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Acts of Yesu: Chapters 59- 89

The Lord teaches the begging children

(59) Lord Yesu and Mari stayed with the begging children and taught them how to find food and to make clothing and huts for winter time. And Mari told them stories from the Scriptures about the great flood and Manu, and Adman and Joppa and the Jivatman and Yesu healed their sores and afflictions.

(60) When the morning came it was the day of the festival and two monks came by and saw Yesu living with the children and they spoke together saying; this city will be cursed if it leaves a great teacher and healer to live like an animal and they went up to him saying, ‘Sir, is there anything we can do to help you get a better place to sleep, and a plate of food to eat? We offer you our facilities which are pleasing, there is good food made ready for the festival and many things which can be enjoyed.’

(61) Then Yesu asked the monks, ‘Is this place a fine place for a pure at heart child of God to rest and be taken care of? And the monks replied that certainly it was so. Then Yesu took Mary and the children and they went to lodge in the ashrama for three days. And the elders and the priest were angered at this but they dared not speak out for fear of Yesu for the reputation of his learning and his miracles were well known.

(62) After the festival when the guests and devotees from India were leaving Yesu asked to be taken to the elders to thank them. When the monks brought Yesu into the assembly he started reciting verses from their Scripture which teaches of humility, mercy and innocense and he asked the elders to explain why, even if their Scriptures tell them otherwise, do they refuse to feed and heal the children from their own. But the elders answered that the children are from another caste and sect.

(63) Upon hearing this, Yesu then stood up and took his leave from them saying that he and the children of God feel insulted by them for not showing hospitality to others. The priests were very angered and demanded to know why Yesu could say that; because for days he and Mari and the children were fed and clothed and bathed and served like royal visitors but yet Yesu says they are inhospitable.

(64) And Yesu said, ‘I was not aware that you are from a different caste to mine. I and my disciple and the children are from the caste of the children of God the Father and Mother but you say that we are different – now this means that you are from the caste of evil because only the caste of evil thinks of themselves as belonging elsewhere than the caste of the children of God.’ And a great argument erupted between the elders and the priest and the devotees. The most senior elder then came forward and asked Yesu, ‘Teacher, we have heard how these things happened in other Ashrama when your wrath make the people rip themselves apart. This time please do not leave us but help us to find a true solution for some of what you had said is true teaching and shows weeds growing in our field; we were not even aware of these.’ And Yesu and Mari stayed with them two months and they were teaching and grooming devotees for The Way and the tradition purified itself from the rust and moths of years of neglect.

(65) When the time came for Yesu to leave for India the beggar children were no longer left but were cared for by the Ashrama of the city. This was the beginning of the ‘new caste’ which still spreads from that city down to India of which I am now a priest.

(66) Yesu and Mari left the city to travel down to where the Great West road to Parthia was, and on the way they were cared for the people of every town where they were received hospitably. Yesu, through the faith of the people, wrought miracles of healing and where their faith was lacking Yesu wrought healings of their children. And many would follow them from town to town but Yesu asked them to remain in devotion to The Way and seek only union with the Energies of God because where he was going no one could follow.

(67) And many times he told Mari to stay behind and minister to the women and he promised that he would return afterward but Mari followed Yesu even two days behind and she remained walking in his footsteps, saying, ‘My Lord; my life, my soul, my spirit, my body and my death all follow you; for wherever you walk the road leads to Heaven because you will not walk any other Way, therefore Master, all of me follows you.’

In Persia

(68) And Yesu was 27 years when, as he was instructed by the holy ones, he entered the gates of the Nazoreans at Edes-Ra’y. When he entered the whole assembly was waiting for him as it was so ordained of many years by the elders that on this day the Saviour will enter into the mysteries of the Nazoreans.

(69) When he arrived, some in the assembly secretly enquired where the Saviour’s companion was since they heard he was travelling with a handmaiden called Mari. Yesu said, ‘I was invited to attend your school and to enjoy the hospitality of your holy communion by your elders, even when I was a child. I am not to bring any unwanted guests into your house, if you are to have her to be in your home you will invite her by yourself since she is making for herself a hut by the river outside of the city.’ The brothers immediately sent for Mari saying, ‘the handmaiden of the Saviour is welcome in our house.’

(70) And Yesu asked them why they call him their saviour, and the elder said, ‘you Saviour, are the one we have been waiting on to show us the Way out of the desert. Your coming is foretold by the ages and the Scriptures sing your song.’ Yesu asked the elder to make him understand how he can be the Saviour of all, as they say.

(71) And the elders explained to the Saviour saying the following teaching; ‘From among all the children of this race you are the one who has lived more closely to the Way and made advances in soul and spirit which surpass that of all other. Now, in this incarnation you can walk the Way to perfection for your love is greater than any other. It is so for if you gain perfection while in the body your advance will be for all men for once for all time. In this the Way will be cleared for us who cannot see the Light. Your accomplishment, O Saviour, will bring the Light into flesh to shine for all men to know for all times. Sacred doctrines about the Way have been given to all men for all ages but the children of God have hard hearts and follow in great difficulty. The priests corrupt all good teaching in time and holy traditions are made secret and forgotten. The Saviour shall conquer the adversity of men and purify the doctrines and clear the Way for all time. Our Saviour will face the wrath of the nations and the onslaughts of the Tempter and will engage in holy warfare against all that corrupts mankind. The Saviour will lead the army of holy ones in battle and be the one to slay the dragon who holds the Pearl captive, and free the Pearl, clearing the Way for all time and all men. This is how the Saviour is to come to save all mankind from themselves. Those captive in the hell of their own making, burning in the eternal flames of their passions will be shown the Way to purification. Because of the advances the Saviour will make, fulfilling all Scripture and sacred Tradition all mysteries will be opened to all men and perfection becomes the more possible for all. In his great love the Saviour releases the Grace of becoming in perfection on behalf of all that for all may savour the blessedness which to now was the prize only of the few holy heroes of this age. Men will reclaim their state higher than the angels because of the work the Saviour is come to perform.’

(72) And Yesu, listening to every teaching with all his heart became impassioned and a spirit of doubt afflicted him. And he cried for the darkness that hides the Pearl from men and blinds them to reality. And he asked the brothers to pray for him unto discernment whether it be for him to approach the task of Saviour which the elders spoke of.

(73) And all the holy brothers prayed with Yesu and their labours continued for three days. During this time they neither ate nor drank anything and the meditations of their earnest hearts were heard throughout Syria, Palestine, Partia, India and Egypt and in the Heavens.

(74) At the end of the three days the brothers came out saying there was no doubt but that Yesu was the one who should be doing the work of the Saviour, but Yesu was weary and continued to be troubled.

(75) And the brothers, led by the elder Zosimar, began preparations for the Nazorean initiation to ready Yesu for his task. Yesu closed himself in a cell and the elders came one by one and each taught him of the mysteries and of the secret Scriptures and he was locked in contemplation for three months.

Mari angers the elders

(76) During all this time Mari was ministering to the women of the Nazorean and telling them how Yesu liberated her and the women of the communities in India and Partia. The Magdalene taught the women and children those things Yesu told her to teach.

(77) After a while some of the older women came to the elder Zosimar and laid a charge against Mari that she was teaching the women and children a strange doctrine telling them to abandon their traditional roles and walk like men the mystical Way. These charges angered the brothers and they immediately sent for Mari and told her to cease teaching her subversive doctrines and to refrain from speaking with their women and children. Mari listened to all the charges and agreed to having taught those doctrines, and when the elders had finished instructing her and reminding her that she was a guest and should conduct herself accordingly; also charging that she was not a good handmaiden for her Master since not even once has she done anything to make Yesu more comfortable.

Then she said this to the assembly. ‘Masters and Teachers of this splendid ashrama I urge you to reconsider (your position) on this because you are asking me to choose between the instructions and doctrines of my Saviour and Liberator and the laws of your petrified and insensitive rules. I am not able to compare your dimness with the radiant splendour of Yesu and therefore I am not a lover of you but I am a lover of God by the way Yesu taught me. A muzzle will not silence me and neither will I be silenced from preaching this liberation even after death. In the realms of the netherworld (Akasa) I will be heard preaching Liberation of the Light. So do what you must but do not expect to silence me easily.’ And Mari resumed preaching and teaching.

(78) The following day the elders Zosimar, Ephrim and two others went to the cell where Yesu was in preparation asking of him to silence his handmaiden from uttering subversive doctrines. And Yesu said, ‘Was it I who invited her into your presence? Certainly those who invited her should also be the ones telling her to leave when she is unwanted.’

(79) And the elders explained that they were afraid to offend Yesu and were hoping that he would examine the doctrines that Mari teaches and rebuke her for it. But Yesu answered that Mari teaches only what she was taught as any devotee of a Master teaches only that which is allowed.

(80) And they inquired of Yesu who this Master was and Yesu said it is he. ‘We had no idea that you held such strange teachings. Where did you get it from and who was the master who organised this to be part of your training?, they asked of him in earnest,

(81) but Yesu said, ‘I am sent by our Father and I am taught by our Mother, no person and no Scripture can teach me the mysteries and justice which my parents give me. The Scriptures are nursemaids for children but Holy Mother our God teaches and raises mature athletes. What I have been taught are mysteries which you know not.’

(82) And the elders said that they were displeased because they knew the ultimate mysteries and they were teaching it to Yesu. And Yesu asked them to say who they think the Saviour will be. And whether they will approve of him when he comes and whether they will follow his teaching. And all the elders but Zosimar agreed that their waiting for the Saviour will be rewarded when he appears and they will follow him and walk behind him to be the first ones in heaven.

(83) And Zosimar said he agrees not, ‘For Moses could not follow him because he could not reach the height; and Moses who went before could not follow Yesu when he incarnated as Yeshua, because he (Moses) could not know the new covenant. And Arjuna was taught all the mysteries and he was granted the blessed vision but he could not follow Krishna into Heaven, neither could the elder from the brotherhood in Arabia follow Moses even though he taught him all the mysteries.’

(84) And Yesu got up from his cot and said, Zosimar, you will see Paradise, and he thanked the brothers for their hospitality and left. And not one of them said, ‘Saviour do not leave us behind’, but they watched him walk and they never saw Yesu again in the flesh because shortly afterward bandits raided.

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The Magdalenes3

(85) On the way from Syria to the land called Galilee Yesu stopped with Mari to camp at the river called Jordan. After they had washed and broke bread with salt Mari was lying with her head against the bosom of Yesu and the Saviour was saddened by what had happened in the city.

(86) Again Yesu asked Mari to remain behind and wait on him to return from the land of his birth because he knew that the ministry there would be different and difficult to accomplish, and he was uncertain and anxious about his task.

(87) And Mari was weeping and pleaded with Yesu not to take her ministry from her. ‘My Lord’, she said, ‘you were the one who taught me the secrets of the world of spirits and how demons work their evil on men, and you were the one who loved me and taught me to love perfectly, and your doctrine of purification teaches that the spiritual centres must remain in active duty to the One to be a channel of divine grace; but now you want to remove my ministry from me; the only proper thing I ever did in my life, and the only passion I have, the passion that kills out all passion.’ And she begged Yesu to reconsider.

(88) Mari meditated with Yesu and the will of God our Mother came clear in the open night sky and Yesu interpreted the will of God to her. And he said, “Follow me but not closely for the world is not yet ready to receive us without adversity. Where I must go you cannot but your ministry to the cause of perfection must ever remain in mystery assistance to humanity.’

(89) And, ‘My sister Magdalene, follow behind me and minister to the ones to whom Spirit will lead you. Those daughters are souls beyond the things of this age. Those daughters are sensible to the secret doctrines which you have learned from me; and because of this the evil powers will first afflict them with many violations. Take to yourself those who are ready to receive the Spirit and turn from this world, to be like you, virgins unto God for the holy labour of feeding angel bread to the athletes. Take to yourself those ones which are shown to you and teach them the sensual mysteries and let their advances in power and spirit be to the benefit of all humanity. These will be males become females or females become males but one and the same children of God who gain knowledge of the two and become one; ready to conquer the passions to be virgins unto the Good. Teach them, minister to them, and we will be one."