800 year old restoredThere are many heavens and hells in Buddhism. The different schools of Buddhist thought are not in full agreement over the numbers and the names and styles of all the heavens and hells, but they all agree that there are many. The lower number among those is 30 heavens and hells.

With regards to miracles, Buddhism does not shy from these. Gautama Buddha performed more miracles that Teacher Jesus, and grander ones at that. 

Some westerners would like to create a neo-buddhism that is only a philosophy with no deities, heavens, hells and miracles, and especially with no human soul and no future after human death. This is preposterous, they should rather create something from scratch but to come from the outside, appropriate someone else's deities and then impose on them all kinds of foreign western ideas that Buddhists on the ground will find offensive, is plain wrong.


To read about Gautama Buddha's teaching how people have life after death in manifested individual forms where they have names and individual chateristics, read ANY of of the 100,000 plus sutras and you will see talk of spiritual beings, assemblies of gods and vast numbers of heavens and spiritual realms filled with beings of all kinds.

We urge Wayists to be careful of latter-day Western Neo-buddhism because it is not always the truth and several billions of people will disagree with the handful of Neo-Buddhists in the west.