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Acts of Yesu: Chapters 89 - 108

The fears of the Ministers

(90) And Mari was saddened and afraid because she knew not how to fulfil her calling because her language was not that of the lands where Yesu was going and she was afraid. But Yesu said, ‘Do not think that I was never afraid, and do not think that I will not be afraid for where I am to go, and I know not how, but I know it to be more than I can do in my own power. Listen to the guidance of the Spirit, be (a channel) for the Spirit and you (will) never move in your own power but you are a tool in the expert hands of the Craftsman. The fears which we feel are not more than signs to put the mind to work about controlling itself, we do not have a spirit of fear and doubt but the mind makes it so. Feel the passions and direct their energies, not their miseries, but to the spirit.’

Dangers of the passions

(91) And Mari asked the Saviour, ‘Lord but what may I teach these virgins for the doctrine of the sacred passions you gave me is secret because of the power and dangers which it holds? And Yesu told her, ‘Teach only those who give themselves without reserve. Teach of the passions and the bodies first and of healing. When they are ready teach of the energies and protecting against evil. Then those who conquer you teach about the deep secrets and the rites of the powers of the male and the female. Let all serve one another and let only those who serve without holding back receive the blessings of the powers. Guard the secrets and do not write them but let them be (delivered) from teacher to devotee and let no one speak of any doctrine to another but let the community serve in passion and love and goodness.’

(92) And Mari asked, Lord, but where will I get the strength to teach so many?’ And Yesu said, ‘Be passionate. In the height of your passion you will be filled with divine energy and become dispassionate but retain the energy. Go now, your time has come.’

(93) Mari followed the Lord through the towns to the community of the devout by the river Jordan, in the land of Palestine; and she dined with the Lord’s mother and brothers and sisters and healed Yuda from a lame leg of doubt.

(94) And it came to be said the Lord’s cousin was preparing the way for him from Egypt to the Dead Sea to start the ministry of the Saviour among the people of that land; but Yesu prayed to God because he was called also to the land of the Galileans and the Ashrama of the northern mountains where the Jordan springs, and he knew not the right action.

(95) And the angel of God came to that house and appeared before all who were in prayer and spoke to Yesu saying the baptism of John is the way to serve all the nations, therewith the powers of Yesu were to be added to and his service will be taken to all the devotees in waiting by the Spirit.

(96) And Yesu sent his brother Yuda to the Galileans and gave him power to heal; but he (Yuda) would not go saying he was but a child. The Lord touched him and said, ‘Great things you will do because of the purity of heart but great mountains you will climb because of your thinking; how many times more shall we talk about these things?’ And Yuda left the house that night keeping sullen and to himself.

(97) And the Lord followed the way to Egypt where John was preparing. And the Mother of all found the heart of Yesu to be pure by fire of the passions of the years away from the land of his birth; and even on the way to Egypt the Lord was silent, keeping company with the deities and the guides. When the baptism of John the Nazorean came to be done after seven days on the way, the Lord was lifted on high and the gates of heaven opened and shut and the Satan roared in pain as the Lord conquered him finally and belittled him to eat the dust of the desert.

(98) And the countenance of Yesu was changed, and he retained his human form by will, and the Light went up for all those in waiting in the ashrama in all the worlds; and in (the Mediterranean) and Syria and Partia and in India the saints were shaken by the Lord’s presence as if He was present with them in their rooms and in the fields.

(99) From this time on the Lord ministered to all at once and remained in his human form for those hard at heart in the lands of Palestine, Samaria, Judah, Galilee, Syria and Phoenicia. And the priests of those lands and the philosophers of those sects were fired up by Satan and were used to stir trouble in the hearts of the pious ones but the oppressed and the sick and hungry followed the Lord to hear the parables which he spoke by way of teaching the young souls.

(100) And Yesu added to John’s baptism also that baptism of fire from within and he lifted many devotees on high and sent them out to minister to the congregations of holy ones all over the world.

(101) Mari with more than 300 women who became virgins and were liberated from their afflictions also followed. And they followed behind the Lord and cared for him greatly. And the Magdalenes taught of healings and making the enjoyment of the sense pleasures holy chariots; and they kept pure and secret the mystical teachings and it was taken to many parts of the world.

(102) When the time came for the Lord to finish the ministry in body he was 34 years old and accomplished in spirit to the Saviour, and he commanded many to teach the mysteries of the baptisms to worthy ones.

(103 And the Mother of all and the Father of all spoke to the Lord and taught him to make of his body a symbol for the pious ones to see God. And Yesu the Lord prepared for seven days and went up to give himself to the evil ones of the pious of those lands to hang him up as despicable, for that is what the world does with holiness, unto to the death of the body; because he was to discard it for the sake of the ministry in the other universes; and he left the body to die and he gained union with God as the beloved son.

(104) And the universes shook in their foundations as this violence took place; and he was alone in that hour of testing; and the darkness and the struggle almost conquered him to expire but for the image of Mari sitting at his feet he gained and conquered to be the Saviour of us all. And the Lord ascended on high and gathered the angels to rejoice in God and they carried him to his throne.

(105) But the compassion of the Lord wrought him back to us again; and led him to deny the bliss of his heavenly treasure and return to continue to serve us who would not repent; and after three days he removed that dead body from its filthy grave and swaddling clothes and made it alive again when he needed it. And the Lord travelled the lands of his former ministries, appearing whenever he needed; and he brought with him a great army of angels to light the Way.

(106) And the Lord appeared first to Mari his beloved companion and to his blessed mother and the devotees (apostles) of that land, that they too may believe; and he sent the devotees to minister in different lands and appeared to be with them. And the Lord ministered to the congregations of Yuda in Kushan, and James in Egypt and Mari in Alexandria, in Ethiopia, Peter in Armenia, in Syria, with Matthew in Partia and Yuda when he became the Thoma in India for many years.

(107) And they saw him as they would believe in his countenance and those who could not see him in face could see him in spirit, and even those who could not bear with that divine sight they saw him in other creatures. And even unto me, Siphor, he blessed me for appearing in Kashmiri when I was scarcely a priest; and we heard of many other places too numerous to write, where Yesu the Saviour continues to minister, all the time leaving his Princes’ throne in heaven, remaining in waiting for the return of the multitude of the chosen to be home with Him - our Lord and Saviour, Brother God for ever unto the fulfilment of time.

(108) This is an account of the beginning of the Acts of Yesu

To God Be The Glory