blind man, not knowing of his blindness, if he had seen the teacher and he answered her, ‘Child, you are so busy searching that you do not stop to look. The one you are seeking is at the Temple of All Bodhisattvas and Buddha the Merciful at the end of the road.’ And Mari ran down the road to the shrine to meet Yesu, fearing that he would depart from the city if she did not find him.

(56) The shrine was in silence because the festival was not one of the Buddha tradition and there was no one inside in homage. Mari began to cry and sat at the feet (of the statue); she was angry and fearful because the owner of her could reclaim her if she had no protection from the master. After a time she calmed her-self, and when firm in mind she heard Yesu speaking with her saying, ‘Mari my sister, you have so filled yourself with noise, how could you hear me calling to you. I came to you as a child but you looked over my bare feet and hunger; I came to you as a beggar but you did not see my impairment and sorrow; you are searching for something only you know; search for the Spirit of God in everyone.’

(57) Mari turned around to see Yesu but he was not standing there. ‘Where are you Master,’ she cried out. ‘I am here sister, I am in the Kali temple, I am with the priests of the holy mountain, I am everything and everywhere. I am so close you cannot know. Come and sit with me in the garden.’ Mari left the shrine and ran outside in search, and when through the garden gate, there she found Yesu busy taking with the Buddhist elders. They talked about helping the young teacher Narjuna who would be in the King’s court, to call a meeting with the other schools who were in dispute with one another. Yesu asked leave to go and declared he will be back for the meeting. The elder said, ‘The plans of humans are like kindling.’ And Yesu said, ‘God is the source of all fire and all kindling, but even kindling gives enough heat to cook a meal.’

Mari ashamed

(58) Mari said, ‘I am ashamed Master.’ But Yesu said, ‘Silly child, when you allow seven demons to ruin your soul and drag you naked in unbridled passion through the streets like a bitch in heat, then you do not think yourself ashamed. Now you stumble over a holy exercise and you feel yourself ashamed. Shame is the pitiful luxury of those who think highly of themselves. Humility is a fire using shame for kindle.’

Acts of Yesu: Chapters 59- 89

The Lord teaches the begging children

(59) Lord Yesu and Mari stayed with the begging children and taught them how to find food and to make clothing and huts for winter time. And Mari told them stories from the Scriptures about the great flood and Manu, and Adman and Joppa and the Jivatman and Yesu healed their sores and afflictions.

(60) When the morning came it was the day of the festival and two monks came by and saw Yesu living with the children and they spoke together saying; this city will be cursed if it leaves a great teacher and healer to live like an animal and they went up to him saying, ‘Sir, is there anything we can do to help you get a better place to sleep, and a plate of food to eat? We offer you our facilities which are pleasing, there is good food made ready for the festival and many things which can be enjoyed.’

(61) Then Yesu asked the monks, ‘Is this place a fine place for a pure at heart child of God to rest and be taken care of? And the monks replied that certainly it was so. Then Yesu took Mary and the children and they went to lodge in the ashrama for three days. And the elders and the priest were angered at this but they dared not speak out for fear of Yesu for the reputation of his learning and his miracles were well known.

(62) After the festival when the guests and devotees from India were leaving Yesu asked to be taken to the elders to thank them. When the monks brought Yesu into the assembly he started reciting verses from their Scripture which teaches of humility, mercy and innocense and he asked the elders to explain why, even if their Scriptures tell them otherwise, do they refuse to feed and heal the children from their own. But the elders answered that the children are from another caste and sect.

(63) Upon hearing this, Yesu then stood up and took his leave from them saying that he and the children of God feel insulted by them for not showing hospitality to others. The priests were very angered and demanded to know why Yesu could say that; because for days he and Mari and the children were fed and clothed and bathed and served like royal visitors but yet Yesu says they are inhospitable.

(64) And Yesu said, ‘I was not aware that you are from a different caste to mine. I and my disciple and the children are from the caste of the children of God the Father and Mother but you say that we are different – now this means that you are from the caste of evil because only the caste of evil thinks of themselves as belonging elsewhere than the caste of the children of God.’ And a great argument erupted between the elders and the priest and the devotees. The most senior elder then came forward and asked Yesu, ‘Teacher, we have heard how these things happened in other Ashrama when your wrath make the people rip themselves apart. This time please do not leave us but help us to find a true solution for some of what you had said is true teaching and shows weeds growing in our field; we were not even aware of these.’ And Yesu and Mari stayed with them two months and they were teaching and grooming devotees for The Way and the tradition purified itself from the rust and moths of years of neglect.

(65) When the time came for Yesu to leave for India the beggar children were no longer left but were cared for by the Ashrama of the city. This was the beginning of the ‘new caste’ which still spreads from that city down to India of which I am now a priest.

(66) Yesu and Mari left the city to travel down to where the Great West road to Parthia was, and on the way they were cared for the people of every town where they were received hospitably. Yesu, through the faith of the people, wrought miracles of healing and where their faith was lacking Yesu wrought healings of their children. And many would follow them from town to town but Yesu asked them to remain in devotion to The Way and seek only union with the Energies of God because where he was going no one could follow.

(67) And many times he told Mari to stay behind and minister to the women and he promised that he would return afterward but Mari followed Yesu even two days behind and she remained walking in his footsteps, saying, ‘My Lord; my life, my soul, my spirit, my body and my death all follow you; for wherever you walk the road leads to Heaven because you will not walk any other Way, therefore Master, all of me follows you.’

In Persia

(68) And Yesu was 27 years when, as he was instructed by the holy ones, he entered the gates of the Nazoreans at Edes-Ra’y. When he entered the whole assembly was waiting for him as it was so ordained of many years by the elders that on this day the Saviour will enter into the mysteries of the Nazoreans.

(69) When he arrived, some in the assembly secretly enquired where the Saviour’s companion was since they heard he was travelling with a handmaiden called Mari. Yesu said, ‘I was invited to attend your school and to enjoy the hospitality of your holy communion by your elders, even when I was a child. I am not to bring any unwanted guests into your house, if you are to have her to be in your home you will invite her by yourself since she is making for herself a hut by the river outside of the city.’ The brothers immediately sent for Mari saying, ‘the handmaiden of the Saviour is welcome in our house.’

(70) And Yesu asked them why they call him their saviour, and the elder said, ‘you Saviour, are the one we have been waiting on to show us the Way out of the desert. Your coming is foretold by the ages and the Scriptures sing your song.’ Yesu asked the elder to make him understand how he can be the Saviour of all, as they say.

(71) And the elders explained to the Saviour saying the following teaching; ‘From among all the children of this race you are the one who has lived more closely to the Way and made advances in soul and spirit which surpass that of all other. Now, in this incarnation you can walk the Way to perfection for your love is greater than any other. It is so for if you gain perfection while in the body your advance will be for all men for once for all time. In this the Way will be cleared for us who cannot see the Light. Your accomplishment, O Saviour, will bring the Light into flesh to shine for all men to know for all times. Sacred doctrines about the Way have been given to all men for all ages but the children of God have hard hearts and follow in great difficulty. The priests corrupt all good teaching in time and holy traditions are made secret and forgotten. The Saviour shall conquer the adversity of men and purify the doctrines and clear the Way for all time. Our Saviour will face the wrath of the nations and the onslaughts of the Tempter and will engage in holy warfare against all that corrupts mankind. The Saviour will lead the army of holy ones in battle and be the one to slay the dragon who holds the Pearl captive, and free the Pearl, clearing the Way for all time and all men. This is how the Saviour is to come to save all mankind from themselves. Those captive in the hell of their own making, burning in the eternal flames of their passions will be shown the Way to purification. Because of the advances the Saviour will make, fulfilling all Scripture and sacred Tradition all mysteries will be opened to all men and perfection becomes the more possible for all. In his great love the Saviour releases the Grace of becoming in perfection on behalf of all that for all may savour the blessedness which to now was the prize only of the few holy heroes of this age. Men will reclaim their state higher than the angels because of the work the Saviour is come to perform.’

(72) And Yesu, listening to every teaching with all his heart became impassioned and a spirit of doubt afflicted him. And he cried for the darkness that hides the Pearl from men and blinds them to reality. And he asked the brothers to pray for him unto discernment whether it be for him to approach the task of Saviour which the elders spoke of.

(73) And all the holy brothers prayed with Yesu and their labours continued for three days. During this time they neither ate nor drank anything and the meditations of their earnest hearts were heard throughout Syria, Palestine, Partia, India and Egypt and in the Heavens.

(74) At the end of the three days the brothers came out saying there was no doubt but that Yesu was the one who should be doing the work of the Saviour, but Yesu was weary and continued to be troubled.

(75) And the brothers, led by the elder Zosimar, began preparations for the Nazorean initiation to ready Yesu for his task. Yesu closed himself in a cell and the elders came one by one and each taught him of the mysteries and of the secret Scriptures and he was locked in contemplation for three months.

Mari angers the elders

(76) During all this time Mari was ministering to the women of the Nazorean and telling them how Yesu liberated her and the women of the communities in India and Partia. The Magdalene taught the women and children those things Yesu told her to teach.

(77) After a while some of the older women came to the elder Zosimar and laid a charge against Mari that she was teaching the women and children a strange doctrine telling them to abandon their traditional roles and walk like men the mystical Way. These charges angered the brothers and they immediately sent for Mari and told her to cease teaching her subversive doctrines and to refrain from speaking with their women and children. Mari listened to all the charges and agreed to having taught those doctrines, and when the elders had finished instructing her and reminding her that she was a guest and should conduct herself accordingly; also charging that she was not a good handmaiden for her Master since not even once has she done anything to make Yesu more comfortable.

Then she said this to the assembly. ‘Masters and Teachers of this splendid ashrama I urge you to reconsider (your position) on this because you are asking me to choose between the instructions and doctrines of my Saviour and Liberator and the laws of your petrified and insensitive rules. I am not able to compare your dimness with the radiant splendour of Yesu and therefore I am not a lover of you but I am a lover of God by the way Yesu taught me. A muzzle will not silence me and neither will I be silenced from preaching this liberation even after death. In the realms of the netherworld (Akasa) I will be heard preaching Liberation of the Light. So do what you must but do not expect to silence me easily.’ And Mari resumed preaching and teaching.

(78) The following day the elders Zosimar, Ephrim and two others went to the cell where Yesu was in preparation asking of him to silence his handmaiden from uttering subversive doctrines. And Yesu said, ‘Was it I who invited her into your presence? Certainly those who invited her should also be the ones telling her to leave when she is unwanted.’

(79) And the elders explained that they were afraid to offend Yesu and were hoping that he would examine the doctrines that Mari teaches and rebuke her for it. But Yesu answered that Mari teaches only what she was taught as any devotee of a Master teaches only that which is allowed.

(80) And they inquired of Yesu who this Master was and Yesu said it is he. ‘We had no idea that you held such strange teachings. Where did you get it from and who was the master who organised this to be part of your training?, they asked of him in earnest,

(81) but Yesu said, ‘I am sent by our Father and I am taught by our Mother, no person and no Scripture can teach me the mysteries and justice which my parents give me. The Scriptures are nursemaids for children but Holy Mother our God teaches and raises mature athletes. What I have been taught are mysteries which you know not.’

(82) And the elders said that they were displeased because they knew the ultimate mysteries and they were teaching it to Yesu. And Yesu asked them to say who they think the Saviour will be. And whether they will approve of him when he comes and whether they will follow his teaching. And all the elders but Zosimar agreed that their waiting for the Saviour will be rewarded when he appears and they will follow him and walk behind him to be the first ones in heaven.

(83) And Zosimar said he agrees not, ‘For Moses could not follow him because he could not reach the height; and Moses who went before could not follow Yesu when he incarnated as Yeshua, because he (Moses) could not know the new covenant. And Arjuna was taught all the mysteries and he was granted the blessed vision but he could not follow Krishna into Heaven, neither could the elder from the brotherhood in Arabia follow Moses even though he taught him all the mysteries.’

(84) And Yesu got up from his cot and said, Zosimar, you will see Paradise, and he thanked the brothers for their hospitality and left. And not one of them said, ‘Saviour do not leave us behind’, but they watched him walk and they never saw Yesu again in the flesh because shortly afterward bandits raided.

[missing fragment]

The Magdalenes3

(85) On the way from Syria to the land called Galilee Yesu stopped with Mari to camp at the river called Jordan. After they had washed and broke bread with salt Mari was lying with her head against the bosom of Yesu and the Saviour was saddened by what had happened in the city.

(86) Again Yesu asked Mari to remain behind and wait on him to return from the land of his birth because he knew that the ministry there would be different and difficult to accomplish, and he was uncertain and anxious about his task.

(87) And Mari was weeping and pleaded with Yesu not to take her ministry from her. ‘My Lord’, she said, ‘you were the one who taught me the secrets of the world of spirits and how demons work their evil on men, and you were the one who loved me and taught me to love perfectly, and your doctrine of purification teaches that the spiritual centres must remain in active duty to the One to be a channel of divine grace; but now you want to remove my ministry from me; the only proper thing I ever did in my life, and the only passion I have, the passion that kills out all passion.’ And she begged Yesu to reconsider.

(88) Mari meditated with Yesu and the will of God our Mother came clear in the open night sky and Yesu interpreted the will of God to her. And he said, “Follow me but not closely for the world is not yet ready to receive us without adversity. Where I must go you cannot but your ministry to the cause of perfection must ever remain in mystery assistance to humanity.’

(89) And, ‘My sister Magdalene, follow behind me and minister to the ones to whom Spirit will lead you. Those daughters are souls beyond the things of this age. Those daughters are sensible to the secret doctrines which you have learned from me; and because of this the evil powers will first afflict them with many violations. Take to yourself those who are ready to receive the Spirit and turn from this world, to be like you, virgins unto God for the holy labour of feeding angel bread to the athletes. Take to yourself those ones which are shown to you and teach them the sensual mysteries and let their advances in power and spirit be to the benefit of all humanity. These will be males become females or females become males but one and the same children of God who gain knowledge of the two and become one; ready to conquer the passions to be virgins unto the Good. Teach them, minister to them, and we will be one."

Acts of Yesu: Chapters 89 - 108

The fears of the Ministers

(90) And Mari was saddened and afraid because she knew not how to fulfil her calling because her language was not that of the lands where Yesu was going and she was afraid. But Yesu said, ‘Do not think that I was never afraid, and do not think that I will not be afraid for where I am to go, and I know not how, but I know it to be more than I can do in my own power. Listen to the guidance of the Spirit, be (a channel) for the Spirit and you (will) never move in your own power but you are a tool in the expert hands of the Craftsman. The fears which we feel are not more than signs to put the mind to work about controlling itself, we do not have a spirit of fear and doubt but the mind makes it so. Feel the passions and direct their energies, not their miseries, but to the spirit.’

Dangers of the passions

(91) And Mari asked the Saviour, ‘Lord but what may I teach these virgins for the doctrine of the sacred passions you gave me is secret because of the power and dangers which it holds? And Yesu told her, ‘Teach only those who give themselves without reserve. Teach of the passions and the bodies first and of healing. When they are ready teach of the energies and protecting against evil. Then those who conquer you teach about the deep secrets and the rites of the powers of the male and the female. Let all serve one another and let only those who serve without holding back receive the blessings of the powers. Guard the secrets and do not write them but let them be (delivered) from teacher to devotee and let no one speak of any doctrine to another but let the community serve in passion and love and goodness.’

(92) And Mari asked, Lord, but where will I get the strength to teach so many?’ And Yesu said, ‘Be passionate. In the height of your passion you will be filled with divine energy and become dispassionate but retain the energy. Go now, your time has come.’

(93) Mari followed the Lord through the towns to the community of the devout by the river Jordan, in the land of Palestine; and she dined with the Lord’s mother and brothers and sisters and healed Yuda from a lame leg of doubt.

(94) And it came to be said the Lord’s cousin was preparing the way for him from Egypt to the Dead Sea to start the ministry of the Saviour among the people of that land; but Yesu prayed to God because he was called also to the land of the Galileans and the Ashrama of the northern mountains where the Jordan springs, and he knew not the right action.

(95) And the angel of God came to that house and appeared before all who were in prayer and spoke to Yesu saying the baptism of John is the way to serve all the nations, therewith the powers of Yesu were to be added to and his service will be taken to all the devotees in waiting by the Spirit.

(96) And Yesu sent his brother Yuda to the Galileans and gave him power to heal; but he (Yuda) would not go saying he was but a child. The Lord touched him and said, ‘Great things you will do because of the purity of heart but great mountains you will climb because of your thinking; how many times more shall we talk about these things?’ And Yuda left the house that night keeping sullen and to himself.

(97) And the Lord followed the way to Egypt where John was preparing. And the Mother of all found the heart of Yesu to be pure by fire of the passions of the years away from the land of his birth; and even on the way to Egypt the Lord was silent, keeping company with the deities and the guides. When the baptism of John the Nazorean came to be done after seven days on the way, the Lord was lifted on high and the gates of heaven opened and shut and the Satan roared in pain as the Lord conquered him finally and belittled him to eat the dust of the desert.

(98) And the countenance of Yesu was changed, and he retained his human form by will, and the Light went up for all those in waiting in the ashrama in all the worlds; and in (the Mediterranean) and Syria and Partia and in India the saints were shaken by the Lord’s presence as if He was present with them in their rooms and in the fields.

(99) From this time on the Lord ministered to all at once and remained in his human form for those hard at heart in the lands of Palestine, Samaria, Judah, Galilee, Syria and Phoenicia. And the priests of those lands and the philosophers of those sects were fired up by Satan and were used to stir trouble in the hearts of the pious ones but the oppressed and the sick and hungry followed the Lord to hear the parables which he spoke by way of teaching the young souls.

(100) And Yesu added to John’s baptism also that baptism of fire from within and he lifted many devotees on high and sent them out to minister to the congregations of holy ones all over the world.

(101) Mari with more than 300 women who became virgins and were liberated from their afflictions also followed. And they followed behind the Lord and cared for him greatly. And the Magdalenes taught of healings and making the enjoyment of the sense pleasures holy chariots; and they kept pure and secret the mystical teachings and it was taken to many parts of the world.

(102) When the time came for the Lord to finish the ministry in body he was 34 years old and accomplished in spirit to the Saviour, and he commanded many to teach the mysteries of the baptisms to worthy ones.

(103 And the Mother of all and the Father of all spoke to the Lord and taught him to make of his body a symbol for the pious ones to see God. And Yesu the Lord prepared for seven days and went up to give himself to the evil ones of the pious of those lands to hang him up as despicable, for that is what the world does with holiness, unto to the death of the body; because he was to discard it for the sake of the ministry in the other universes; and he left the body to die and he gained union with God as the beloved son.

(104) And the universes shook in their foundations as this violence took place; and he was alone in that hour of testing; and the darkness and the struggle almost conquered him to expire but for the image of Mari sitting at his feet he gained and conquered to be the Saviour of us all. And the Lord ascended on high and gathered the angels to rejoice in God and they carried him to his throne.

(105) But the compassion of the Lord wrought him back to us again; and led him to deny the bliss of his heavenly treasure and return to continue to serve us who would not repent; and after three days he removed that dead body from its filthy grave and swaddling clothes and made it alive again when he needed it. And the Lord travelled the lands of his former ministries, appearing whenever he needed; and he brought with him a great army of angels to light the Way.

(106) And the Lord appeared first to Mari his beloved companion and to his blessed mother and the devotees (apostles) of that land, that they too may believe; and he sent the devotees to minister in different lands and appeared to be with them. And the Lord ministered to the congregations of Yuda in Kushan, and James in Egypt and Mari in Alexandria, in Ethiopia, Peter in Armenia, in Syria, with Matthew in Partia and Yuda when he became the Thoma in India for many years.

(107) And they saw him as they would believe in his countenance and those who could not see him in face could see him in spirit, and even those who could not bear with that divine sight they saw him in other creatures. And even unto me, Siphor, he blessed me for appearing in Kashmiri when I was scarcely a priest; and we heard of many other places too numerous to write, where Yesu the Saviour continues to minister, all the time leaving his Princes’ throne in heaven, remaining in waiting for the return of the multitude of the chosen to be home with Him - our Lord and Saviour, Brother God for ever unto the fulfilment of time.

(108) This is an account of the beginning of the Acts of Yesu

To God Be The Glory