I am writing this from Cambodia, it is half past 5 in the evening. Hard to concentrate because the neighbours' children (on all 3 sides) are making such a racket. Their dads are home, mom is cooking, there's yelling and hollering and general mayhem as all are at play and the chickens and the dogs scatter for safety. In about an hour the families will all sit down to dinner and neighbours start arriving to shoot the breeze. Work-life balance is not a concept they are familiar with because it has never been a problem here.

 We are sick (literally) and tired of everything consumable, faux, synthetic, virtual and dispensable. We crave, deep in the soul, for things of quality, permanence, character and meaning. We want better quality food, and real lives...

Is sharing office space better or worse for your peace of soul-mind? This question seems to come up quite often, probably because the answer really depends on the individual and the particular group with whom one is sharing.

City folk learn to screen out other peoplea and to see people selectively. They learn to not care about you because they dont have mind space for you and your issues. We can do the same when we share space at work, but is it healthy?