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Acts of Yesu: Chapters 34 - 58

Jammu or Tibet

(34) Yesu took to the schools of the northern areas when he was twenty four years; and mastered the art of self-control 2 taught by those as the Way; and Yesu loved the Scriptures and meditated on the healings it wrought.

(35) The high priest of the ashrama of that area called on Yesu to be their teacher for their school could not teach him anything he could not master immediately; but Yesu asked not; but to be tested along with the other according to the will of God. Upon this the high priest called Niho’s agreed and prayed to Yesu not to bring harm or destruction to the people of that town because they do not recognise him as bodhisattva. Yesu blessed the priest saying, ‘Brother and father, you are doing the will of the heavenly Father and you are guided by our Mother as you serve our family. You are doing what I am learning to do, and not one of us is greater than the other because only One is great and that is God.’


(36) When the time came for the monks to be tested Yesu performed with them all the feats of the yoga which they were taught about the fire and ice in the belly.


(37) At that time prostitutes were brought in to the ashrama to sleep in the beds of the monks as the tradition was. For many months the monks disrobe and sleep naked by them without any issue before gaining success in self-control. The child brought in for Yesu was called Magdalene, from an important family in the province where the Buddha was born in India.


(38) When brought in to Yesu she was pleading with him saying, ‘Holy Teacher, please send me away from you I entreat in the name of the Deities. I am filled with corrupting lust and all good I touch burn to nought by it. Demons wrought evil unto the good people of this city by my soul; therefore sir I beg you do not allow me close to you. My affliction of lust entices even holy men to fall. I beg sir, the holy superiors of this city know my evil ways and the power by which demons bewitch through me, and this they know for they have knowledge of it.

(39) Of certain they have knowledge that my scarred body beckons no man, even less a holy teacher, but by the consort of the Deity my lust which even now is burning inside is un-quenching fire too much for any to withstand. Good teacher, do not allow this sin to be accounted to me, do not let the gods account to me the fall of one more holy man. I fear where I may end lest you save me in this way. If you will not, sir, I beg you to take the life from me and let me die without this stain which will be unbearable.’

(40) The child told Yesu how she fell in lust with a girl from her town and how they were discovered in sexual embrace, and they were hauled before the town elders. Her parents were disgraced and sold her to a brothel owner and told him to send her far away from there but the other girl, from a poor house, was sent to work in the gold mines where she will surely die. That was how she came to be a prostitute in that city and she has served with diligence the lust which burns in her soul.

Yesu teaches Mari

(41) Yesu took pity on the young girl; and following the rules of the initiation, told her to undress and sit on his bed. And Yesu taught her the secret art of sacred sensuality; of using the body and the senses to engender holy energy to the purpose of purification and control over the senses and the bodily impulses. Three months the test endured and every night Yesu was teaching Magdalene all the secrets about healing and about mystical union with the Energies of God.

(42) Magdalene advanced quickly because she was a lover of God and she controlled her intelligence and she became an expert yogi for her love and sensitivity. She conquered the lust which ran wild within her and tamed it and gained control over her soul; and, Yesu cleansed her and banished the demons from her, seven in number, and the Saviour taught Magdalene the Greek reading and the Aramaic, and she read.


(43) Magdalene learned by night, but for according to monk’s rule the prostitute was naked throughout, sharing the mat. In the mornings the master teacher came to see if any issue from the monk was there but he only found Yesu and Magdalene in holy meditation.

Exhortation to leave

(44) Before the time was due the master teacher and the high priest came and made plea with Yesu to abandon their school and to go away in peace, but the Saviour said, ‘Teachers of this school, whatever you teach to the children of God you also deem fit to serve to God as a meal – do not change your doctrines when you fear an angel to be in your midst because, I tell you a truth, every child you minister to is a child of God and is valued even higher than angels.’ And Yesu continued to fulfil the provisions for initiation, making all the teachers nervous and searching if the tradition was in good favour with the All Knowing One.

Mari presented for initiation

(45) When the time was fulfilled Yesu presented Mari to the elders and asked for her to be tested along with the men. These words caused much dissension for never has a woman been to school for holy initiation.

And the priests came to Yesu and said, ‘Teacher from the West. We have heard about you and the wrath you spew; how you disrupt every school; and even rumours of how you slew fourteen priests in Partia. Now we see that you are set on destroying us. We treated you well and we gave you our finest, therefore we beg. What wrong have we committed against you? That we may correct our ways and find favour with you, tell us. But this plan you wrought with the woman will bring this holiness to tragedy and the people of these towns will have a temple no more. Be merciful; allow opportunity to make amends where we wronged you.’

(46) But Yesu said, ‘Truly I tell you. Our Mother in Heaven knows and our Father in Heaven watches us here today - there will be no rest in Paradise unless we meet this thing in face. I come to do only what I am sent to do, I have no plans for all plans are of my Father, I wrought no wisdom of my own for I have no such, all Wisdom is by my Mother. I serve with dispassion and know not the purpose of my Father in heaven. My task easy for I am told what to do at every time. Let us not run from the face of God, come with me and walk through the purifying fire.’

(47) The priests were worried and talked among one another. The elder came to speak and said, ‘Teacher, we are human and it is in our nature to protect that which we think holy. We are obliged to withstand you because we do not see how your destruction can be of a benefit to us.’

(48) Yesu reached out and held the priest to his bosom and said, ‘Only an inexperienced tree thinks of pruning as a destruction. Only a foolish tree resists the farmer’s attempts to prune, nourish and culture. The farmer has one desire for his tree – that is to yield fruit to the tree’s potential.’

(49) Yesu stood up and addressed the congregation gathering at the time saying, ‘Sisters and brothers, fathers and mothers, children of God - you are weary to allow this female child into the priesthood which in your culture means to be walking in heaven by the hand of God – yet you allow this child to be used by the demons of your city to bring you pleasure in depravity. How are you to invite this child of God into the hell you make but you are weary to invite her into the heaven you make. All the feats of magic which you taught these devotees to do, she can do. All the exercises of control over natural energies she can do. Mari, a child of this city is now in possession of all the secrets of monks of your tradition. Surely it is better for a prostitute to advance to Heaven and be saved through her than for more monks and citizens to descend to hell in her?

(50) Why are you wary, because you men and women made her a prostitute when you bought her for your lust, or because God made her a woman? Is it because the test in front of all the city here today has (the requirement of) the monk to be naked? You know Mari, child of this city, she is a female? Surely most of this town has seen the child not only naked but worse. Are you wary because her nakedness may corrupt you, surely you are corrupted already, if not then because you are in control over your self already? I urge you before God, allow this woman whom I trained to be a monk to be honoured by initiation — or God, who made her a monk, will make her into a male for your sake.’

(51) At this the women and the elders of the city stood up and urged the priests to allow Mari to be tested. A great riot resulted in the temple and those who think of women as less than men left to take the riot to the street. Other men marched to the brothels and paid the price of many slaves to be freed. Yesu took Mari and they left that city to be purified by its own fire.

(52) Yesu walked with Mari but stopped by a river to rest on the way down the valley where women were washing. Mari went down to the women and spoke with them, and told them everything that happened; and how Yesu taught her to read the Scriptures; and the women became exited and Mari recited verses from the Scriptures and told them what they meant. Mari brought the women up to speak with Yesu and they asked him many questions about birth and marriage and transmigration and love and children and duty.

(53) When they had finished Yesu was leaving to wander and told Mari to stay with the women two more days and meet again with him in Sringa on the fourth day and Mari remained with the women.

The order of Melchizedek

(54) Yesu spent the night alone with God in the sanctuary of the priests of the holy mountain. He told the priests that he was wandering South and then West through Partia and the priests gave him three horns full of holy leaven and prepared Soma to minister to the people of those lands; because they knew Yesu was a priest of the Melchizedek and he was along the route of Abraham of old.

Mari gets lost

(55) When the time came Mari was looking for Yesu in the city but it was the time of the Feast of Shiva and she could not see him anywhere. By the afternoon she became tired and rested by the water fountain when a child came to her saying that the one who she seeks is in the temple of Kali. Mari rushed over there to find Yesu but she could not for the place was full with pilgrims and she went from one room to the other asking anyone if they had not seen the young bearded teacher from Partia. Then, in the rush of the crowd she asked a blind man, not knowing of his blindness, if he had seen the teacher and he answered her, ‘Child, you are so busy searching that you do not stop to look. The one you are seeking is at the Temple of All Bodhisattvas and Buddha the Merciful at the end of the road.’ And Mari ran down the road to the shrine to meet Yesu, fearing that he would depart from the city if she did not find him.

(56) The shrine was in silence because the festival was not one of the Buddha tradition and there was no one inside in homage. Mari began to cry and sat at the feet (of the statue); she was angry and fearful because the owner of her could reclaim her if she had no protection from the master. After a time she calmed her-self, and when firm in mind she heard Yesu speaking with her saying, ‘Mari my sister, you have so filled yourself with noise, how could you hear me calling to you. I came to you as a child but you looked over my bare feet and hunger; I came to you as a beggar but you did not see my impairment and sorrow; you are searching for something only you know; search for the Spirit of God in everyone.’

(57) Mari turned around to see Yesu but he was not standing there. ‘Where are you Master,’ she cried out. ‘I am here sister, I am in the Kali temple, I am with the priests of the holy mountain, I am everything and everywhere. I am so close you cannot know. Come and sit with me in the garden.’ Mari left the shrine and ran outside in search, and when through the garden gate, there she found Yesu busy taking with the Buddhist elders. They talked about helping the young teacher Narjuna who would be in the King’s court, to call a meeting with the other schools who were in dispute with one another. Yesu asked leave to go and declared he will be back for the meeting. The elder said, ‘The plans of humans are like kindling.’ And Yesu said, ‘God is the source of all fire and all kindling, but even kindling gives enough heat to cook a meal.’

Mari ashamed

(58) Mari said, ‘I am ashamed Master.’ But Yesu said, ‘Silly child, when you allow seven demons to ruin your soul and drag you naked in unbridled passion through the streets like a bitch in heat, then you do not think yourself ashamed. Now you stumble over a holy exercise and you feel yourself ashamed. Shame is the pitiful luxury of those who think highly of themselves. Humility is a fire using shame for kindle.’