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Acts of Yesu: Chapters 1 - 23

(1) These are the acts of Yesu the Saviour which Siphor soldier to Truth recorded, as the Lord showed him the visions thereof when he entreated Him in India. That night, the day after the slaying of our holy brother and divine guide Baba Thoma, the one called by the Greek Dydimus Yuda Brother of Yesu, I received this and recorded it by my own hand.

The acts of Yesu cannot be recorded in one book and cannot be known by one man because Yesu lived between different men at different times and the Saviour travelled throughout the nations and spoke the tongues of many and the acts of Yesu continues forever amongst all people.

Nothing in all the universes can contain all the acts of Yesu but these are what my insufficient soul was able to record from what God the Mother gave me when Yesu visited us in India.

The Announcement

(2) During the Feast of Light, when the moon darkened behind the mountains at the mid-hour the great announcement was made to the leaders of the men of the White Brothers in the valley of the district of Kashmiri. The announcement of the incarnation of the Light Bearer who will be called Saviour. When the leaders of the White Brothers became understanding of the message they sent for those in Partia and India to come and find, in holy meditation, the time and place of the Great Incarnation. Important it was for to find the child to be taken to safety and to school because the Evil powers oppose, out of fear, the deities and energies of the great souled ones, therefore concentrated on preventing the messengers from God reaching their (goals) destinations. For more than nine months the wise ones were meeting in places to determine the place and time - and the whole time the Evil powers held their councils and were fortifying their ranks to launch their wars on the child from God.

The search for The Great Incarnation

(3) By the following year at the Feast of Light the wise saints were meeting to ask for guidance and the angel of Light gave the holy ones directions to take them to the child. Fifteen holy ones were purified in ceremonies and sent following the angel through the valleys and plains to find and care for the Great Incarnation.

(4) Eight months they travelled West into the lands of the Partians, the Romans and Syrians. At all the holy places they stopped for provisions and the brothers and sisters of the ashrama laboured hard in keeping evil away from the travellers and they formed a (protective) cloud of holiness around the convoy and all the food rations were blessed and holy clean water was provided.

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And the angels led the party by night into the valley called Jordan in the land of the Samaritans where ashrama of White Brothers waited on God in firm meditation.


(5) The holy ones in caravan were not received with great joy because the community was in mourning. When they were asked by Aghad, the caravan leader of the holy ones, what the trouble was they answered that God had left them in despair because of their sinfulness. They told how one devotee of many years fell into lust and dishonoured a maiden in training for the priesthood. As they had fallen from grace they were sent to be married and live outside the ashrama in a nearby village. Ever since that day when the child and the devotee left to be married the ashrama had fallen into gloom and many had left to live in Egypt. Then the news came of the birth of the child of the devotees even greater troubles started. The devotees were falling in doubt and were neglecting their watchfulness. Distrust was breaking the ashrama.

The dream

(6) Upon hearing these things the holy ones asked to be left alone in meditation. They were so tired from the trip and the hour was late and they all fell asleep from weariness. That night the angel brought the same dream to three of the holy ones; the dream about the boy child who was running naked through the valleys and hills of many lands, in merriment, but the priests and the boy's mother were in despair and the mother was wailing and the priests were pulling out their beards. The mother was resigned to crying all the time and the priests were angry and quarrelled among themselves.

(7) When morning came, the three told their dream to the other and the message was clear to them that they were not headed toward Egypt in their search but that the Incarnation was close by. Upon sharing the revelation with the priest of the ashrama, God the Spirit of Wisdom drew near the congregation and She placed knowledge of the secret in their hearts and immediately the whole gathering knew that the child who had given birth to a boy child in the spring was the boy child from God; and they sent one devotee of that area with one holy one from Partia to secretly search after the man Yusaf and his young betrothed Mari who has a boy child. It came to pass that Yusaf and his wife and child was renting a space to sleep in the carved out stable of the Inn in the village called Bread House.

(8) When the holy ones heard this news they were more convinced and they praised God as the Scriptures were fulfilled. These things they also heard, that Yusaf was working as a carpenter for daily wages and the child Mari working as a servant in the Inn, because no longer were they welcome in the ashrama.

(9) The two men reported their findings to the holy ones from Partia, India and Kashmiri and Arabia and these made plans to visit Yusaf the following day.

The three tests

First they visited and Gasparadan the elder from India placed three golden coins in the child's hand and the child gave it to his father Yusaf. The next day they visited and Melchar gave the baby child a measure of Persian incense to hold and the child gave it to his mother. Next they visited, being troubled by the signs, and Baltzar the Arabian presented the child with a measure of myrrh but immediately the child proceeded to pour it on himself and rub it on his head, and he placed the bitter in his mouth. When his mother tried to take it from him to prevent him from being hurt by the strong herbs the boy child refused her. She was very much angered because the teacher in disguise gave her child such dangerous substance and wanted to chase the men from their room.


(7) Yusaf, who had sensed the holiness flowing from the visitors dressed as workers, for they were in disguise, prevented his wife from throwing the men out and required of them an explanation of what it was that they were after. But Mari was saying that the child needed help to be cleansed from the strong myrrh which would surely burn the child, then the elder asked them to witness how content and very peaceful the child looked, and that it did not seem troubled by the presence of the myrrh but rather seemed the more happy for its presence. And Mari and Yusaf looked and they saw the countenance of the child had changed and a peace was upon their child and the peace was filling the room. And Yusaf, Mari and the child were taken to residence in the ashrama by the sea and they were told about all that had happened since three years passed when the divine message of the Great Incarnation first became known in the East among the holy ones.

Instruction to hide

(8) Then it came to pass that the Angel of Light came to pay homage to the child and told the leaders to abandon that residence and move the child to the Egyptian schools of the healers of the White Brothers and for all of the residents of that ashrama to be sent out to the different parts of the world to tell other holy communities about the Great Incarnation and to warn them to prepare for his tuition and his teaching.

(9) All the priests and masters started preparing their Scriptures, and young children (initiates) made ready for the Light which was to be received by the world. And all the devotees were divided into small groups and all left together in different directions on one day and no one ever returned to that ashrama. This was the cover of secrecy which the elders used, that many small groups moved in many directions at once, to conceal the destination of the holy child.

Education in exile

(10) In Egypt the child, Yesu received education of reading and writing and he was reading and singing Holy Scripture in running laughter (galloping joy, jubilation) when he was five years of age. When the seventh year of Yesu came to pass, he was moved with his mother to the Greek schools in Alexandria to learn the tradition. When the 11th year of Yesu came to pass, he was moved with his mother to the Hebrew schools of Siphora in Galilee to learn the tradition. Yusaf the father of Yesu then finished his work of repentance rebuilding the house of Asclepias in Syria and he returned to Galilee. And Yusaf went ahead of Mari to prepare for them a place in the city of Ekbata where Yesu was taken. All the time when the child was not in school he played by the side of the roads and spoke to people in the markets, and all who travelled through these cities knew the child.

(11) All the time devotees from Kashmiri and Partia and India prepared for the education and keep of the family of Yesu.

Desert teaching

When Yesu was a young man and his year was fourteen he took the caravan up to the plains of Dash’t and he continued his schooling and his ministry began. God ordained it that the ministry of Light and healing began among the people who suffered the most darkness, those being the priests and masters of the ashrama and religious schools.

(12) And Yesu mastered their teaching, and improved their doctrine, and gained in excellence and dispelled much corruption and evil from the midst of their mysteries And he was not loved and those in darkness hated him and planned to have him killed. But the young ones (initiates) and his close followers helped him against those lying waiting upon him. And Yesu exhorted the priests and masters to live their self-crafted doctrines of corruption and he was well received by the holy ones, but a menace to them abusing their powers.

Suicide of the priests

(13) In the Sistia it came to pass that Yesu mastered the art of affinity when the high priest of the temple planned to poison the Saviour. The priests crafted to tell Yesu the drinking of the poison was the test for mastery of the tradition; that Yesu may not leave before the test. This they said because they knew that no man can stand alive after taking one drop of that poison between his lips and so they planned to do away with Yesu; also, to disgrace his reputation.

(14) And Yesu, led by the Spirit of the Mother, agreed to take the test on his final day before departing to India. And the students of Yesu came to know about the evil craft and they warned him to leave by the night. And Yesu retreated in meditation and enquired of the Father and Mother what his duty was.

(15) It thus came to pass how Yesu was led to mastery over the energies of nature to serve the religion of the Persians to purification. And he prepared himself to drink the poison; the night and the rest of the following day Yesu prepared in meditation and training and when the hour came when the temple was filled for the great initiation, and the people of the villages and the city came rejoicing and happy; it came that Yesu entered with other young ones in the tradition but he was wearing the white robe of the master.

(16) And silence fell upon the crowds and the priests came to him and scolded him for dishonouring the white robe, and Yesu turned and said, ‘Mothers and Brothers of this city, students of this holy school, you study the art of self-mastery through affinity, proud you are, most resolute devotees of this ancient tradition. And the God our Father and Mother above in Heaven bless you with gifts. And you show your praise by the good lives you have, and keeping this by giving food and money.

(17) Many know how it is said that corruption tear traditions of old apart; and how fresh holy nectar swell to break out of the constrains of its old shell; you know that if a person is purified by the fire from within, then no evil can withstand that fire, and that evil is burned to come to nothing. As some priests are planning to kill a son of God for speaking the truth; a pure one will withstand their fire but an evil one will come to nothing; and they would drink the poison they had prepared for me without being touched by harm.’

(18) And they wanted to silence Yesu and take him to the street for a flogging but he let them not and they were calmed at his gaze. And Yesu said, ‘This unholy cup prepared for me will show the resolution of those who are your masters.’

And many people who believed in Yesu came forward and many students and some priests came forward. And Yesu ordered the high priest and those with them to bring more poison but they refused, saying it was finished. And they spoke among one another and decided that if Yesu was to lead many to their death on this day that it would be that he brought a disgraceful end to himself all by his own, and they were satisfied by the way.


(19) And Yesu asked them to drink with them but they refused saying, ‘What the Lord measures out is sufficient for us.’ And Yesu took the cup and he blessed it and he raised it and all the people prayed with him and he said, ‘Father of all clean spirits Mother of all good knowledge let this cup be unto those who are impure and who are vexing evil toward the sons of Light, a test unto their affinity. Through their hatred toward us they are in affinity to us, through our love toward them we are in affinity to You.’

(20) And He drank the whole of the cup; and those priests and teachers who were vexed in evil toward the Saviour and his pupils and followers fell to the ground and died a horrible death for all to see their deceit.

To Kashmiri

(21) The Saviour left that town by the East road, alone as he came into it. Many sick people met him on the way as the word of his travels were going around and he preached of the one Spirit in all and taught and healed many on his way.

(22) On the way to Kashmiri our Saviour entered by the valley road and at the pass the man asked him for his name because the news of Yesu had not yet reached those areas. Yesu said to the gatekeeper, ‘Nada, my older brother, I am returning home after many years. I desire to visit my family and to meet my younger sister which I know not.’ And the gatekeeper knew not how Yesu knew his name and Yesu entered the Kashmir without announcement.


(23) Here the Saviour worshipped at the temple and followed those priests into the mountains for the moonlight harvest, and they all thought of him as one already initiated into the secrets of the priesthood because he spoke with authority and he brought new ways of knowing old things. For two weeks Yesu stayed with the priests preparing the Soma and leaven for the devotees of the low countries.

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